OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Flat Tin Figures Kilia


Dear Ladies and Gentleman, dear Collectors,

the Kiel Tin Figures have moved to Weimar, Germany.

The aim of the move is to be able to supply the collectors as usual. The proven terms and conditions and prices continue to apply.

Orders are gladly accepted now via the usual internet page of the Kiel Tin Figures Contact

but also by e-mail:


or by mail:

Marbod Gerstenhauer
KILIA Tin Figures
Am Grunstedter Rain 56
99428 Weimar

For the transport, the more than 4,000 slate shapes were carefully packed individually into tissue paper. The unpacking and thematic classification will take some time.

Therefore, it may be that in the short term only partial deliveries are possible until everything is sorted. For that I ask for your understanding and I look forward to your orders. If no partial deliveries are desired, I ask for appropriate information when ordering.

At this point I would like to thank Mrs. Ochel very much. She has supported me for many years in my collector's passion for the Kiel Tin Figures and also sovereignly mastered the great challenges of the move.

Many greetings and thank you,

Marbod Gerstenhauer

Painted by Alberto Vinciguerra