OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Flat Tin Figures Kilia



Middle Ages

Engravers: L.Fr.-Ludwig Frank; S.M.-Sixtus Maier; H.L.-Hans Lecke; o.S.-omitting Signature
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Code Type Description Engr
Bf 1Artillery Cannon group, discharging gunL.Fr.
Bf 2Artillery Cannon group, aiming gunL.Fr.
Bf 3aArtillery Middle Ages Arkeley cannon on brakes c. 1400
Bf 3bArtillery Middle Ages Arkeley block gun carriage c. 1400
Bf 4aArtillery Middle Ages Arkeley gunner with match
Bf 4bArtillery Middle Ages Arkeley gunner with sponge
Bf 4cArtillery Middle Ages Arkeley gunner frontal
Bf 5aBowmanMiddle Ages infantry shooting crossbow
Bf 5bBowman Middle Ages infantry cocking crossbow
Bf 5cBowman Middle Ages infantry kneeling shooting crossbow
Bf 17aKnightMounted knight stabbing with lance 1400
Bf 17bKnightMounted knight lance lowered 1400
Bf 18aKnightinfantry mounted commander with raised shield
Bf 18bKnightinfantry mounted commander pointing
Bf 19aKnightcommander on foot [Bf19b on base]
Bf 19bKnighttrumpeter playing[Bf19a on base]
Bf 19cKnightstandard bearer
Bf 20aKnightArkeley (artillery), commander on foot
Bf 20bKnighttrumpeter
Bf 20cKnightman falling
Bf 21aKnightinfantry charging, man with shield and crossbow
Bf 21bKnightcharging on foot, man with raised lance
Bf 21cKnightcharging on foot, man lowered lance
Bf 22aKnightinfantry fighting, man with mace
Bf 22bKnightinfantry fighting, harlequin charging
Bf 22cKnightinfantry fighting with battle-axe
Bf 23bKnightCommander of knights, striking with sword
119aKnightknight charging, commander
119bKnighttumbling down 1500
120aKnightMounted knight charging, knight lowered lance
120bKnightMounted knight charging, knight with diagonal lance
121aKnightMounted knight fighting, knight hacking with sword
121bKnightMounted knight fighting, itinerant knight with lance held up
122aKnightGerman mounted knight walking, man
122bKnightGerman mounted itinerant knight halted, man
140aKnightMounted knight on the march, man with sword
140bKnightMounted knight on the march, lance over shoulder
2129aKnightGerman Crusader knight (Crusades) kneeling I
2129bKnightGerman Crusader knight (Crusades) kneeling II
144bKingLouis XII, King of France, halted
1119-65Castle SiegeCastle Siege 1400 - 1450
1119aFrenchknight on foot, man stabbing
1119bFrenchknight on foot, man striking with sword
1119cFrenchknight on foot, man falling
1120aFrenchknight on foot, man carrying I
1120bFrenchknight on foot, man carrying II
1120cFrenchknight on foot, man falling
1122aFrenchknight on foot, ladder man halted I
1122bFrenchknight on foot, ladder man halted II
1122cFrenchknight on foot, ladder man halted III
1123aFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing with axe
1123bFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing with sword
1123cFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing with pike
1123dFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing with sword
1124aFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing with mace
1124bFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing with battle axe
1124cFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing with protective shield I
1125aFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing with protective shield II
1125bFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing with sword
1125cFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing striking with battle axe
1126aFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing striking with mace
1126bFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing arm up I
1126cFrench knight on foot, ladder man climbing arm up II
1127aFrenchFrench archer standing shooting
1127bFrenchArcher kneeling in defence
1127cFrenchFrench group, priest with patient
1128aFrenchFrench dead lying, man I
1128bFrenchFrench dead lying, man II
1128cFrenchFrench dead lying, man III
1129aFrench Man carrying wounded
1129bFrenchMan with plunging horse
1130aFrenchArcher after having shot I
1130bFrenchArcher after having shot II
1130cFrenchArcher taking arrow from quiver
1131aFrenchpeasants fisherman sitting
1131bFrenchfisherman rowing back
1131cFrenchfisherman rowing forward
1131dFrenchFisherman rowing sideways
1132aFrenchMan from castle hurling stone, I
1132bFrenchman from castle hurling stone, II
1132cFrenchMan from castle hurling stone, III
1133aFrenchMan falling backwards I
1133bFrench Man falling backwards II
1133cFrenchMan falling backwards III
1133dFrenchMan climbing
1134aFrenchMan with sword falling
1134bFrenchMan climbing I
1134cFrenchMan climbing II
1136aFrenchKnight, man hurling stone I 1430
1136bFrenchKnight, man hurling stone II 1430
1136cFranchKnight, man stabbing with lance
1137aFrenchKnight, man with bow falling
1137bFrenchKnight, man with lance falling
1137cFrenchKnight, wounded man lying I
1138aFrenchKnight, wounded man lying II
1138bFrench knight, wounded man sitting I
1138cFrench knight, wounded man sitting II
1138dFrenchknight, wounded man sitting III
1139aFrenchknight, page entrenching
1139bFrenchknight, page going with shovel
1139cFrenchknight, page standing with shovel
1140aFrenchknight, archer sitting I
1140bFrenchknight, archer sitting II
1140cFrenchknight, archer kneeling I
1140dFrenchknight, archer kneeling II
1141aFrenchknight, archer lying bending forward
1141bFrenchknight, archer lying bending backward
1141cFrenchknight, archer sitting on a hillock
1142aFrenchknight, monk bandaging a page
1142bFrenchknight, 2 monks carrying a wounded man
1142cFrenchknight, monk praying
1143aFrenchknight, monk handing patient a drink
1143bFrenchknight, monk group
1144aFrenchknight, monk group
1144bFrenchknight, page kneeling praying
1144cFrenchknight, page standing praying
1145aFrenchknight, monk kneeling with crucifix
1145bFrenchknight, monk kneeling
1145cFrenchknight, monk going
1146aFrenchknight, monk with wounded man
1146bFrenchknight, monk carrying wounded man
1147Frenchknight, small accessories such as helmet, sabre, etc.
1148aFrenchknight, 2 men wrestling
1148bFrenchknight, group 1 man stabbing down
1149aFrenchknight, sabre held up
1149bFrenchknight, sabre held back
1149cFrenchknight, defending with sabre
1150aFrenchknight, man lying back
1150bFrenchknight, man kneeling, stabbing
1150cFrenchknight, man with 3 shields
1151aFrenchknight, fisherman rowing boat I
1151bFrenchknight, fisherman rowing boat II
1151cFrenchknight, fisherman rowing boat III
1157Frenchknight, 5 lance pennants
1159aHorseHorse grazing tied up 1450-80
1159bHorseHorse standing tied up 1450-80
1160FrenchSpear barricade
1162Burgundiancannon group, advancing
1163aBurgundianartillery, cannon
1163bBurgundianartillery, gunner cleaning gun
1164aBurgundianartillery, gunner with match
1164bBurgundianartillery, gunner with crowbar
1164cBurgundianartillery, carrying ammunition chest
1164dBurgundianartillery, putting down
1165aBurgundianartillery, mounted officer, halted
1165bBurgundianartillery, trumpeter
Storm ladder
Bf 23aJoan of ArcThe Maid of Orleans
2130Joan of ArcThe capture of Joan of Arc
2131aJoan of ArcJoan of Arc mounted, halted
2131bJoan of ArcBaudricourt on foot, saluting
2131cJoan of ArcBaudricourt on foot, saluting
1152aEnglandknight on foot fleeing, man running with sword 1400
1152bEnglandknight on foot fleeing, man standing with sword 1400
1152cEnglandknight on foot fleeing running
1153aEnglandknight fleeing, man running with lance
1153bEnglandknight fleeing, man with lance horizontal
1153cEnglandknight fleeing, man without weapon running
1154aEngland knight fleeing, man half-front running I
1154bEnglandknight fleeing, man half-front running II
1154cEnglandknight fleeing, man half-front running III
1155aEnglandknight fleeing, crossbowman running
1155bEnglandknight fleeing, man going with lance
1155cEnglandknight fleeing, man running
1156aEnglandknight fleeing, man without weapon running
1156bEnglandknight fleeing, man with lance on shoulder
1156cEnglandknight fleeing, man weapon horizontal
1161aEnglandknight on foot dead man lying I 1400
1161bEnglandknight on foot dead man lying II 1400
1161cEnglandknight on foot dead man lying III 1400
Bd40aLansquenetFrundsberg, halted
Bd40bLansquenetKnight Eitel of Zollern, halted
Bd41aLansquenetMercenary field captain, halted
Bd41bLansquenetSquire of the field captain
Bd42aLansquenetMercenary standard-bearer advancing 1500
Bd42bLansquenetMercenary standard-bearer halted 1500
Bd43aLansquenetMercenary thrusting lance
Bd43bLansquenetMercenary charging
Bd43cLansquenetMercenary advancing
Bd44aLansquenetMercenary advancing Captain
Bd44bLansquenetMercenary fifer
Bd44cLansquenetMercenary drummer
Bd45aLansquenetMercenary halted Captain
Bd45bLansquenetMercenary banner marching
Bd45cLansquenetMercenary banner halted
Bd46aLansquenetMercenary Hackbut firing
Bd46bLansquenetMercenary Hackbut loading
Bd46cLansquenetMercenary Hackbut marching with slope arms
Bd50aLansquenetMercenary halted infantryman I
Bd50bLansquenetMercenary halted infantryman II
Bd50cLansquenetMercenary halted infantryman III
Bd51aLansquenetMercenary halted infantryman IV
Bd51bLansquenetMercenary halted infantryman V
Bd51cLansquenetMercenary halted infantryman VI
Bd51dLansquenetMercenary halted infantryman VII
Bd52aLansquenetMercenary halted infantryman VIII
Bd52bLansquenetMercenary halted infantryman IX
Bd52cLansquenethalted infantryman X
Bd53aLansquenetCavalry commander
Bd53bLansquenetGerman Imperial standard
Bd54aLansquenetKnight commander mounted halted
Bd54bLansquenetKnight trumpeter mounted
Bd55aLansquenetKnight mounted with crested helmet halted
Bd55bLansquenetKnight mounted without crested helmet
Bd56aLansquenetcaptain on foot halted
Bd57aLansquenetHackbut halted half-profile
Bd57bLansquenetHackbut halted profile
Bd57cLansquenethalberdier halted without hat
Bd58aLansquenethalberdier halted with hat
Bd58bLansquenetwith two-handed sword halt, sword on left shoulder
Bd58cLansquenetwith two-handed sword halt, sword on right shoulder
Bd59aLansquenetHackbut firing
Bd59bLansquenetHackbut firearm diagonal
Bd59cLansquenetwith lance stabbing lance diagonally I
Bd60aLansquenetwith lance stabbing lance diagonally II
Bd60bLansquenetwith lance horizontal
Bd60cLansquenetHackbut charging
Bd66aLansquenetgunner with match
Bd66bLansquenetgunner with axe
Bd66cLansquenetgunner with powder measure
Bd67aLansquenetgunner kneeling
Bd67bLansquenetgunner with sponge
Bd67cLansquenetgunner with gunner's quadrant
Bd68Lansquenetcannon quarter gun with powder keg
Bd69LansquenetSingerin cannon with powder box
101aLansquenetHeavy cavalry commander
101bLansquenetHeavy cavalry orderly, halted (Knight 1550)
102aLansquenetHeavy lancer halted, commander
102bLansquenetHeavy lancer halted, trumpeter
103aLansquenetHeavy lancer I
103bLansquenetHeavy lancer II
104aMusketeerMounted musketeer halted, commander
104bMusketeerMounted musketeer halted, cavalry page
105aMusketeerMounted musketeer trooper I
105bMusketeerMounted musketeer trooper II
106aLansquenetMercenary in combat, colonel standing
106bLansquenetMercenary in combat, captain standing
106cLansquenetMercenary in combat, drummer playing
106dLansquenetMercenary in combat, fifer playing
107aLansquenetMercenary firing, shooting handgun
107bLansquenetMercenary firing, loading handgun
107cLansquenetMercenary advancing, handgun
108aLansquenetMercenary ensign standing
108bLansquenetMercenary ensign advancing
109aLansquenetMercenary charging, pikeman
109bLansquenetMercenary charging, halberdier
109cLansquenetMercenary charging, pike standing in combat
110aLansquenetMercenary charging, pikeman thrusting with german
110bLansquenetMercenary charging, halberdier striking
110cLansquenetMercenary charging, halberdier standing in combat
111aLansquenetMercenary halted, handgun
111bLansquenetMercenary halted, pikeman
111cLansquenetMercenary halted, halberdier
112aLansquenetKing Hans of Denmark
112bLansquenetNobleman Schlenz, Commander of the Black Guard
118aLansquenetKnight Ahlefeld  with the Danish king's standard
118bLansquenetDuke Frederick of Schauenburg
123aLansquenetEmperor Maximilan I, walking
123bLansquenetStandard bearer for the German Emperors
144aLansquenetEmperor Maximilian I with lance, trotting
149aLansquenetLancer attacking, lieutenant drawing pistol
149bLansquenetLancer attacking, standard
150aLansquenetLancer attacking, trooper lowered lance
150bLansquenetLancer attacking, trooper with diagonal lance
151aLansquenetGerman pistol cavalry trotting, captain of cavalry
151bLansquenetGerman pistol cavalry trotting, lancer commander
152aLansquenetGerman pistol cavalry trotting, lance up
152bLansquenetGerman pistol cavalry trotting, halted
153aLansquenetGerman pistol cavalry in fire fight, commander drawing pistol
153bLansquenetGerman pistol cavalry in fire fight, standard
154aLansquenetGerman pistol cavalry in fire fight, shooting pistol
154bLansquenetGerman pistol cavalry in fire fight, loading pistol
179aLansquenetGerman pistol cavalry trotting, trooper trotting 1550
179bLansquenetGerman pistol cavalry trotting, trooper halted 1550
189aLansquenetHenry I, King of Germany, mounted, walking
189bvOtto I, German Emperor, mounted attacking
190aLansquenetGerman cavalry attacking, trooper hurling lance c. 1000
190bLansquenetGerman cavalry attacking, trooper advancing c. 1000
193aLansquenetMercenary field captain, mounted
193bLansquenetMercenary field captain, on foot
1101aLansquenetViceroy of Naples
1101bLansquenetMounted Knight Escort to the Viceroy of Naples
1135aLansquenetGerman Mercenary marching, man with firearm 1500
1135bLansquenetGerman Mercenary marching, man with crossbow
1135cLansquenetGerman Mercenary marching, man with shield
1160LansquenetMercenary flag stuck in ground
1166aGoethe Easter promenade from Goethe's Faust c. 1520 - Faust
1166bGoetheEaster promenade from Goethe's Faust c. 1520 - Wagner
2112aLansquenetGerman Mercenary attacking man advancing
2112bLansquenetGerman Mercenary attacking man in combat [in combat man advancing]
2113aLansquenetGerman Mercenary cavalry attacking, lowered lance
2113bLansquenetGerman Mercenary cavalry attacking, diagonal lance
2103aLansquenetSwiss soldier attacking advancing with spear (Burgundian 1475-1515) man I
2103bLansquenetSwiss soldier attacking advancing with spear (Burgundian 1475-1515) man II
2103cLansquenetSwiss soldier attacking [2-handed sword, backhand swing] striking with sword
2104LansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] attacking with spear
2105LansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] defending with spear
2106LansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] attacking dressed in armour
2107aLansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] halted with spear I
2107bLansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] halted with spear II
2108aLansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] halted man III
2108bLansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] halted man IV
2108cLansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] halted man V [with halberd]
2109aLansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] halted man VI [V]
2109bLansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] halted man VII [VI]
2110aLansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] halted man with halberd I
2110bLansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] halted man with halberd II
2111aLansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] halted foot officer
2111bLansquenetSwiss soldier [1490-1530] halted drummer
Ba6aAztecleader with axe halted, c.1500
Ba6bAztecleader with long sword halted, c.1500
Ba6cAztecleader with sword halted, c.1500
Ba7aAztecstandard bearer, halted I
Ba7bAztecstandard bearer, halted II
Ba7cAztecstandard bearer, halted III
Ba8aAztecwarrior in reserve, man with axe [sic: sword]
Ba8bAztecwarrior in reserve, man with spear and shield
Ba8cAztecwarrior in reserve, man with spear
Ba8dAztecwarrior in reserve, man with long sword
Ba9aAztecwarrior in reserve, bowman [standing]
Ba9bAztecwarrior in reserve, man with sword [sic: axe]
Ba9cAztecwarrior in reserve, man with long sword
Ba10aAztecwarrior fighting, man with club
Ba10bAztecwarrior fighting, man with sword
Ba10cAztecwarrior charging, Jaguar warrior
Ba11aAztecleader with heron [head dress]
Ba11bAztecleader charging
Ba11cAztecleader in combat
Ba12aAztecleader with (star) flag charging
Ba12bAztecleader with flag
Ba13aAztecleader with flag running, sword raised
Ba13bAztecleader with crocodile [sic: alligator] head
Ba14aAztecwarrior, hurling spear
Ba14bAztecwarrior, running charge
Ba14cAztecwarrior fighting, Jaguar warrior
Ba15aAztecwarrior, defending with shield
Ba15bAztecwarrior running with spear over head
Ba15cAztecwarrior running with spear raised
Ba31aAztecbowman kneeling firing
Ba31bAztecwarrior standing firing
Ba31cAztecwarrior taking arrow
Ba36aAztecMoctezuma, Aztec ruler on foot
Ba36bAztecCuauhtimotzin (Aztec emperor)
Ba36cAztecHigh Priest on foot
Ba36dAztecenvoy on foot
Ba37aAztecwarrior dead
Ba37bAztecwarrior casualty
169cAztecwarrior dead
170aAztecwarrior falling backwards
170bAztecwarrior fleeing I [looking around]
170cAztecwarrior fleeing II
Bs16aSpanishcavalry walking, trooper with lance
Bs16bSpanishcavalry walking, trooper with lance on shoulder
Bs25aSpanishofficer on foot 1500
Bs25bSpanishdrummer playing 1500
Bs25cSpanishinfantry fallen 1500
Bs26aSpanisharquebusier, firing
Bs26bSpanisharquebusier, loading
Bs26cSpanisharquebusier, halted
Bs27aSpanishcrossbow, kneeling firing
Bs27bSpanishcrossbow, standing, cocking
Bs27cSpanishcrossbow, halted
Bs28aSpanishcharging officer
Bs28bSpanishcharging flag
Bs28cSpanishcharging drummer
Bs29aSpanishsword and buckler, running charge
Bs29bSpanisharquebusier, running [29c on base]
Bs29cSpanishsword and buckler, hacking [29b on base]
Bs30aSpanishpikeman, charging
Bs30bSpanishhalberdier running
Bs30cSpanishpikeman halted
Bs30dSpanishhalberdier halted
Bs32aSpanishartillery, menial I
Bs32bSpanishartillery, menial II
Bs32cSpanishartillery, menial III
Bs33aSpanishCortez, mounted, walking
Bs33bSpanishlancer officer attacking
Bs34aSpanishlancer attacking stabbing deep
Bs34bSpanishlancer attacking lance horizontal
Bs35aSpanishartillery, cannon
Bs35bSpanishartillery, constable
Bs37cSpanishinfantry wounded
Bs38SpanishArtillery group, advancing
Bs39aSpanishinfantry halted, standard
Bs39bSpanishinfantry halted, officer
Bs39cSpanishFather Olmeda [monk]
Bs61aSpanishsword and buckler, man thrusting with sword
Bs61bSpanishsword and buckler, man stabbing with sword
Bs61cSpanishsword and buckler, man with shield up
160aSpanisharquebusier firing, man shooting
160bSpanisharquebusier firing, man loading
160cSpanisharquebusier firing, man advancing
169aSpanishfoot soldier, falling
169bSpanishfoot soldier, dead
194aSpanishheavy cavalry, trooper halted
194bSpanishheavy cavalry, trooper trotting advancing
195aSpanishheavy cavalry, leader halted
195bSpanishheavy cavalry, standard advancing
196aSpanishfoot soldier advancing, lieutenant
196bSpanishfoot soldier advancing, sergeant
196cSpanishfoot soldier advancing standard bearer
197aSpanishpikeman, halted
197bSpanishsword and buckler, man advancing
197cSpanishpikeman, advancing
198aSpanishpikeman, on defence, first rank
198bSpanishpikeman, on defence, third rank
198cSpanisharquebusier, man lying down shooting
199aSpanishpikeman, on defence, second rank
199bSpanishpikeman, on defence, fourth rank
199cSpanisharquebusier, man kneeling shooting
155a Lancer halted, commander with lance on shoulder
155b Lancer halted, standard
156aArquebusierMounted arquebusier in fire fight, commander sword lowered
156bArquebusierMounted arquebusier in fire fight, standard
157aArquebusierMounted arquebusier trotting, trooper trotting
157bArquebusierMounted arquebusier trotting, trooper halted
162aArquebusierFrench Huguenot arquebusier firing, man shooting
162bArquebusierFrench Huguenot arquebusier firing, man loading
162cArquebusierFrench Huguenot arquebusier firing, man halted
163aArquebusierFrench Huguenot arquebusier firing, lieutenant
163bArquebusierFrench Huguenot arquebusier firing, ensign
163cArquebusierFrench Huguenot arquebusier firing, sergeant
180aArquebusierMounted arquebusier in fire fight, trooper shooting
180bArquebusierMounted arquebusier in fire fight, trooper loading
182aArquebusierMounted arquebusier in fire fight, trumpeter
182bArquebusierMounted arquebusier in fire fight, trumpeter
113aDitmarshDitmarshes peasants in combat, Wolf Isebrand
113bDitmarshDitmarshes peasants in combat, leader charging
113cDitmarshDitmarshes peasants in combat, man falling
114aDitmarshDitmarshes peasants in combat, peasant with flag
114bDitmarshDitmarshes peasants in combat, maiden with flag
115aDitmarshDitmarshes peasants in combat, peasant firing Hackbut
115bDitmarshDitmarshes peasants in combat, peasant hacking with battle-axe
115cDitmarshDitmarshes peasants in combat, peasant striking with sword
116aDitmarshDitmarshes peasants fighting, peasant striking with mace
116bDitmarshDitmarshes peasants fighting, peasant striking with two-handed sword
116cDitmarshDitmarshes peasants fighting, peasant running forward with sword
117aDitmarshDitmarshes peasants fighting, peasant stabbing with pike
117bDitmarshDitmarshes peasants fighting, peasant advancing with pike
117cDitmarshDitmarshes peasants fighting, peasant striking with halberd
1111Civilian2-axle wagon
1112CivilianTrace horses
1113aCivilianMerchant foreman
1113bCivilianhis Watchman
1114aCivilianWounded mercenary, on horse
1114bCivilianHis wife
1114cCivilianHis child
1115aCivilianPeasant leading cow
1115bCivilianMonk on donkey
1117aCivilianBeggar with dog
1117bCivilianTownsman going
1117cCivilianWoman going
1118CivilianWoman in sedan-chair
Fairy TaleThe Sleeping Beauty 1520
1107aFairy TaleSleeping Beauty
1107bFairy TaleMother
1107cFairy TaleFather
1107bFairy TalePrince
1108aFairy TaleMounted servant of the Prince I
1108bFairy TaleMounted servant of the Prince II
1108cFairy TaleLady in Castle
1108dFairy TaleWoman in Castle I
1108eFairy TaleWoman in Castle I
1109aFairy TaleThe old woman with the spindle
1109bFairy TaleSleeping guard I
1109cFairy TaleSleeping guard II
1109dFairy TaleSleeping dog
1110aFairy TaleRiding horse I
1110bFairy TaleRiding horse II
CoronationJoan of Arc at the King's Coronation, c.1400
1167a/b/c/dCoronationKnight on foot with pike halted frontal V/VI/VII/VIII
1168a/b/cCoronationKnight on foot with pike halted frontal IX/X/XI
1169a/b/cCoronationKnight on foot with pike halted profile I/II/III
1170a/b/cCoronationKnight on foot with pike halted profile IV/V/VI
1171aCoronationKing's escort halted half profile
1171bCoronationKing's escort halted frontal
1171cCoronationKing's escort halted with cape frontal
1172aCoronationKing's escort halted frontal
1172bCoronationKing's escort halted with overcoat frontal
1172cCoronationKing's escort halted profile
1173a/b/cCoronationWarrior paying homage I/II/III
1174a/b/c/dCoronationKnight on foot with pike halted frontal I/II/III/IV
1175a/b/cCoronationFlag bearer halted I/II/III
1176a/b/cCoronationFlag bearer halted IV/V/VI
1177a/b/cCoronationFlag bearer halted VII/VIII/IX
1178aCoronationFlag bearer halted X
1178b/cCoronationFanfare player I/II
1179a/b/cCoronationFanfare player III/IV/V
1180a/b/cCoronationFanfare player VI/VII/VIII
1181a/b/cCoronationCourt lady sitting I/II/III
1182a/b/cCoronationCourt lady sitting IV/V/VI
1183a/b/c/dCoronationCourt lady sitting VII/VIII/IX/X
1184a/b/c/dCoronationCourt lady sitting XI/XII/XIII/XIV
1186a/b/cCoronationBishop I/II/III
1187a/b/cCoronationBishop IV/V/VI
1189a/b/cCoronationChoir boy I/II/III
1190a/b/cCoronationChoir boy IV/V/VI
1191a/b/c/dCoronationChoir boy VII/VIII/IX/X
1192aCoronationJoan of Arc
1192bCoronationKing kneeling on cushions
1192cCoronationBishop giving benediction
1194a/b/cCoronationNoble people woman standing I/II/III
1195a/b/cCoronationNoble people woman standing IV/V/VI
1196a/b/cCoronationNoble people woman standing VII/VIII/IX
1197aCoronationNoble people woman standing X
1197bCoronationNoble people monk sitting
1197cCoronationNoble people townsman I
1198a/b/cCoronationNoble people townsman II/III/IV
1199a/b/cCoronationNoble people townsman V/VI/VII
2100a/b/cCoronationNoble people townsman VIII/IX/X
2101a/b/cCoronationNoble people townsman XI/XII/XIII
1185Jeanne d'ArcJeanne d'Arc with Sword


Middle Ages

Cannon Groups
(G. Bistulfi)
Cannon Group advancing 1450-80
(G. Bistulfi)
Aztec 1
Aztec 1
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Aztec 2
(G. Bistulfi)
(G. Bistulfi)
King Hans of Denmark
(A. Amorese)
Nobleman Schlenz, Commander of the Black Guard
(A. Amorese)
Lancer attacking, lieutenant drawing pistol
(A. Amorese)
Lancer attacking, standard
(A. Amorese)
German pistol cavalry in fire fight, commander drawing pistol
(A. Amorese)
German pistol cavalry in fire fight, standard
(A. Amorese)
German pistol cavalry in fire fight, loading pistol
(A. Amorese)
German pistol cavalry trotting, trooper halted 1550
(A. Amorese)
Middle Ages
(G. Bistulfi)
(G. Bistulfi)
(G. Bistulfi)
(G. Bistulfi)
(G. Bistulfi)
(G. Bistulfi)
(G. Bistulfi)
(G. Bistulfi)
Lansquenets, Knight
(J. Horan)
Middle Ages 1
Middle Ages 2
Middle Ages 3
Middle Ages 4
Middle Ages 5
2-axle wagon
Jeanne d'Arc.jpg
Joan of Arc
Jeanne d'Arc with Sword
The capture of Joan of Arc
G. Bistulfi
Emperor Maximilian I.
Storm ladder