OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Flat Tin Figures Kilia



20 mm Figures, French-German-War 1870-71

Graveur: S.M.- Sixtus Maier
Code Type Description
O 601 a Bavaria Infantry attacking, man I
O 601 b Bavaria Infantry attacking, man II
O 601 c Bavaria Infantry attacking, man III
O 601 d Bavaria Infantry attacking, man IV
O 602 a French Turcos attacking man I
O 602 b French Turcos attacking man II
O 602 c French Turcos attacking man III
O 602 d French Turcos attacking man IV
O 603 a Prussia Cuirassiers attacking, mann I
O 603 b Prussia Cuirassiers attacking, mann II
O 603 c Prussia Cuirassiers attacking, mann III
O 604 a Prussia Cuirassiers attacking trumpeter
O 604 b Prussia Cuirassiers attacking officer
O 604 c Prussia Cuirassiers attacking standart
O 605 a Prussia Cuirassiers galloping
O 605 b Prussia Dragoon galloping,
O 605 c French Dragoon galloping


28 mm Figures, 30-Years' War Wounded

Code Description
G1 Cuirassier supporting a wounded
G3 Dying man on the ground supported by his comrade
G5 Pikeman and musketeer carrying wounded between them
G12 Priest blessing on the dying