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Triumph of Shapur I over Emperor Valerian

Series Editor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Vollrath; Designer: L. Madlener & Mano Winter; Engraver: H.G. Lecke
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VS 1Shapur I, Emperor of Persia
VS 2His umbrella bearer
VS 3Emperor Valerian, kneeling
VS 4Cyriades the Pretender
VS 5Persian armoured cavalryman (Cataphract) halted
VS 6Persian mounted archer, halted
VS 7Persian mounted archer, halted
VS 8Persian mounted archer
VS 9Persian armoured cavalryman (Cataphract) lance resting on the ground
VS 10Persian armoured cavalryman (Cataphract) nearly frontal
VS 11Surenas, Parthian leader, mounted
VS 12Parthian, leading riding horse
VS 13Imperial standard bearer on rearing horse
VS 13aseparate standard for soldering on
VS 14Parthian cavalry in combat, bow drawn ¾ frontal
VS 15Parthian cavalry in combat, bow eased, nearly frontal
VS 16Parthian cavalry in combat, facing backwards, ¾ frontal
VS 17Parthian cavalry in combat falling
VS 18Persian carrying booty, with bowl
VS 19Persian carrying booty, with cup and ring
VS 20Persian carrying booty, with sack
VS 21Roman foot soldier halted, with leather armour, unarmed
VS 22Roman foot soldier halted, but with scale armour and helmet
VS 23Roman foot soldier halted, but with leather armour and helmet
VS 24Roman foot soldier halted, with leather armour, delivering sword
VS 25aRoman, soldier in clasp armour, putting down pilum
VS 25bHeap of pilum
VS 26Group: Persian pigeon post office: three men with basket and flying messenger pigeons as well as dragon ensign
VS 27Group: Camel with tent on its back, with two Persian ladies peeking through an opening in its side.
VS 28Camel holder on foot
VS 29Group: Camel with load of arrows profile
VS 29aMan distributing arrows
VS 30Persian cavalryman nearly frontal halted, bending over in front, right arm outstretched receiving load of arrows
VS 31Musician on camel, kettle drummer
VS 32Musician on camel, horn player
VS 33Camel with women's tent, ¾ frontal, and leader
VS 34Princess
VS 35Court lady
VS 36Court lady
VS 37Persian bowman on foot, halted, frontal
VS 38Persian spearman on foot, halted, ¾ frontal
VS 39Persian with travelling wagon of the Roman Emperor


Roman Legionnaires in Defensive Fight at Carrhae, 53 BC

Series Editor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Vollrath; Designer: Mano Winter; Engraver: H.G. Lecke
VC 1Marcus Licinius Crassus, Triumvir, commander-in-chief
VC 2Gaius Cassius Longinus, Military Tribune
VC 3Maniple standard bearer, Signifer
VC 4Eagle standard bearer, Aquilifer
VC 5Trumpet player, Cornu (large curved horn)
VC 6Trumpeter, Bucina (crooked horn)
VC 7Centurion with sword
VC 8Legionnaire with pilum
VC 9Legionnaire with pilum raised to strike or throw
VC 10Legionnaire kneeling
VC 11Legionnaire hand reaching
VC 12Wounded legionnaire raising hand
VC 13Dead legionnaire lying on the bridge
VC 14Dead legionnaire lying on the ground


Caesar Bridging the Rhine at Neuwied, 55 BC

Series Editor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Vollrath; Designer: L. Madlener & Mano Winter; Engraver: H.G. Lecke
VR 1Ramming raft with four men
VR 2Bridge yoke
VR 3Breakwater
VR 4Military tribune with Phalerae (decoration)
VR 5The leading engineer Mammura, knight from Formia, Praedectus fabrum
VR 6Mensor (measuring assistant) with Groma (Goniometer)
VR 7Two legionnaires carrying log
VR 8Two legionnaires shifting log
VR 9Two carpenters, sawing log
VR 10Sawhorse with log
VR 11German carpenter
VR 12Three Germans rolling trunk (ramming stakes)
VR 13Ramming stakes lying
VR 14Ox team pulling trunk
VR 15German oxen driver
VR 16German with shovel
VR 17German carrying basket of stones
VR 18German emptying basket of stones
VR 19Legionnaire frontal, halted, helmet in hand
VR 20Legionnaire, profile, halted
VR 21Shield with pilum, helmet, sword lying on top
VR 22Legionnaire with baggage, marching, ¾ front



Shapur (factory painting)
Shapur (factory painting)
Caesar Bridging the Rhine 1
Caesar Bridging the Rhine 2
Caesar Bridging the Rhine 3
Caesar Bridging the Rhine 4
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