OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Flat Tin Figures Kilia



Matinee with Franz Liszt

around 1875 after an oil painting by art professor and history painter Hans Werner Schmidt, Weimar
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Code           Description          
HK 8 Table with fern
HK 54 Fanz Liszt
HK 55 Bechstein grand piano
HK 57 Singer
HK 56 Stool with notes
HK 63 Gentleman sitting
HK 64 Grand Duke Karl-Alexander of Weimar
HK 65 Gentleman standing
HK 66 Gentleman standing
HK 61 Grand Duchess Sophie of Weimar
HK 62 Lady-in-waiting

Weimar at the time of Goethe

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HK 3 Opening credits with coachman, trot
HK 4 Courtyard travel carriage
SHA Opening credits, holding
HK 60 Travel car of J.W. von Goethe
HK 522 Coachman
HK 5 Sedan chair of the Duchess Anna Amalia
HK 6 Litter porter
HK 7 Litter porter
HK 38 Grand Duke Carl-August on horseback
HK 130 Friedrich Schiller
HK 131 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
HK 133 Christoph Martin Wieland
HK 134 Johann Gottfried Herder
HK 401a Picnic group
HK 523 Lady with umbrella
HK 521 Young girl
HK 520 Gentleman with bicorn
HK 1 Court coach with cylinder

Otte Wagons and Guns

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Otte 363 Man leads 2 horses
Otte 342 1-axle ammunition wagon with drawbar
Otte 343 Luggage trolley with tarpaulin
Otte 344 large 2-axle covered wagon (farm wagon)
Otte 345 wrecked wagon
Otte 346 wrecked baggage car
Otte 347 Prussian ammunition wagon
Otte 348 large 2-axle open wagon loaded with sacks (farm wagon)
1-axle team of horses, loaded
K 1 Prussian gun driving position
W 1 Saxon baggage car
W 2 Austrian ammunition wagongen
RG 2 Gypsy or circus wagon
RG 3 2 foals and gypsy or circus wagon
K 2 Cannon with separate wheels/td>
R 1 Front end with drawbar
R 2 Front end with drawbar
RG 1 Prussian team horses, drivers separately, separable (1760)
Prussian team horses, driver dismounted (1760)
SHA Conifer group (filigree)
OK 200Wood stack with spruce and small rock (edge of the forest)
Group of deciduous trees with clothesliner
Paddock or field fence with small spruce
Bush with owl, 2 squirrels and bird boxasten
Campfire with cooking pot
fox jumping
Marterl with a small bank and bush
3 filled sacks lying down
deer, hind (roe deer)
Roe deer, small deer grazing I and II, small deer



Franz Liszt


Weimar at the time of Goethe


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