OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Tin Figures Kilia




Series Editor: Otto Gottstein; Engraver: Ludwig Frank
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The Treasure in the Silver Lake

Km 1a Big Wolf
Km 1b Utah chieftain mounted
Km 2a Utah horseman with bow shooting
Km 2b Utah horseman with lance
Km 3a Long Davy
Km 3b Dicker Jemmy
Km 4a Old Shatterhand
Km 4b Old Shatterhand and Winnetou
Km 5a Winnetou shooting
Km 5b Winnetou halted
Km 5c Old Firehand
Km 6a Aunt Droll
Km 6b Plane Frank
Km 6c Uncle Grunstrick
Km 6d Hobbling Bill
Km 7 Camp scene
Km 8a Good Son
Km 8b Big and Little Bear
Km 9a Navajo Indian kneeling
Km 9b Navajo Indian standing
Km 9c Navajo Indian running with message
Km 10a Utah Indian kneeling
Km 10b Utah Indian standing
Km 10c Utah Indian with axe charging
Km 11a Utah Indian scalping white man
Km 11b Utah Indian creeping up
Km 11c White man tied to a stake
Km 12 Indian tent

Through the Desert

Km 13a Kara ben Nemzi mounted, shooting
Km 13b Kara ben Nemzi mounted, shooting
Km 14a Kara ben Nemzi mounted, walking
Km 14b Hadji Halef Omar mounted walking
Km 15a Sheikh Mohamed Amin Allah calling
Km 15b Arab mounted leader, in combat
Km 16a Arab horseman with sword in combat
Km 16b Arab horseman with sword shooting flintlock
Km 17a Arab horseman stabbing with lance
Km 17b Arab horseman lance lowered
Km 18a Arab horseman with flintlock walking
Km 18b Arab horseman halted with lance
Km 19a Arab camel rider trotting
Km 19b Arab camel rider halted
Km 20a Camel lying
Km 20b Camel grazing
Km 21a Kara ben Nemzi on foot
Km 21b Lord Lindsay on foot
Km 21c Sheikh Ahmad el-Kandur on foot
Km 22a Arab shooting from behind a hill
Km 22b Arab standing shooting
Km 22c Arab standing loading
KM 22d Arab shooting from behind a camel NEW
Km 23a Arab with sword and dagger running
Km 23b Arab with dagger
Km 23c Arab shooting pistol
Km 24a Arab with flintlock halted
Km 24b Arab marching
Km 24c Arab with lance and shield
Km 25a Kara ben Nemsi and Mohamed Amin sitting
Km 25b Child playing
Km 25c Dog
Km 26a Woman carrying water
Km 26b Woman holding out hands to give
Km 26c Youth running
Km 27a Arab greeting, frontal
Km 27b Arab greeting, profile
Km 27c Sheikh Zedar ben Huli as a prisoner
Km 28 Arab tent


Karl May:
The Treasure in the Silver Lake

The Treasure in the Silver Lake
The Treasure in the Silver Lake
The Treasure in the Silver Lake
The Treasure in the Silver Lake
The Treasure in the Silver Lake
Indian Tent

Through the Desert

Through the Desert 1
Through the Desert 2
KM22d, Arab shooting behind a Camel
(M. Gerstenhauer)
Through the Desert 3
Through the Desert 4
Through the Desert 5
Through the Desert 6
Through the Desert