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Hinsch Series 1 and 2: Early and Late Stone Age

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch
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Series 1
Early Stone Age, 20,000 BC
Painter: Franz Karl Mohr, Engraver: Bruno Hinsch
Cave Bear Hunt
1aBear and man in combat
1bMan hurling spear
1cMan striking with club
2aChild carrying stone
2bMan stabbing with spear
2cWoman picking up stone
3aGirl standing
3bMan hurling stone
3cWoman hurling stone
4aMen with stretcher
4bMen gutting bear
5aMan eating meat
5bWoman tending wounded
6aWoman sitting on her knees
6bYouth lying, eating meat
6cWoman standing, holding jug
7aMan defending with dagger
7bMan attacking with spear
7cMan defending with spear
8aBear standing on hind legs
Wild Horse Hunt
9aHorse plunging
9bHorse falling on rock
10aMan with firebrand
10bMan striking with branch of leaves
10cMan striking with branch of leaves
11aMan striking with axe
11bMan hurling stone
11cMan hurling stone
Series 2
Late Stone Age, 20,000-1800 BC: Constructing a Barrow
Constructing a Barrow
1aMan heaving with lever
1bMan heaving with lever
1cMan with lever standing
2aMan with two levers standing
2bMan heaving with lever
2cMan heaving with lever
3aMan standing
3bMan shouting encouragement
3cMan shouting encouragement with stone axe
4aWoman standing with jug
4bWoman kneeling with child
4cMan with drinking cup
5aYouth with dog
5bTwo men sharpening a stake
6Four men transporting stone
7Three men heaving stone on grave
8Stone lying on roller
9aThree men putting up stone
9bTwo men putting up stone
11aSix men transporting stone
11bMan pointing


Early and Late Stone Age

Cave Bear Hunt
Wild Horse Hunt
Painted by F. K. Mohr
Constructing a Barrow