OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Flat Tin Figures Kilia



Hinsch Series 54: Zoological Garden

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch
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Code Description
1Elephant with keeper, Indian
2aElephant, African
2bYoung elephant
3aKing Penguin on rock
3bPenguin on rock
4Seal on rock
5aPolar bear, standing on hind legs
5bSea lion on rock
6aPolar bear going on rock
6bPolar bear going on rock
8African elephant, bathing
9aKangaroo eating
9bAlligator lying on rock
10aKangaroo with joey
10bYoung hippopotamus in water
12aZebra braying
12bZebra, standing
13aCamel, lying
13bCamel, standing
14aLioness, lying
14bLion, standing
15aLione cub
15bLion cub
16Monkey rock
17Monkey bar
Zoological Garden: Spectacular (Currently not available)
101Heavy iron grille
102Light iron grille
103bZoo Keeper with cart
104aZoo Keeper with hay
104bZoo Keeper standing
104cZoo Keeper, throwing fish
105Heavy wooden fence
106Tree trunk lying
+107Long wall
+108Short wall
+109Row of rocks, lower
+110Small paddling pool
+111aSmall rock
+111bSmall rock
+112Wire netting
+113Rock cave
+114Rock stable
+115Partition rock
+116Gate rock
+117Large paddling pool
+118Stable rock for lion den
+119Side rock for lion den
+120Front corner for cage
+121Centre front for cage
+122Back corner for cage
+124Partition in cage
+125Side for cage
+127Boards for cage
+128Floor for cage
+Building 1
+Building 2
+Building 3
+Building 4