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Manger Scenes

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch
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Code Description
Serie 1 HH - Manger Scene (Creche)
HH 1aChrist child in crib
HH 1bMary
HH 1cJoseph
HH 2aShepherd with staff going
HH 2bShepherd kneeing with sheep
HH 2cShepherd going with dog
HH 3aEscort to the three kings, heaving sack
HH 3bShepherd standing with staff
HH 3cShepherd standing frontal
HH 4aEscort to the three kings with jug
HH 4bEscort to the three kings with sack
HH 4cEscort to the three kings with roll
HH 4dEscort to the three kings with bundle
HH 5aCaspar
HH 5bMelchior
HH 5cBalthazar
HH 6aDonkey
HH 6bSheep
HH 6cSheep grazing
HH 7aCow
HH 7bCow
HH 8aCamel with cover
HH 8bCamel with saddle
HH 9Elephant with load
HH 10Elephant with box seat
Serie K - Manger Scene (Creche) 2
K 1aJoseph standing
K 1bCrib
K 1cMary kneeling
K 2aCaspar
K 2bMelchior
K 2cBalthazar
K 3aAngel announcing
K 3bAngel announcing
K 4aShepherd going forward
K 4bShepherd kneeling in garb
K 4cShepherd wearing fur leaning on his staff
K 4dShepherd in fur kneeling
K 5aDonkey
K 5bOx
K 6aSheep lying
K 6bSheep going forward
K 6cSheep grazing
K 6dSheep grazing
Series Small - Manger Scene (Creche) 3
1Mary with Jesus
3Josef kneeling
7Shepherd laterally
8Shepherd frontal
9Sheep lying
10Sheep going forward
11Palm tree and rock


Manger Scenes

HH Crib
Crib K
Crib K, painted by Frank Bähr
Small Crib
Small Crib, painted by Frank Bähr