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Napoleon: Russia

Engravers: H.L.-Hans Lecke; L.F.-Ludwig Frank; S.M.-Sixtus Maier; W.S.-William Sambeth; o.S.-without Signature
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Code Type Description Engr
Jr 7aCavalryCuirassier attacking officerL.F.
Jr 7bCavalryCuirassier attacking trumpeterL.F.
Jr 8aCavalryCuirassier in reserve trooper on outpost duty
Jr 8bCavalryCuirassier in reserve trooper in reserve
Jr 9aCavalryCuirassier in reserve officerL.F.
Jr 9bCavalryCuirassier in reserve trumpeterL.F.
Jr 10aCavalryCuirassier attacking trooper IL.F.
Jr 10bCavalryCuirassier attacking trooper IIL.F.
Jr 38aCavalryHussars attacking officerL.F.
Jr 38bCavalryHussars attacking trumpeterL.F.
Jr 39aCavalryHussars attacking lowered lanceL.F.
Jr 39bCavalryHussars attacking trooper with sabreL.F.
Jr 40aArtilleryFoot Artillery firing officerW.S.
Jr 40bArtilleryFoot Artillery firing drummerW.S.
Jr 40cArtilleryFoot Artillery firing officer with drawn swordW.S.
Jr 41aArtilleryFoot Artillery firing gunner with matchW.S.
Jr 41bArtilleryFoot Artillery firing gunner with spongeW.S.
Jr 41cArtilleryFoot Artillery firing gunner aimingW.S.
Jr 42aArtilleryFoot Artillery firing gunner with pouchW.S.
Jr 42bArtilleryFoot Artillery firing gunner frontalW.S.
Jr 42cArtilleryFoot Artillery firing gunner marching
Jr 43aCavalryDragoon attacking officerW.S.
Jr 43bCavalryDragoon attacking trumpeterW.S.
Jr 44aCavalryDragoon attacking trooper hackingW.S.
Jr 44bCavalryDragoon attacking trooper fightingW.S.
Jr 45aCavalryDragoon attacking trooper stabbingW.S.
Jr 45bCavalryDragoon attacking trooper advancingW.S.
Jr 46aArtilleryFoot Artillery firing gunner advancing with pouchW.S.
Jr 46bArtilleryFoot Artillery firing gunner with crowbarW.S.
Jr 46cArtilleryFoot Artillery firing gun commanderW.S.
Jr 47aInfantryLine Infantry firing mounted officer halted
Jr 47bInfantryLine Infantry firing mounted officer walking
Jr 48aInfantryLine Infantry firing officerW.S.
Jr 48bInfantryLine Infantry firing drummerW.S.
Jr 48cInfantryLine Infantry firing flagW.S.
Jr 49aInfantryLine Infantry firing man shootingW.S.
Jr 49bInfantryLine Infantry firing man reaching into cartridge pouchW.S.
Jr 49cInfantryLine Infantry firing man loadingW.S.
Jr 50aInfantryLine Infantry attacking officerW.S.
Jr 50bInfantryLine Infantry attacking flagW.S.
Jr 50cInfantryLine Infantry attacking drummerW.S.
Jr 51aInfantryLine Infantry attacking man gun loweredW.S.
Jr 51bInfantryLine Infantry attacking man gun diagonalW.S.
Jr 51cInfantryLine Infantry attacking man advancing support armsW.S.
Jr 52aInfantryLine Infantry attacking officer fallingW.S.
Jr 52bInfantryLine Infantry attacking soldier fallingW.S.
Jr 52cInfantryLine Infantry attacking soldier lying woundedW.S.
Jr 72aInfantryLine Infantry without overcoat man advancing
Jr 72bInfantryLine Infantry without overcoat man halted
Jr 72cInfantryLine Infantry without overcoat man marching
Jr 73aInfantryLine Infantry in overcoat with plume man advancing
Jr 73bInfantryLine Infantry in overcoat with plume man halted
Jr 73cInfantryLine Infantry in overcoat with plume man marching
Jr 96aStaff Bennigsen
Jr 96bStaff Wittgenstein
Jr 97aStaffRussian General, haltedL.F.
Jr 97bStaffRussian General Staff Officer, haltedL.F.
Jr 101aStaffCzar AlexanderL.F.
Jr 101bStaffRussian General Staff Officer, gallopingL.F.
Jr 102aStaffRussian General Prince Eugene of WurttembergL.F.
Jr 102bStaffRussian Cossack general's horse-holder, haltedL.F.
JM 34LancersLancers advancing officer
JM 35LancersLancers advancing bugler
JM 36LancersLancers advancing trooper I
JM 65StaffRussian General Staff, Staff Quartermaster with hat
JM 66StaffRussian General Staff, Adjutant (Dragoon or Lancer)
JM 67StaffRussian General Staff, Adjutant (Hussar), staff trumpeter
JM 71InfantryInfantry in overcoat charging flag
JM 71InfantryInfantry in overcoat advancing, drum major
JM 73InfantryInfantry in overcoat charging drummer
JM 74InfantryInfantry in overcoat charging fifer
JM 75InfantryInfantry in overcoat charging mounted officer
JM 76InfantryInfantry in overcoat charging officer on foot
JM 77InfantryInfantry in overcoat advancing man support arms
JM 78InfantryInfantry in overcoat advancing man gun over shoulder
JM 79InfantryInfantry in overcoat advancing man with slung musket
JM 80InfantryInfantry in overcoat advancing man shoulder arms
JM 81InfantryInfantry in overcoat charging man gun lowered
JM 82InfantryInfantry in overcoat charging man support arms, frontal
JM 83InfantryInfantry in overcoat advancing trumpeter
JM 84InfantryInfantry in overcoat advancing officer
JM 86CuirassierCuirassier in trotting charge officer
JM 87CuirassierCuirassier in trotting charge bugler
JM 88CuirassierCuirassier in trotting charge trooper I
JM 89CuirassierCuirassier in trotting charge trooper II
JM 104DragoonsDragoon trotting half right standard
JM 105DragoonsDragoon trotting half right bugler
JM 106DragoonsDragoon trotting half right officer
JM 108DragoonsDragoon trotting half right trooper I
JM 109DragoonsDragoon trotting half right trooper II
JM 110RiflemanMounted rifleman trotting, trooper I
JM 111RiflemanMounted rifleman trotting, trooper II
JM 11RiflemanMounted rifleman trotting, officer
JM 113RiflemanMounted rifleman trotting, bugler
JM 123LancersLancers advancing trooper II
567aGrenadierGuard grenadier in overcoat attacking man gun loweredW.S.
567bGrenadierGuard grenadier in overcoat attacking man gun diagonalW.S.
567cGrenadierGuard grenadier in overcoat attacking man chargingW.S.
568aGrenadierGuard grenadier in overcoat attacking officer
568bGrenadierGuard grenadier in overcoat attacking flag
568cGrenadierGuard grenadier in overcoat attacking drummer
569aCavalryHussars in reserve officerW.S.
569bCavalryHussars in reserve trumpeterW.S.
570aCavalryHussars in reserve trooper with lanceW.S.
570bCavalryHussars in reserve trooper with sabreW.S.
571aCavalryLancers attacking officerW.S.
571bCavalryLancers attacking trumpeterW.S.
572aCavalryLancers attacking trooper lowered lanceW.S.
572bCavalryLancers attacking trooper lance on thighW.S.
585aCavalryRussian Lancer standard, attacking
585bCavalryRussian Lancer standard, halted
587bCavalryLancers attacking falling trooper
1511aCossacksRegular Cossacks attacking officer
1511bCossacksRegular Cossacks attacking trumpeter
1512aCossacksRegular Cossacks attacking lowered lance
1512bCossacksRegular Cossacks attacking diagonal
1542aCavalryMounted rifleman attacking down
1542bCavalryMounted rifleman attacking trumpeter
1543aCavalryMounted rifleman attacking sabre forward
1543bCavalryMounted rifleman attacking officer
1544aCavalryMounted rifleman in combat officer
1544bCavalryMounted rifleman in combat trumpeter
1545aCavalryMounted rifleman in combat shooting
1545bCavalryMounted rifleman in combat loading
1546aCavalryMounted rifleman in combat halted
1546bCavalryMounted rifleman in combat trotting
1593CossacksRussian Cossack horse holder group
1597aStaffRussian Staff, mounted Adjutant, halted
1597bStaffRussian Staff, General on foot, halted
1597cStaffRussian Staff, Hussar Staff Officer on foot, halted
1598aStaffRussian Staff, General on foot (staff map in snow)
1598bStaffRussian Staff, Cossack Officer on foot, halted
1598cStaffRussian Staff, General long trousers, halted, on foot
1598dStaffRussian Staff, Adjutant on foot
2539aCavalryHussars trotting half profile officer
2539bCavalryHussars trotting half profile trumpeter
2540aCavalryHussars trotting half profile with lance
2540bCavalryHussars trotting half profile without lance
2546aCossacksGuard Cossacks halted officer
2546bCossacksGuard Cossacks trotting officer
2547aCossacksGuard Cossacks trotting trooper lance at the front
2547bCossacksGuard Cossacks trotting trooper lance at the back
2548aCossacksGuard Cossacks halted trooper lance raised
2548bCossacksGuard Cossacks halted trooper lance diagonal
2553aCossacksCossacks artillery horse half frontal
2553bCossacksCossacks artillery horse grazing to the side
2559aCossacksCossacks artillery officer
2559bCossacksCossacks artillery dead
2559cCossacksCossacks artillery wounded
2560aCossacksCossacks artillery gun commander
2560bCossacksCossacks artillery gunner with sponge
2560cCossacksCossacks artillery gunner with match
2560dCossacksCossacks artillery gunner aiming
2561aCossacksCossacks artillery gunner with shell pouch
2561bCossacksCossacks artillery gunner frontal
2561cCossacksCossacks artillery gunner profile
2561dCossacksCossacks artillery horse holder frontal
2561eCossacksCossacks artillery horse holder profile
2562aCossacksCossacks artillery horse standing
2562bCossacksCossacks artillery horse grazing
2563aCossacksCossacks artillery side horse frontal
2563bCossacksCossacks artillery side horse grazing
2566CossacksCossacks artillery baggage train walking
2567aCossacksCossacks artillery front trace horse without rider halted
2567bCossacksCossacks artillery rear trace horse without rider halted
2568aCossacksCossacks artillery trotting front trace horse
2568bCossacksCossacks artillery trotting rear trace horse
2569aCossacksCossacks artillery trotting officer
2569bCossacksCossacks artillery trotting gun commander
2570aCossacksCossacks artillery trotting gunner I
2570bCossacksCossacks artillery trotting gunner II
2580CavalryRussian Hussar horse holder group
2583aCossacksRussian Cossack Hetman, charging
2583bCossacksRussian Cossack Adjutant, charging
2584aCossacksRussian Cossack Hetman, halted
2584bCossacksRussian Cossack Adjutant, halted
3505aCossacksIrregular Cossacks on outpost duty
3505bCossacksIrregular Bashkir Cossacks fighting
3519aPioneersPioneers in action officer
3519bPioneersPioneers in action halted man at attention
3519cPioneersPioneers in action man shovelling
3520aPioneersPioneers in action man steadying stake
3520bPioneersPioneers in action man shovelling
3520cPioneersPioneers in action wood cutter
3521aPioneersPioneers in action man carrying plank
3521bPioneersPioneers in action man pounding stake
3538aCavalryRussian Hussar standard, halted
3538bCavalryRussian Dragoon standard, halted
3543aInfantryGuard grenadier in overcoat charging mounted officer
3543bInfantryGuard grenadier in overcoat charging mounted officer halted
3544aInfantryGuard grenadier in overcoat halted officer
3544bInfantryGuard grenadier in overcoat halted flag
3544cInfantryGuard grenadier in overcoat halted drummer
3545aInfantryGuard grenadier in overcoat firing man standing shooting
3545bInfantryGuard grenadier in overcoat firing man loading
3545cInfantryGuard grenadier in overcoat firing man kneeling shooting
3546aInfantryGuard grenadier in overcoat advancing man support arms
3546bInfantryGuard grenadier in overcoat advancing man marching
3546cInfantryGuard grenadier in overcoat advancing man halted
3549bCavalryRussian Hussar standard, galloping
3594aCavalryDragoons trotting officer
3594bCavalryDragoons trotting bugler
3595aCavalryDragoons trotting trooper I
3595bCavalryDragoons trotting trooper II
4501aInfantryInfantry in overcoat firing, mounted officer
4501bInfantryInfantry in overcoat firing, mounted officer walking
4502aInfantryInfantry in overcoat firing, officer on foot
4502bInfantryInfantry in overcoat firing, drummer
4502cInfantryInfantry in overcoat firing, flag
4503aInfantryInfantry in overcoat firing, man standing shooting
4503bInfantryInfantry in overcoat firing, man reaching in cartridge pouch
4503cInfantryInfantry in overcoat firing, man loading
4504aInfantryInfantry in overcoat charging, foot officer
4504bInfantryInfantry in overcoat charging, drummer
4504cInfantryInfantry in overcoat charging, flag
4505aInfantryInfantry in overcoat charging, man running with gun lowered
4505bInfantryInfantry in overcoat charging, man with gun diagonal
4505cInfantryInfantry in overcoat charging, man advancing gun right


Napoleon: Russia

Alexander I.
(G. Bistulfi)
Russ. Staff
(H. Knecht)
Russian Cavalry
(G. Bistulfi)
Russian Guard Grenadiers
Russian Cossacks
(G. Bistulfi)
Russian Cossacks
(G. Bistulfi)
Russian Chariot
G. Bistulfi
Lancers, Cossacks, Hussars
Mauke Figures 1
Mauke Figures 2