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Welcome to the Kiel Tin Figures of the workshop of Erika Ochel!

On this website you will find the rich range of tin figures from the Ochel company.

The website is organized in lists, which can be found according to category ('Lists' button) or by searching for keywords ('Search' button). Illustrations of the figures, usually shown unpainted but some painted, can be found to the right of the lists under 'TABLES'. A mouse click on a table opens it. Illustrations are being continuously added to the site.
Above the table is a field where you can enter any search term. Only those table entries which contain the keyword will then be displayed.
The long list of the 'Ancient Period', can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the table headers 'Code', 'Type' or 'Description'.
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If you are interested in my figures, I would be delighted to hear from you via e-mail (Contact) or phone (Disclaimer).

Price lists can be found under Contact.

Erika Ochel


Please note!

History and Disclaimer are in German. We are very grateful to Douglas Johnson, who provided us with the English lists, which can be found at www.intflatfigures.org or www.zinnfiguren-klio.de

Impressions of Kiel Tin Figures     (Painted by Jim Horan, Louis Liljedahl, Kjeld Buchholtz, and others)