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Hinsch Series 12: Romans & Germans (15 BC - 350 AD)

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch, Designer: Dr. Maximilian Thies
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Code Description

Roman Soldiery

1aLegionnaire with pilum attacking, frontal
1bLegionnaire with pilum attacking, frontal
1cLegionnaire with pilum attacking, frontal
2aLegionnaire with sword attacking, frontal
2bLegionnaire with sword attacking, frontal
2cLegionnaire with sword attacking, frontal
3aTrumpeter going with trumpet
3bCorun player running, frontal
3cCenturion running, frontal
3dCorun player going, frontal
3eCenturion going, frontal
4aManiple (two centuries) standard, frontal
4bEagle standard, frontal
4cCohort standard, frontal
4dManiple standard, frontal
6aLegionnaire fleeing
6bLegionnaire fleeing
6cLegionnaire fleeing
7aLegionnaire standing in reserve
7bLegionnaire standing in reserve
7cLegionnaire standing in reserve
8aCohort standard in reserve
8bManiple standard in reserve
8cEagle standard in reserve
9aCorun player in reserve
9bTrumpet player in reserve
9cCenturion in reserve
10aPrimipilus, Chief Centurion in reserve
10bCenturion standing in reserve
10cCornu (curved horn) player standing in reserve
11aLegionnaire standing in reserve
11bLegionnaire standing in reserve
11cLegionnaire standing in reserve
12aRoman dismounted cavalry in reserve
12bRoman dismounted cavalry in reserve
12cRoman dismounted cavalry in reserve
13aDismounted cavalry officer in reserve
13bDismounted cavalry standard bearer in reserve
13cDismounted commander's trumpeter in reserve
14aCavalry horse
14bCavalry horse
15aCavalry horse
15cCavalry horse
16aGerman arms bearer for cavalry
16bGerman arms bearer for cavalry
16cGerman arms bearer for cavalry
17aLegionnaire in quick march
17bLegionnaire in quick march
17cLegionnaire in quick march
18aTrumpeter in quick march
18bTrumpeter in quick march
18cTrumpeter in quick march
19aEagle standard in quick march
19bCohort ensign in quick march
19cManiple standard in quick march
20aGerman arms bearer in quick march
20bCenturion 1st rank in quick march
20cCenturion 2nd rank in quick march
21aMoorish arms bearer in quick march
21bLegionnaire in quick march
21cCenturion 2nd rank in quick march

Caecina's Retreat

22aLegionnaire carrying pilums and shield
22bLegionnaire leading wounded back
22cPilum and shield
22dLegionnaire tying up shoe
22eLegionnaire with hurt arm
23aRoman landowner mounted
23bLegionnaire with wounded
23cCavalry with wounded
24aCavalry on the march
24bCavalry on the march
25aLegionnaire with pilums going back
25bLegionnaire with pilums going back
25cLegionnaire with sword going back
26aMounted Tribune
26bCaecina mounted
27aMounted cavalry officer
27bGerman horseman as pathfinder
28Catapult on cart
29Cart with ox team
30Cart with horse team
31aCatapult operator marching
31bCatapult operator marching
31cCarter on the march
31dCarter on the march
31eCarter on the march
32aBaggage horse going
32bBaggage donkey going
33aStandard bearer, ensign bearer for Roman cavalry
33bTrumpeter of Roman cavalry
34aMoorish ensign on the march
34bSarmation ensign on the march
34cSarmation NCO on the march
35aMoorish slinger on the march
35bMoorish slinger on the march
35cSarmatian archer on the march
36aMoorish spear cavalry on the march
36bMoorish spear cavalry on the march
37aMoorish standard bearer on the march
37bMoorish commander's trumpeter on the march
37cMoorish chieftain on the march
38aSarmatian armoured cavalry on the march
38bSarmatian armoured cavalry on the march
39aSarmatian armoured cavalry officer on the march
39bSarmatian armoured cavalry standard on the march
39cSarmatian armoured cavalry trumpeter on the march

Plundering Germans

41bTree stump with shield
41cTree stump with dog
41dContainer lying
42aPot with shield and pack
42bChest with sack
42cPack with shield
43aGerman with captured Maniple standard
43bGerman with captured Cornu (curved horn)
43cDrunk German with captured helmet
44aGerman rummaging
44bGerman drinking from jug
44cGerman carrying container
45aGerman with booty
45bGerman with booty
45cGerman with booty
46aGerman rummaging
46bGerman filling in wine
46cGerman falling over pack
47aGerman pointing while going
47bGerman going with booty
47cGerman going with booty
48aTwo Germans arguing
48bGerman looking at booty
49aGerman strangling Roman
49bGerman leader pulling many by arm
50aFat camp follower going
50bCamp follower dead
50cCamp follower fleeing
50dGerman girl on the arm
51aBound Roman
51bGerman seizing Roman by the neck
52aGerman taking off Roman's shirt
52bGerman with captured laurels
53aDead mule
53bMule standing
54Cart without covering
55German taking away postwagon
56German storming wagon
57German plundering wagon
61aLegionnaire hurling pilum
61bLegionnaire hurling pilum
61cLegionnaire hurling pilum
62aLegionnaire hurling pilum
62bLegionnaire hurling pilum
62cLegionnaire hurling pilum
63aLegionnaire fighting with sword
63bLegionnaire fighting with sword
63cLegionnaire fighting with sword
64aLegionnaire fighting with sword
64bLegionnaire fighting with sword
64cLegionnaire fighting with sword
65aTrumpeter running
65bCenturion with sword
65cCenturion with pilum
66aManiple standard bearer wounded
66bCornu (curved horn) player dropping
66cCenturion dropping
66dCenturion standing
67aEagle standard bearer standing
67bEagle standard bearer standing
67cManiple standard bearer advancing
67dManiple standard bearer going back
68aGerman striking with mace
68bGerman hurling stone
68cGerman striking with sword
69aGerman stabbing backwards
69bGerman striking with sword
69cGerman striking with sword
70aGerman trumpeter advancing
70bGerman commander advancing
70cGerman leader advancing


Caecina's Retreat

Caecina (G.Bistulfi)
Caecina 1
Caecina 2
Caecina 3

Plundering Germans

Plundering Germans 1
Plundering Germans 2
Plundering Germans 3
English Table by Douglas Johnson