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Hinsch 33: Rococo

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch
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Code Description
1aHuntsman mounted with horn
1bHuntsman mounted with horn
2aMounted gentleman saluting
2bMounted gentleman saluting
3aMounted lady
3bMounted lady
4aLady on foot
4bHuntsman on foot with gun
4cGentleman with cane
5aHuntsman with two dogs
5bHuntsman with three dogs
6aHuntsman with three dogs
6bTwo dogs sitting


Serie 39: Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign 1797

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch. Designer: Franz Karl Mohr
Code Beschreibung
French camel corps
1arider standing
1brider standing
2arider going
2brider going
3rider rising
4rider going, animal in hand
5adismounted rider standing
5brider ascending
6aofficer standing, half frontal
6bofficer looking through telescope
7aNapoleon pointing
7bofficer saluting with hat
8aman standing frontal
8bman taking saddle off
8cCamel lying
9arider frontal
9brider frontal


Series 41: Tyrolean Freedom Fight c.1809

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch. Designer: Franz Karl Mohr
Code Beschreibung
1aman standing, shooting
1bman standing, shooting
1cman kneeling, shooting
2aman running forward
2bman standing, loading
2cman standing, shooting
3aman hurling stone
3bman hurling stone
3cman carrying stone
4aman striking with hammer
4bman striking with axe
4cman striking with gun
5aman with morning-star
5bman with pitchfork
5cman with scythe
6aman with halbard
6bman with halbard
7aman shooting from behind rock
7bman heaving rock
8awoman shooting from behind rock
8bwoman with stone
8cwoman loading
9aman dropping
9bman dead
10aman dropping
10btwo men heaving stone
11awoman tending wounded
11btwo men lifting trunk
12astandard bearer
12bman with crucifix
12cdrummer boy
13aman lifting Frenchman
13bcourtier mounted
13ccourtier on foot
14aFrench grenadier mounted officer
14bFrench grenadier flag
14cFrench grenadier foot officer
14dFrench grenadier drummer
15aFrench grenadier striking with gun butt
15bFrench grenadier gun horizontal
15cFrench grenadier sapper
16aFrench grenadier running charge
16bFrench grenadier running charge
16cFrench grenadier kneeling on defence
17aFrench grenadier reaching into cartridge pouch
17bFrench grenadier standing firing
17cFrench grenadier kneeling firing
18aFrench grenadier defending
18bFrench grenadier dead
18cFrench grenadier casualty
19aAustrian Dragoon in overcoat officer halted
19bAustrian Dragoon in overcoat trumpeter halted
20aAustrian Dragoon in overcoat trooper halted I
20bAustrian Dragoon in overcoat trooper halted II
21aBavaria, Light Horse halted trumpeter
21bBavaria, Light Horse halted officer
22aBavaria, Light Horse halted trooper I
22bBavaria, Light Horse halted trooper II
English Horse Artillery 1813
24aAmmunition wagon galloping
24bCannon galloping
25a/bOfficer/trumpeter galloping
26a/bTrooper I/Trooper II galloping
27Limber and trace horse standing
28a/bTrace horse galopping/Trace horse dropping
29/30/31Limber with trace horse standing/ditto/ditto
32Limber with trace horse dropping
33a/bTrace horse standing/Trace horse standing
34a/bGunner with sponge/aiming rod
34cGunner directing
35aGunner directing
35b/cGunner sitting on limber/Gunner sitting on limber
36a/bGunner moving gun carriage/ditto
36c/dGunner directing/ditto
37a/b/cGunner with sponge I/II/II
38a/b/c/dGunner standing with match/with fuse bag/with match/standing
39a/bGunner standing with powderbag/ditto
39c/dGunner standing with aiming stick/ditto
39eOfficer standing on foot
41a/b/c/dOfficer on foot standing I/II/III/IV
42a/bMounted officer/Mounted trumpeter halted
43/44Horse holder with 2 horses/Horse holder with 2 horses
45a/bHorse holder with 1 horse going/mounting
46a/bHorse running free/ditto
47a/bHorse resisting, free/Horse standing free
48aHorse holder mounting
48bAdjutant reporting
49a/b/cGunner defending with pistol/with sword/with sponge
50aGunner dropping
50bGunner with sword defending
50cOfficer with pistol
51a/b/cGunner dropping/dead/wounded


French camel corps

French camel corps


Tyrolean 1
Tyrolean 2

English Horse Artillery

English Horse Artillery 1
English Horse Artillery 2
English Horse Artillery 3
English Tables by Douglas Johnson