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A Sledge-ride of King John Sobieski of Poland

(from a painting by Joseph Brand)
Series Editor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Vollrath, Designer: L. Madlener, Engraver: H.G. Lecke
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Code Description
VP 1Sledge with King John Sobieski and Queen Maria Cassimere with four trace horses ready
VP 2Crown prince Jablonowski
VP 3Prince Jacob Sobieski
VP 4Marquis de Bethune, French ambassador
VP 5Commander of the Winged Cavalry of the nobility
VP 6Winged Cavalry of the nobility halted, ¾ frontal
VP 7Count ambassador of the emperor
VP 8Polish magnate
VP 9Polish magnate
VP 10Polish magnate
VP 11Winged cavalry of the nobility halted, side view
VP 12Runner with light basket
VP 13Runner with light basket
VP 14Servant in caftan halted with pitch-pan, frontal
VP 15Servant in caftan halted with pitch-pan, side view
VP 16Saluting peasant, combination figure, side
VP 17Saluting peasant, combination figure, frontal



(g. Bistulfi)
English Table by Douglas Johnson