OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Flat Tin Figures Kilia



Hinsch Series 3: Bronze Age, 1800-800 BC

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch
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Code Description
1Smelting furnace with three men
2aTwo men sorting ore
2bTwo men carrying smelting pot
3aMan telling
3bMan forging
3cMan examining sword
4aThree men by the forge
4bMan pouring
5aSmelting furnace with two men
5bMaster dealer handing over jewelry
6aDealer with jewelry box
6bMan with wheel casing
6cWoman standing
7aMan with jewelry basket
7bMan filing sword
7cMan rolling up jewelry
8aGrandmother with child
8bMother with daughter
8cMan sitting with dog
8dDog standing
8eWoman with child
9aMan examining sword
9bMan looking at dagger
9cMan carrying piece of ore
9dMan with ladle
10aMan engraving large trumpet mould
10bMan fashioning large trumpet core
10cMan at the small casting furnace
11aMan with large trumpet
11bMan with large trumpet
11cMan with bellows
12aPhoenician leader
12bPhoenician dealer
12cPhoenician dealer
13aPhoenician escort
13bPhoenician escort
13cGaul interpreter
14aGaul horse driver standing
14bGaul horse driver sitting
14cGaul horse driver sitting
15aDonkey loaded with weapons
15bMuzzled donkey, baggage animal
15cMuzzled donkey, baggage animal
16aHorse, riding animal
16bMule, riding animal
17aLoaded horse
17bMan taking load from horse
17cMan on horse
18aAssistant with woman
18bWoman with child
18cWoman with child
18eAssistant kneeling with sack
19aTwo men examining swords
19bMan with swords
Chariot Race
20Chariot racing
21Chariot racing
22Chariot plunging
23Cart standing
24aHorse holder
24bMan pulling racing chariot
25aMan running
25bMann running with wheel hub
25cMan with both arms raised
26aMan catching head covering
26bMan shouting encouragement
26cMan with battle-axe
27a/b/cMan as spectator/Man as spectator/Man as spectator
28a/b/cMan as spectator/Man as spectator/Man as spectator
29aWoman holding hands before her face
29bWoman being startled
29cWoman shouting encouragement
30a/b/cWoman as spectator/Woman as spectator/Woman as spectator
31aWoman with child
31b/cWoman standing/Woman standing
32a/bChild standing/child standing
32c/dChild running/Child running
32e/fChild standing/Child standing
Field Procession
33bSun cart
35aTrumpet player
35bTrumpet player
35cWoman with child
36aMan standing on the track, signalling
36bMan standing on the track, with sun disk
36cMan standing on the track, with battle-axe
37aMan in the course, with battle-axe
37b/cMan in the course with spear/Man in the course with spear
38aWomen in the course
38bYouth in the course
38cYoung woman in the course
38dMan in the course
39aSmall wattle fence
39bLarge wattle fence
41Small houses as workshops


Forge, Bartering, Field Procession

Field Procession