OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Flat Tin Figures Kilia

Production of packs

Impressions of the work of Marbod Gerstenhauer in the production of his Kilia packs

Sets of Kiel Tin Figures

Until the 1990th, it was common at the Kiel Tin Figures Workshop to offer painted figures in sets. The sets comprised aproximately 10 to 20 figures of a certain theme. The sets were published in catalogues. They were produced in two qualities: The ‘Oki’ type was simple with regard to tin and painting. The ‘Kilia’ type, however, was of higher quality tin alloy and of a higher painting quality.

Until recently, these packs could only be found antiquarian.

Now packs, special figures and groups will be made to order by me (Marbod Gerstenhauer).

Because all packs, special figures and groups are only produced (picked, cast and painted) after the order has been received, delivery times of at least 4 weeks are usual. For each newly manufactured KILIA pack, € 89.00 + shipping costs are due.

More information about sets or ‘packages’ (Packungen, as they are called in German) can be found in Dr. Egon Kannich: ‘Kieler Zinnfiguren’, Volume I and II, as well as in Douglas H. Johnson's ‘The (In)Compleat Kiel, A Collectors Guide, Part 1: Painted Sets & Figures’.