OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Flat Tin Figures Kilia



Hinsch Series 52: Second World War 1939-1945

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch
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Code Description
German field artillery firing
1cannon group 1
2cannon group 2
3aGunner with shell
3bGunner with aiming rod
3cGunner with aiming rod
4aGun commander
4bGunner adjusting shell
4cGunner with cartridge
5aOfficer with map
5bOfficer looking through binoculars
5cOfficer frontal
6aOfficer with stereoscope
6bGunner at the aiming circle
6cGunner with telephone
7aDismounted gunner helmet in hand
7bDismounted gunner helmet bent double
7cDismounted gunner helmet sitting
7dDismounted gunner helmet sitting
8aDismounted gunner helmet standing
8bHorse holder with three horses
9Limber with trace horses standing
10Double horse team standing
11aGun commander galloping
11bOfficer galloping
12Double horse team galloping
13Limber with trace horses galloping
1410.5 field gun galloping


Field Artillery

Field Artillery 1
Field Artillery 2
Field Artillery 3
English Table by Douglas Johnson