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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Collectors,

we have to give you the sad news
that Erika Ochel passed away on
November 3rd, 2022.

Obituary Erika Ochel

The good heart of the Kieler Zinnfiguren no longer beats.
To our great dismay, Erika Ochel has passed away.
Even after the sale of the Kieler Zinnfiguren in 2019, she was always interested in and committed to the interests of the KIELER.
She stood by my side with advice and action until the end.
She followed the first Kulmbach performance, which unfortunately she was not able to attend herself this year, with great interest and supported me with a lot of good advice. She called me with great enthusiasm when she received my pictures from the Kiel stand in Kulmbach.
Despite her illness, she did not lose her optimism and was still optimistic and full of plans when, due to the serious illness, she had to sit in a wheelchair and could hardly leave her apartment. She was no longer able to attend her beloved painting courses and was no longer able to travel, which she otherwise loved to do.
In August 2021 she was in Weimar for the last time and we had wonderful days together.
She really enjoyed the BUGA visit to Erfurt, but the light castle and the large diorama with pewter figures from Kiel on the Eckartsburg were also on the program. She was so happy that the Kieler Zinnfiguren Manufactory got a future in Weimar.
On March 11th, 2022, I unfortunately saw her for the last time when I visited her in Kiel.
For many years she supported me greatly in my passion for collecting the Kieler pewter figures, but a very warm friendship had developed from this, especially since the company takeover. I miss the good soul of the Kieler Zinnfiguren very much.
She will never be forgotten.

Marbod Gerstenhauer
KILIA pewter figures

Erika Ochel    ★ 11.1.1940    † 3.11.2022