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Masked Ball in Bonner Castle, c.1755

‘Splendour of Rococo and Baroque Theatre’

Series Editor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Vollrath, Designer: Mano Winter, Engraver: H.G. Lecke
Painting Instructions (.pdf in German)
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Code Description
Conference Figures
WV 1Elector Clemens August of Cologne in Hungarian costume
WV 2His lapdog
WV 3Electoress Anna Antonia of Bavaria née Princess of Saxony, niece of the Elector
WV 4Mask in domino
WV 5Lady in hoop skirt and mask
WV 6Group of four dancers in Russian costume
Figures for the Commedia dell'arte
WV 7Scaramouch
WV 8Colombine
WV 9Harlequin
WV 10Dancer Barberina as Zerbinetta
WV 11Pantalone
WV 12Captain
WV 13Man in Hungarian costume
WV 14Lady in Hungarian costume
WV 15Mask in Venetian costume
WV 16Lady masquerading with fan and hat
WV 17Lady in domino
WV 18Lady unmasked
WV 19Man in domino
WV 20Man in Chinese costume
WV 21Lady in Chinese costume
WV 22Servant with tray and glasses
WV 23Court orchestra conductor Gottwald at the harpsichord
WV 24Violinist sitting, side view
WV 24aMusic stand with two candlesticks, side view
WV 25Violinist sitting, frontal
WV 25aMusic stand with two candlesticks, frontal
WV 26Violoncellist sitting
WV 27Contrabassist, standing
WV 28Transverse flautist, sitting
WV 29Bassoonist
WV 30French hornist, sitting
WV 31aChandelier
WV 31bStool
Figures for the Opera
WV 32Prim 'Uomo,Leading man
WV 33Primadonna, Leading lady
WV 34Singer (Love as deus ex machina)
Suitable cloud machinery (Temple of Love) to paint, cut out, and paste on
WV 35Lady, sitting, frontal
WV 36Lady, sitting, turned to the right
WV 37Lady, sitting, turned to the left
WV 38Gentleman, sitting, frontal
WV 39Gentleman, sitting, turned to the right
WV 40Gentleman, sitting, turned to the left
WV 41Gentleman, standing, with stick, frontal
WV 42Gentleman, standing, profile
WV 43Dancing pair (Don Juan)
WV 44Dancing pair (Donna Elvira)
WV 45Dancing pair (Masette)
WV 46Dancing pair (Zerline)
WV 47Ballet dancer
WV 48Ballerina


Masked Ball

Masked Ball, G.Bistulfi)
Masked Ball, G.Bistulfi)
Masked Ball, G.Bistulfi)
Masked Ball, G.Bistulfi)
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