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Ancient Period

Engravers: L.Fr.-Ludwig Frank; S.M.-Sixtus Maier; W.R.-Werner Rieger; o.S.-ohne Signatur
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Al 1a NEW Roman Camp group with 3 legionaries around a campfire
Ar 1aRoman Centurion, 300-200 BC
Ar 1bRoman maniple (2 centuries) standard, 300-200 BC
Ar 1cRoman trumpeter, 300-200 BC
Ar 2aRoman Third Rank (Triarii) thrusting with lance, 300-200 BC
Ar 2bRoman Third Rank (Triarii) advancing with lance, 300-200 BC
Ar 2cRoman Second Rank (Principes) advancing, 300-200 BC
Ar 3aRoman Front Rank (Hastati) advancing, 300-200 BC
Ar 3bRoman Front Rank (Hastati) hurling javelin, 300-200 BC
Ar 3cRoman Second Rank (Principes) stabbing with sword, 300-200 BC
Ar 4aRoman Consul, riding hard, 200 BC
Ar 4bRoman Legat, walking, 200 BC
Ar 5aRoman cavalry with sword riding hard, 200 BC
Ar 5bRoman cavalry with lance galloping, 200 BC
Are 21aRoman cavalry with flag riding hard (Republic)
Aar 36bRoman cavalry commander fighting
Ar 37aRoman cavalry fighting, man hurling lance, 300-200 BC
Ar 37bRoman cavalry fighting, man lowered lance, 300-200 BC
Ar 41aRoman legionnaire fighting (Centurion half-profile), 200-100 BC
Ar 41bRoman legionnaire fighting ensign bearer, 200-100 BC
Ar 41cRoman legionnaire fighting trumpeter, 200-100 BC
Arg 42aRoman legionnaire standing fighting man thrusting sword upwards
Arg 42bRoman legionnaire standing fighting man stabbing with sword
Ar 46aRoman legionnaire hurling javelin
Ar 46bRoman legionnaire hurling javelin
Ar 46cRoman legionnaire stabbing with sword
Ar 47aRomanCaesar, halted
Ar 47bRomanVarus, mounted, walking
Ar 48aRoman legionnaire fighting maniple standard bearer pointing forward
Ar 48bRoman legionnaire fighting trumpeter, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 48cRoman legionnaire fighting casualty, 100 BC- 200 AD
Ar 49aRoman legionnaire fighting with shield horizontal, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 49bRoman legionnaire fighting with raised shield, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 49cRoman legionnaire fighting drawing sword, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 50a Roman legionnaire fighting Centurion running, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 50bRoman legionnaire fighting Eagle-bearer, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 50cRoman legionnaire fighting horn player
Ar 51aRoman legionnaire fighting running with sword
Ar 51bRoman legionnaire fighting running hurling pilum
Ar 51cRoman legionnaire fighting running hurling pilum
Ar 57aRoman Third Rank (Triarii) halted man with pike 300-200 BC
Ar 57bRoman Third Rank(Triarii) halted man with pilum 300-200 BC
Ar 57cRoman legionnaire halted man I, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 57dRoman legionnaire halted man II, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 61aRoman dismounted cavalry marching trooper I, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 61bRoman dismounted cavalry marching trooper II, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 62aRoman cavalry commander marching, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 62bRoman cavalry commander halted, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 63aRomandismtd cavalry halted trooper with lance on back, 100 BC-200 AD
Ar 63bRomandismtd cavalry halted trooper with lance in front, 100 BC-200 AD
Ar 71aRoman Legat
Ar 71bRoman cavalry field commander
Ar 76bRoman Tribune, walking
Ar 76aRomanEmperor Julian the apostate
Ar 77aRoman legionnaire commander marching, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 77bRoman legionnaire horn player marching, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 77cRoman legionnaire trumpeter marching, 100 BC - 200 AD
Ar 78aRoman legionnaire with raised sword beginning charge
Ar 78bRoman legionnaire charging with sword horizontal
Ar 78cRoman legionnaire charging with sword held low
Ar 79aRoman legionnaire hurling pilum horizontally
Ar 79bRoman legionnaire hurling pilum upwards
Ar 79cRoman legionnaire charging with pilum
Ar 82Roman stone-throwing catapult
Ar 83Roman spear-throwing catapult, Imperial Age
Ar 89aRoman stone-throwing catapult
Ar 89bRoman spear-throwing catapult
Ar 90aRoman Centurion halted
Ar 90bRoman soldier carrying a stone
Ar 90cRoman soldier picking up a stone
Ar 90dRoman soldier carrying a bundle of spears
12aRoman cavalry fighting commander, 300-100 BC
12bRoman cavalry fighting ensign, 300-100 BC
13aRoman cavalry fighting trooper hacking with sword
13bRoman cavalry fighting stabbing with lance
14aRoman cavalry attacking trooper lowered lance
14bRoman cavalry attacking trooper galloping with lance
15aRoman cavalry attacking trooper stabbing lance sideways
15bRoman cavalry dead
16aRoman light infantry fighting commander on foot
16bRoman legionnaire commander on foot
16cRoman legionnaire ensign
17aRoman light infantry archer kneeling
17bRoman light infantry slinger throwing
17cRoman light infantry hurling javelin
18aRoman light infantry slinger running forward
18bRoman light infantry javelin man running forward
18cRoman light infantry archer advancing
19aRoman legionnaire fighting stabbing with sword
19bRoman legionnaire fighting stabbing sword from above
19cRoman legionnaire fighting advancing with sword
20aRoman legionnaire hurling javelin
20bRoman legionnaire stabbing with javelin
20cRoman legionnaire advancing with javelin
21bRoman Scipio, Consul
32aRomanM. Claudius Metellus, opponent of Hannibal [sic]
33aRoman Third Rank (Triarii) charging with pike Centurion, 200-100 BC
33bRoman Third Rank (Triarii) charging with pike maniple standard,200-100BC
33cRoman Third Rank (Triarii) charging with pike horn player, 200-100 BC
34aRoman Third Rank (Triarii) charging with pike stabbing down, 200-100 BC
34bRoman Third Rank (Triarii) charging with pike stabbing, 200-100 BC
34cRoman Third Rank (Triarii) charging with pike advancing, 200-100 BC
35aRoman Third Rank (Triarii) halted, 200-100 BC
35bRoman Third Rank (Triarii) halted Eagle-bearer, 200-100 BC
35cRoman Third Rank (Triarii) horn player halted, 200-100 BC
36aRoman Third Rank (Triarii) with pike, 200-100 BC
36bRoman legionnaire halted with shield in front
36cRoman legionnaire halted with shield to side
36dRoman legionnaire in reserve with shield on the ground
48aRoman catapult in action commander
49aRomanCarthaginian/Greek catapult handing out a spear
49bRomanCarthaginian/Greek catapult taking a spear
49cRomanCarthaginian/Greek catapult cocking bow catapult
50aRomanCarthaginian/Greek catapult cocking flat trajectory catapult
50bRomanCarthaginian/Greek catapult loading missile
50cRomanCarthaginian/Greek catapult carrying spear bundle
51aRomanCarthaginian/Greek catapult flat trajectory catapult
51bRomanCarthaginian/Greek catapult bow catapult
1013aRoman legionnaire fighting Centurion, 300-200 BC
1013bRoman legionnaire fighting maniple standard-bearer, 300-200 BC
1013cRoman legionnaire fighting horn player, 300-200 BC
1014aRoman legionnaire fighting thrusting with sword, 300-200 BC
1014bRoman legionnaire fighting charging with sword, 300-200 BC
1014cRoman legionnaire fighting hurling javelin, 300-200 BC
1015aRoman legionnaire charging with javelin
1015bRoman legionnaire charging with pike
1015cRoman legionnaire halted with javelin
1015dRoman legionnaire halted with pike
1016aRoman legionnaire halted Centurion
1016bRoman legionnaire halted Eagle-bearer
1016cRoman legionnaire halted trumpeter
1053aRoman Allied cavalry attacking commander (Decurio)
1053bRoman Allied cavalry attacking Vexillum [square flag]-bearer
1054aRoman Allied cavalry attacking trooper stabbing
1054bRoman Allied cavalry attacking trooper galloping
1056aRoman legionnaire fighting Centurion
1056bRoman legionnaire charging Centurion
1056cRoman legionnaire advancing Centurion
1057aRoman legionnaire fighting company [century] standard
1057bRoman legionnaire charging cohort standard
1057cRoman legionnaire advancing maniple standard
1058aRoman legionnaire fighting stabbing upward
1058bRoman legionnaire fighting stabbing
1058cRoman legionnaire fighting drawing sword
1059aRoman legionnaire with pilum advancing pilum raised
1059bRoman legionnaire with pilum advancing, advancing with pilum
1059cRoman legionnaire with pilum advancing with pilum over shoulder
1069aRoman German Auxiliary with spear halted
1069bRoman German Auxiliary slinger halted
1069cRoman Saka Auxiliary archer halted with bow
1069dRoman Sarmatian archer halted with bow
1089aRoman Auxiliary commander halted
1089bRoman Auxiliary standard halted
1089cRoman Auxiliary trumpeter halted
1096aRoman Allied cavalry fighting stabbing to the left
1096bRoman Allied cavalry fighting stabbing backwards
1097aRoman Regulus, Consul
2036aRoman Legat galloping
2036bRoman Tribune, halted
2044aRoman cavalry commander attacking, 9 AD
2044bRoman cavalry standard attacking, 9 AD
2045aRoman cavalry attacking trooper I (lance raised), 9 AD
2045bRoman cavalry attacking trooper II (lance lowered), 9 AD
2046aRoman legionnaire officer in close combat
2046bRoman legionnaire standard in close combat
2046cRoman legionnaire in close combat trumpeter
2047aRoman legionnaire in close combat advancing with sword
2047bRoman legionnaire in close combat with sword up
2047cRoman legionnaire in close combat advancing with pilum
2060aRoman legionnaire defending with pilum, Gaulish Wars
2060bRoman legionnaire defending with pilum raised, Gaulish Wars
2060cRoman legionnaire defending with pilum drawn back
2061aRoman legionnaire in close combat with sword I
2061bRoman legionnaire in close combat with sword II
2061cRoman legionnaire in close combat with sword III
2062aRoman legionnaire halted with pilum I
2062bRoman legionnaire halted with pilum II
2062cRoman legionnaire halted with pilum III
2063aRoman legionnaire wounded
2063bRoman legionnaire casualty
2063cRoman legionnaire dead
Ae 6aEtruscan commander with sword
Ae 6bEtruscan trumpeter
Ae 6cEtruscan commander with lance
Ae 7aEtruscan advancing with lance
Ae 7bEtruscan thrusting with lance
Ae 7cEtruscan charging with lance (cone-shaped helmet)
Ae 8aEtruscan cavalry hurling lance
Ae 8bEtruscan cavalry charging with lance
Ae 9aEtruscan cavalry commander
Ae 9bEtruscan cavalry field commander
Are 21bEtruscan field commander walking
2028aEtruscan field commander issuing orders
2028bEtruscan cavalry commander attacking
2029aEtruscan cavalry fighting
2029bEtruscan cavalry advancing
2030aEtruscan lightly-armed warrior leader [2030b on base]
2030bEtruscan lightly-armed warrior trumpeter [2030c on base]
2030cEtruscan Hoplite commander
2031aEtruscan archer shooting
2031bEtruscan archer taking an arrow from quiver [2031c on base]
2031cEtruscan Hoplite advancing
2033aSamnite lightly armed infantry commander on foot
2033bSamnite heavily armed infantry commander on foot advancing
2033cSamnite heavily armed infantry flag advancing
2034aSamnite lightly armed infantry spear thrower
2034bSamnite lightly armed infantry running forward
2034cSamnite heavily armed infantryman advancing
Ask 10aScythian mounted archer riding hard looking backwards
Ask 12bScythian archer on foot shooting
Ask 12cScythian archer on foot taking arrow from quiver
Ask 13aScythian king with polar bear cloak, gold crown
Ask 13bScythian cavalry field commander, riding hard with axe
Ask 14aScythian cavalry hacking with axe
Ask 14bScythian cavalry with lance walking
Ask 15aScythian cavalry commander with lance halted
Ask 15bScythian mounted archer halted
Ask 16aScythian mounted archer shooting
Ask 16bScythian mounted archer shooting backwards
Ask 17aScythian cavalry commander in cap hurling javelin
Ask 17bScythian commander without cap hurling javelin
Ask 18aScythian in cap riding hard with lance
Ask 18bScythian without cap lowered lance
Ask 19aScythian commander on foot spear raised
Ask 19bScythian foot ensign-bearer
Ask 19cScythian foot trumpeter
Ask 20aScythian hacking with axe
Ask 20bScythian thrusting with spear
Ask 20cScythian charging with spear
1074bScythian cavalry halted
1083aScythian mounted archer attacking
1083bScythian mounted archer mounted
Ask 10bAssyrian commander galloping
Aah 11aAssyrian commander on foot charging with sword
Aah 11bAssyrian commander charging on foot swinging mace
Ask 12aAssyrian infantryman charging with lance
Aa 22Assyrian 3 man chariot in combat
Aa 25Assyrian, 2 man chariot in action
Aa 26Assyrian Flag-chariot in combat
Aa 29aAssyrian heavily armed chainmail infantry commander
Aa 29bAssyrian heavily armed chainmail infantry trumpeter
Aa 29cAssyrian heavily armed chainmail infantry casualty
Aa 30aAssyrian heavily armed chainmail infantry, man shooting bow
Aa 30bAssyrian heavily armed chainmail infantry, man charging
Aa 30cAssyrian heavily armed chainmail infantry, man taking arrow from quiver
Aa 33aAssyrian shieldbearer marching
Aa 33bAssyrian slinger marching
Aa 33cAssyrian archer marching
Aa 34aAssyrian shieldbearer marching
Aa 34bAssyrian infantryman marching with lance
Aa 34cAssyrian archer with long skirt marching
Aa 35aAssyrian infantryman marching with lance over shoulder
Aa 35bAssyrian infantryman advancing with lance
Aa 35cAssyrian infantryman marching with lance
Aar 36aAssyrianAssyrian cavalry commander marching
Aa 40aAssyrian infantry marching commander in plumed helmet
Aa 40bAssyrian infantry marching commander in pointed helmet
Aa 40cAssyrian infantry marching trumpeter
2015aAssyrian heavy infantry kneeling in defence, 600 BC
2015bAssyrian heavy infantry standing with lance, 600 BC
2015cAssyrian heavy infantry with lance diagonal, 600 BC
2058Assyrian 2 man chariot, walking
2059Assyrian 2 man chariot
H 4Assyrian ensign-bearer advancing
H 5Assyrian ensign-bearer advancing
H 6Assyrian ensign-bearer advancing
Aah 11cHittite infantry commander with throwing axe
Aä 39Egyptian Pharaoh in chariot
Aä 80Egyptian flag-chariot in combat (8-600 B.C.)
Aä 81Egyptian company chariot in combat (8-600 B.C.)
Aä 85aEgyptian infantry commander charging
Aä 85bEgyptian infantry charging, fallen
Aä 85cEgyptian infantry bow commander halted
Aä 85dEgyptian infantry halted casualty
Aä 86aEgyptian infantry charging with chopping bade striking
Aä 86bEgyptian infantry charging with wooden throwing spear
Aä 86cEgyptian infantry charging with spear
Aä 87aEgyptian archer shooting
Aä 87bEgyptian archer bending bow
Aä 87cEgyptian archer taking arrow from quiver
Aä 88aEgyptian archer halted
Aä 88bEgyptian infantry with spear and chopping blade halted
Aä 88cEgyptian infantry with spear and axe halted
H 1Egyptian ensign advancing
H 2Egyptian ensign advancing
H 3Egyptian ensign advancing
H 13Egyptian Guards company chariot (1000 B.C.)
H 14Egyptian Guards Flag-chariot (1000 B.C.)
H 15Egyptian Prince's chariot (1000 B.C.) [H13 on base]
H 18Egyptian field commander's chariot (1000 B.C.)
H 19 NEW Egyptianchariot, archer shooting
2007aAncient Egyptian bow commander standing, 1600-600 BC
2007bAncient Egyptian infantry ensign standing
2007cAncient Egyptian infantry trumpeter standing
2008aAncient Egyptian infantry shooting
2008bAncient Egyptian infantry bending bow
2008cAncient Egyptian infantry body guard advancing
2009aAncient Egyptianinfantry commander
2009b Ancient Egyptianinfantry sub-commander
2009cAncient Egyptian heavily-armed infantry commander
2009dAncient Egyptian heavily-armed infantry sub-commander
2010aAncient Egyptian heavily-armed infantry with sword advancing
2010bAncient Egyptian heavily-armed infantry thrusting with spear
2010cAncient Egyptian heavily-armed infantry advancing
2011aAncient Egyptian heavily-armed infantry fighting with sword
2011bAncient Egyptian heavily-armed infantry fighting thrusting with spear
2011cAncient Egyptian heavily-armed infantry fighting man advancing
2012aEthiopianbow commander halted 800-600 BC
2012bEthiopianbow ensign halted 800-600 BC
2012cEthiopianbow trumpeter halted 800-600 BC
2013aEthiopianarcher shooting 800-600 BC
2013bEthiopianarcher taking arrow 800-600 BC
2013cEthiopianslinger hurling
2014aEthiopianlight infantry slinger advancing
2014bEthiopianlight infantry hurling javelin
2014cEthiopian light infantry advancing with javelin
2016aEthiopian infantry commander in combat 800-600 BC
2016bEthiopian infantry ensign in combat 800-600 BC
2016cEthiopian infantry trumpeter in combat 800-600 BC
2017aEthiopian infantry in combat hitting with chopping blade 800-600 BC
2017bEthiopian infantry in combat hurling javelin
2017cEthiopian infantry in combat advancing
2018aEthiopian heavy infantry commander charging
2018bEthiopian heavy infantry ensign charging
2018cEthiopian heavy infantry trumpeter charging
2019aEthiopian heavy infantry charging striking with sickle-sword
2019bEthiopian heavy infantry charging man advancing
2019cEthiopian heavy infantry charging advancing with javelin
2020Egyptian company chariot, driving up (1000 B.C.)
2021Egyptian queen's chariot
2023Egyptian king on war elephant
2024Egyptian company war elephant with crew (Nubian)
Arg 42cGermanswarriors standing fighting halted with sword behind back
Arg 42dGermanswarriors standing fighting with sword over head
Ag 43aGermanswarriors standing fighting commander with sword raised
Ag 43bGermanswarriors standing fighting ensign-bearer
Ag 43cGermanswarriors standing fighting horn-player
Ag 44aGermanscavalry attacking commander swinging sword
Ag 44bGermanscavalry attacking with lance
Ag 45aGermanscavalry galloping with lance
Ag 45bGermanscavalry hacking with sword
Ag 52aGermansfoot warrior in combat commander
Ag 52bGermansfoot warrior in combat wounded
Ag 52cGermansfoot warrior in combat casualty
Ag 53aGermansfoot warrior in combat hurling javelin
Ag 53bGermansfoot warrior in combat with bow
Ag 53cGermansfoot warrior in combat with sling
Ag 54aGermansfoot warrior in combat with lance
Ag 54bGermansfoot warrior in combat with sword
Ag 54cGermansfoot warrior in combat with club
Ag 55aGermansfoot warrior charging thrusting with lance
Ag 55bGermansfoot warrior charging with lance
Ag 55cGermansfoot warrior charging advancing with lance
Ag 58aGermansHermann the Cheruskan
Ag 58bGermansMarbod, Ancient German King
Ag 59aGermansfoot warrior commander running
Ag 59bGermansfoot warrior throwing stone
Ag 59cGermansfoot warrior woman throwing stone
Ag 60aGermansfoot warrior in assault with lance
Ag 60bGermansfoot warrior in assault with raised sword
Ag 60cGermansfoot warrior in assault running with sword
Ag 64aGermansAlaric, West Goth King
Ag 64bGermansTotila, East Goth King
Ag 65aGermansfoot warrior halted lightly-armed commander
Ag 65bGermansfoot warrior halted commander with lance
Ag 65cGermansfoot warrior halted horn-player
Ag 66aGermansfoot warrior halted archer
Ag 66bGermansfoot warrior halted slinger
Ag 66cGermansfoot warrior halted spear-bearer
Ag 67aGermansfoot warrior halted with lance crosswise
Ag 67bGermansfoot warrior halted with lance upright I
Ag 67cGermansfoot warrior halted with lance upright II
Ag 68aGermansfoot warrior marching lightly-armed commander
Ag 68bGermansfoot warrior marching horn-player
Ag 68cGermansfoot warrior marching ensign-bearer
Ag 69aGermansfoot warrior marching with bow
Ag 69bGermansfoot warrior marching with sling
Ag 69cGermansfoot warrior marching with javelin
Ag 70aGermansfoot warrior marching with lance over shoulder
Ag 70bGermansfoot warrior marching advancing with lance I
Ag 70cGermansfoot warrior marching advancing with lance II
Arg 75aGermansAriovist, Ancient German leader
Arg 75bGermansAncient German army King, Ingniomerus
Arg 77dGermansAncient German King Knodomar at Strassburg, 357 AD
22aGermansHermann the Cheruskan
22bGermansHermann with Thusnelda
1061aGermansBronze Age people, man in cloak walking, 1000 BC
1061bGermansBronze Age people, man in cloak standing, 1000 BC
1061cGermansBronze Age people, man fetching water
1062aGermansBronze Age people, man leading cow
1062bGermansBronze Age people, boy with throwing axe
1062cGermansBronze Age people, boy javelin
1063aGermansBronze Age peasants, man with horse and plough
1063bGermansBronze Age peasants, man with sickle
1064aGermansBronze Age peasants, man with oxen and plough
1064bGermansBronze Age peasants, man with hoe
1065aGermansBronze Age woman with folding stool
1065bGermansBronze Age woman spinning
1065cGermansBronze Age woman grinding grain
1065dGermansBronze Age woman feeding geese
1066aGermansBronze Age woman at weaver's loom
1066bGermansBronze Age woman milking cow
2025aGermansprince halted
2025bGermanscavalry commander fighting
2026aGermanscavalry fighting with spear
2026bGermanscavalry fighting with sword
2027aGermanscavalry in close combat with spear over head
2027bGermanscavalry in close combat thrusting with lance
2035aGermanscavalry halted in profile
2035bGermanscavalry dismounted with horse
2042aGermansensign with bear marching, 9 AD
2042bGermansensign with aurochs marching, 9 AD
2042cGermansensign with Saxon horse marching, 9 AD
2050aGermans(Suebi warrior) hurling javelin, 60 BC
2050bGermans(Suebi warrior) advancing with javelin, 60 BC
2050cGermans(Suebi warrior) standing with javelin and shield, 60 BC
2055aGermansArmin, Ancient leader
2055bGermansAncientleader, in action (Army commander c. Christ's birth)
2056aGermansfoot warrior attacking commander 100 BC - 200 AD
2056bGermansfoot warrior attacking horn-player 100 BC - 200 AD
2056cGermansfoot warrior attacking casualty 100 BC - 200 AD
2057aGermansfoot warrior attacking with lance held diagonally 100 BC - 200 AD
2057bGermansfoot warrior attacking thrusting with lance 100 BC - 200 AD
2057cGermansfoot warrior attacking advancing with sword 100 BC - 200 AD
Ag 72aGreek long spear Hoplites charging commander
Ag 72bGreek long spear Hoplites charging trumpeter
Ag 72cGreek long spear Hoplites charging falling
Ag 73aGreek long spear Hoplites charging front rank
Ag 73bGreek long spear Hoplites charging middle rank
Ag 73cGreek long spear Hoplites charging rear rank
Agk 84aGreek mercenary commander
21aGreekMiltiades, Army Commander, with sword
25cGreek long spear Hoplites halted commander with shield
26bGreek long spear Hoplites halted resting shield [26c on stand]
26cGreeklong spear Hoplites halted shield on arm [26b on stand]
48cGreek catapult in action commander
63aGreek Hoplites in combat Spartan commander
63bGreek Hoplites in combat Spartan trumpeter
63cGreek Hoplites in combat Spartan falling
64aGreek Hoplites in combat Athenian ensign-bearer
64bGreek Hoplites in combat Athenian commander
64cGreek Hoplites in combat Athenian casualty
65aGreekHoplites in combat Ionian commander
65bGreekHoplites in combat Ionian horn-player
65cGreekHoplites in combat Ionian shield-bearer
66aGreekHoplites in combat Spartan with lance stabbing down
66bGreekHoplites in combat Spartan stabbing with lance
66cGreekHoplites in combat Spartan pointing sword
67aGreekHoplites in combat Athenian stabbing with lance
67bGreekHoplites in combat Athenian thrusting with lance
67cGreekHoplites in combat Athenian advancing with sword
68aGreekHoplites in combat Ionian thrusting forward
68bGreekHoplites in combat Ionian charging with lance
68cGreekHoplites in combat Ionian striking with sword
69aGreekHoplites advancing Spartan
69bGreekHoplites advancing Athenian
69cGreekHoplites advancing Ionian
70aGreek Hoplites halted Spartan commander
70bGreekHoplites halted Athenian commander
70cGreek Hoplites halted shield-bearer
71aGreek Hoplites halted Ionian commander
71bGreek Hoplites halted shield-bearer
71cGreekHoplites halted casualty
72aGreek Hoplites halted Spartan man
72bGreekHoplites halted Athenian man
72cGreek Hoplites halted Ionian man
73aGreek Peltast in combat commander pointing
73bGreek Peltast charging commander running
73cGreek Peltast charging shield-bearer
74aGreek Peltast in combat hurling javelin I
74bGreek Peltast in combat hurling javelin II
74cGreek Peltast charging man running
87aGreek bowmen fighting man having shot arrow
87bGreek bowmen fighting man shooting arrow
87cGreek bowmen fighting man taking arrow
1071aGreekThracian cavalry halted
1071bGreek Xenophon, mounted, halted
1072aGreek Aetolian cavalry halted
1072bGreek Thessalian cavalry halted
1073aGreek Near Eastern cavalry halted
1073bGreek Cicilian cavalry halted
1074aGreek field commander halted
1075aGreek Xanthippus trotting
1075bGreek Alcibiades halted
1078aGreekThessalian cavalry attacking
1078bGreekThessalian cavalry advancing
1079aGreek Cicilian cavalry attacking
1079bGreekCicilian cavalry advancing
1080aGreekAetolian cavalry attacking commander
1080bGreekThracian cavalry attacking commander
1081aGreek Near Eastern cavalry attacking trooper attacking
1081bGreek Near Eastern cavalry attacking trooper advancing
1082aGreekThracian cavalry attacking trooper attacking
1082bGreekThracian cavalry trooper advancing
1084aGreek slinger in combat having just hurled stone
1084bGreek slinger in combat hurling stone
1084cGreek slinger in combat taking stone
1086aGreekinfantry halted peltast
1086bGreek infantry halted archer
1086cGreek infantry halted slinger
1097bGreek Xanthippus mercenary commander
2005aMacedonianSarissa-bearer advancing commander
2005bMacedonianSarissa-bearer advancing ensign
2005cMacedonianSarissa-bearer advancing trumpeter
2006aMacedonianSarissa-bearer advancing man I (sarissa upright)
2006bMacedonianSarissa-bearer advancing man II (sarissa diagonal)
2006cMacedonianSarissa-bearer advancing man III (sarissa lowered)
2022aMacedonianphalanx charging man with Sarissa straight, 350-150 BC
2022bMacedonianphalanx charging man with Sarissa low, 350-150 BC
2022cMacedonianphalanx charging man with Sarissa diagonal up, 350-150 BC
2064aMacedonianlightly-armed infantry stabbing up with lance, 350-150 BC
2064bMacedonianlightly-armed infantry stabbing up with sword I, 350-150 BC
2064cMacedonianlightly-armed infantry stabbing up with sword II, 350-150 BC
2065Macedonianinfantry on defence lance horizontal
2066aMacedonianinfantry on defence lance diagonal
2066bMacedonianinfantry on defence raised lance
2067aMacedonianinfantry halted man with hat
2067bMacedonianinfantry man with helmet
2068Macedonianinfantry man with helmet
1aCarthaginian Hannibal halted
1bCarthaginian Mago pointing forward
5aCarthaginianlight infantry in combat commander on foot
5bCarthaginianlight infantry in combat horn-player
5cCarthaginianlight infantry in combat trumpeter
6aCarthaginian light infantry in combat archer
6bCarthaginianlight infantry in combat slinger
6cCarthaginianlight infantry in combat spear thrower
7aCarthaginianheavy infantry fighting commander with sword
7bCarthaginianheavy infantry charging commander with lance
7cCarthaginianheavy infantry charging ensign-bearer
8aCarthaginianheavy infantry fighting hacking with sword
8bCarthaginianheavy infantry fighting striking with axe
8cCarthaginianheavy infantry fighting lowered lance
9aCarthaginianheavy infantry with Roman shield running
9bCarthaginianheavy infantry with round shield
9cCarthaginianheavy infantry charging
23Carthaginian-Hellenistic, War elephant (African)L.Fr.
24Carthaginian-Hellenistic, War elephant (Indian)S.M.
25aCarthaginianheavy infantry halted commander with lance
25bCarthaginianheavy infantry halted ensign
26aCarthaginianheavy infantry halted with lance and shield on arm
26dCarthaginianlight infantry Numidian
27aLibyan heavy cavalry attacking commander hacking
27bLibyanheavy cavalry attacking trooper casualty
28aLibyanheavy cavalry attacking trooper hacking
28bLibyanheavy cavalry attacking trooper lowered lance
29aNumidianlancers attacking commander
29bNumidian light cavalry attacking commander
30aCarthaginianlancers attacking thrusting with lance
30bCarthaginianlancers attacking lowered lance
31aCarthaginianlight cavalry attacking archer
31bCarthaginianlight cavalry attacking hurling javelin
32bCarthaginianHasdrubal halted
47aCarthaginianMaharbal Hannibal's cavalry commander, leading an attack
47bCarthaginiancavalry field standard
48bCarthaginiancatapult in action commander
Agk 84bNumidianSyphax, King
52a PersianGreat King, halted
52b PersianSatrap, halted
53aPersianCavalry attacking commander with sword
53bPersianCavalry attacking standard
54aPersianCavalry attacking lance over head
54bPersianCavalry attacking advancing
55aPersianCavalry attacking archer shooting
55bPersianCavalry attacking archer taking arrow from quiver
56aPersianImmortals in combat commander with whip
56bPersianinfantry in combat commander raising spear
56cPersianSaka infantry in combat commander with whip
57aPersianImmortals in combat shooting bow
57bPersianImmortals in combat taking arrow
57cPersianImmortals in combat stabbing with lance
58aPersianinfantry in combat fighting with sword
58bPersianinfantry in combat defending with lance
58cPersianinfantry in combat running with lance
59aPersianbowmen charging man running with bow
59bPersianbowmen charging man shooting
59cPersianbowmen charging man taking arrow
60aPersianSaka infantry advancing
60bPersianinfantry advancing
60cPersianImmortals advancing
89aPersian Saka cavalry attacking commander
89bPersian Saka cavalry attacking cavalry commander
90aPersian Saka cavalry attacking man with bow
90bPersian Saka cavalry attacking man with lance
91aPersiancavalry halted commander
91bPersian Saka cavalry halted commander
1049aPersianSatrap Arthaphenes, galloping
1049bPersianMardonius galloping, field commander
1052aPersiancavalry halted
1052bPersian Saka cavalry halted
2048aPersian Immortals halted commander
2048bPersianinfantry halted commander
2048cPersian Saka infantry halted commander
2049aPersian Immortals halted
2049bPersian Saka infantry halted
2049cPersianinfantry halted
H 7Persian ensign-bearer marching
H 8Persian ensign-bearer marching
H 9Persian ensign-bearer marching
H 10Persian ensign-bearer charging
H 11Persian ensign-bearer charging
H 12Persian ensign-bearer charging
1030aGaulcavalry fighting commander with raised sword 250-0 BC
1030bGaulcavalry fighting commander advancing
1031aGaulcavalry fighting hacking with axe
1031bGaulcavalry fighting hacking with sword
1032aGaulcavalry fighting with lowered lance
1032bGaulcavalry fighting trooper advancing
1035aGaulfoot warriors charging commander
1035bGaulfoot warriors charging ensign
1035cGaulfoot warriors fighting commander with axe
1036aGaulfoot warriors fighting man hacking with axe
1036bGaulfoot warriors fighting man stabbing with sword
1036cGaulfoot warriors fighting man stabbing with spear
1037aGaulfoot warrior charging with spear
1037bGaulfoot warriors charging with sword
1037cGaulfoot warriors charging man running (with spear)
1098aGaulAmbiorix, commander
1098bGaulDumnorix, commander
1099aGaulcavalry commander in reserve
1099bGaul cavalry commander walking
2001aGaulcavalry trooper in reserve
2001bGaulcavalry trooper walking
2002aGaul foot warriors fighting commander I
2002bGaul foot warriors fighting commander II
2002cGaulfoot warriors fighting ensign
2003aGaularcher shooting
2003bGaularcher standing with bow
2003cGaularcher hurling arrow
2004aGaul slinger hurling
2004bGaul slinger standing
2004cGaulfoot warrior running hurling arrow
2037aCeltcavalry officer attacking
2037bCeltfoot warrior mounted commander halted
2038aCeltcavalry attacking trooper hacking I
2038bCeltcavalry attacking trooper hacking II
2039aCeltfoot warrior in combat commander striking
2039bCeltfoot warrior in combat commander advancing
2039cCeltfoot warrior in combat slinger commander
2040aCeltfoot warrior charging I (with sword)
2040bCeltfoot warrior charging II (with sword)
2040cCeltfoot warrior charging man advancing (with sword)
2041aCeltfoot warrior charging slinger I
2041bCeltfoot warrior charging slinger II
2041cCeltfoot warrior charging slinger man advancing
2043Celtfield commander in chariot
2051aCeltfoot warrior attacking commander, 800 BC
2051bCeltfoot warrior attacking horn-player, 800 BC
2051cCeltfoot warrior attacking ensign, 800 BC
2052aCeltfoot warrior attacking man with spear
2052bCeltfoot warrior attacking man stabbing with sword
2052cCeltfoot warrior attacking man with sword held low
2053aCeltfoot warrior fighting commander
2053bCeltfoot warrior fighting horn-player
2053cCeltfoot warrior fighting ensign
2054aCeltfoot warrior fighting stabbing with spear
2054bCeltfoot warrior fighting with sword
2054cCeltfoot warrior fighting striking with mace
Ai 56IndianIndian company chariot crew
NubienChariot, Memnon


Acient Period

War Elephant
(G. Bistulfi)
Roman Throwing Catapults
(G. Bistulfi)
(A. Amorese)
(A. Amorese)
Carthaginian-Hellenistic War Elephant
Roman Camp
(M. Gerstenhauer)
Camp Group
Chariot, Archer shooting
Ancient 1
Ancient 2
Ancient 3
Chariot Front H15
Chariot Back H15
Chariot Front H18
Chariot Back H18
(A. Zapfe)
(G. Bistulfi)
(G. Bistulfi)
The following Figures are painted by Gianpaolo Bistulfi
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