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Hinsch Series 31: North America: Indians

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch, Designer: Franz Karl Mohr
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Code Description
Indian Mustang Hunt
1Mounted Indian lassoing horse
2Indian standing, lassoing horse
3aMounted Indian with cloth
3bMounted Indian with cloth
4aMounted Indian throwing lasso
4bMounted Indian with lasso
5aWild horse running
5bWild horse running
6aWild horse running
6bWild horse running
7aWild horse running
7bWild horse running
Indian Buffalo Hunt
8a/bBuffalo running/Buffalo running
9aBuffalo rising
9bBuffalo galloping
10aBuffalo cow going
10bBuffalo trotting
11aBuffalo calf running
11bBuffalo calf dead
12aBuffalo taking Indian on the horns
12bIndian jumping buffalo's neck
13Buffalo taking mounted Indian on the horns
14a/bIndian hunter stabbing with spear/Indian hunter stabbing with spear
15a/bIndian hunter shooting bow/Indian hunter shooting bow


Series 32: North America: Trappers, Pioneers

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch
Code Beschreibung
Battle (Trappers vs. Hurons)
1aTrapper standing, taking aim
1bTrapper standing, shooting
1cTrapper standing, shooting
2aTrapper standing, loading
2bTrapper standing, loading
2cTrapper standing, loading
2dTrapper standing, loading
3aTrapper kneeling, shooting
3bTrapper kneeling, shooting
3cTrapper kneeling, shooting
4aTrapper striking with gun butt
4bTrapper striking with gun butt
4cTrapper striking with gun butt
5aTrapper loading with going
5bTrapper running forward
5cTrapper running forward
6aTrapper lying down aiming
6bTrapper creeping
7aTrapper creeping
7bTrapper creeping
8aTrapper dropping
8bTrapper kneeling aiming
8cWounded trapper going
9aDead trapper
9bWounded trapper lying down
10aHuron standing, shooting
10bHuron standing, loading
10cHuron shooting
11aHuron kneeling, loading
11bHuron kneeling, aiming
11cHuron shooting
12aHuron lying, aiming
12bHuron lying, shooting
13aHuron lying, with bow
13bHuron creeping taking aim
14a/b/cHuron running forward/Huron running forward/Huron running forward
15aHuron attacking running forward
15b/cHuron attacking running forward/Huron attacking running forward
16aHuron kneeling, shooting bow
16bHuron reaching for arrow in quiver
16cHuron shooting bow
17aHuron dropping
17bWounded Huron going
17cAttacking Huron going
17dHuron standing loading
18aDead Huron
18bWounded Huron lying down
Ambush of a Pioneer Family Designer: Dr. Maximilian Thies
19Covered wagon
20aHorse team standing
20bHorse team standing with man
21aHorse going through
21bOx team standing
22aYoung man with dog
22bIndian fighting with dog
23aTrapper aiming
23bWoman shooting
23cWoman with child
24aMounted half-breed plunging
24bMounted pioneer shooting
25aMounted Sioux plunging
25bMounted Sioux chieftain
26a/bMounted Sioux bowman/Mounted Sioux bowman
27a/bMounted Sioux with lance/Mounted Sioux with lance


Series 31

Mustang Hunt
Buffalo Hunt

Series 32

Ambush of a Pioneer Family 1
Ambush of a Pioneer Family 2
Ambush of a Pioneer Family (painted)
Trapper and Hurons 1
Painted by Francis Quiquerez
Trapper and Hurons 2
Painted by Francis Quiquerez
Trapper and Hurons 3
Painted by Francis Quiquerez
Trapper and Hurons 4
Painted by Francis Quiquerez
English Tables by Douglas Johnson / Painted Figures by Marie-Claire Picollier