OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Flat Tin Figures Kilia



20 mm Figures, French-German-War 1870-71

Graveur: S.M.- Sixtus Maier
Code Type Description
O 601 a Bavaria Infantry attacking, man I
O 601 b Bavaria Infantry attacking, man II
O 601 c Bavaria Infantry attacking, man III
O 601 d Bavaria Infantry attacking, man IV
O 602 a French Turcos attacking man I
O 602 b French Turcos attacking man II
O 602 c French Turcos attacking man III
O 602 d French Turcos attacking man IV
O 603 a Prussia Cuirassiers attacking, mann I
O 603 b Prussia Cuirassiers attacking, mann II
O 603 c Prussia Cuirassiers attacking, mann III
O 604 a Prussia Cuirassiers attacking trumpeter
O 604 b Prussia Cuirassiers attacking officer
O 604 c Prussia Cuirassiers attacking standart
O 605 a Prussia Cuirassiers galloping
O 605 b Prussia Dragoon galloping,
O 605 c French Dragoon galloping


28 mm Figures, 30-Years'-War Wounded

Code Description
G1 Cuirassier supporting a wounded
G3 Dying man on the ground supported by his comrade
G5 Pikeman and musketeer carrying wounded between them
G12 Priest blessing on the dying


20 mm Figures, Sailors

Code Description
Sailors 1
Sailors 2