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Coronation Procession of Maximilian I at Aachen, 9 April 1486

Series Editor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Vollrath, Designer: Mano Winter, Engraver: H.G. Lecke
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Code Description
VK 1Maximilian 1st in Roman coronation robes, the train carried by the Duke of Geldern, Karl of Egmont, and Margrave Christopher of Baden
VK 2aEmperor Frederick III, train carried by Christopher Schenk of Limburg
VK 3aMartin Pollheim with the Archduke's hat
VK 4John II of Baden, Archbishop of Treves, Archchancellor of Burgundy in the Pontificate
VK 5Herman of Hesse, Archbishop of Cologne, Archchancellor for Germany dressed as an Elector
VK 6Berthold of Henneberg, Archbishop of Mainz, Archchancellor for Germany dressed as an Elector
VK 7Duke Ernst of Saxony, Archmarshal dressed as an Elector with the imperial sword
VK 8Palatinate Count Philip of the Rhine, Chief of the Imperial Household, dressed as an Elector with the imperial orb
VK 9Frederick of Zollern, Bishop-designate of Augsburg
VK 10Schenk of Weinsberg with the imperial sceptre, representative of both the Elector of Brandenburg and the imperial treasurer
VK 11Noble boy with coat of arms I
VK 12Noble boy with coat of arms II
VK 13Noble boy with coat of arms III
VK 14The imperial herald
VK 15Maximilian's Hungarian soldier with targe (small shield) and spear walking
VK 16Maximilian's Hungarian soldier with targe and spear standing frontal
VK 17Charles de Croy, Count of Chimay, in dress of the Order of the Golden Fleece
VK 18The Cardinal-legat for Germany
VK 19The Bishop of Cambray
VK 20The Abbot of Cornel cathedral
VK 21Duke John of Cleves
VK 22Duke William of J├╝lich and Berg
VK 23Engelbert II, of Nassau-Breda
VK 24The Count of Werdenberg
VK 25Standard bearer, frontal
VK 26Municipal bodyguard, halted I
VK 27Municipal bodyguard, halted II
VK 28Fanfare player
VK 29Councilman of Aachen
VK 30The Mayor of Aachen
VK 31Townswoman
VK 32Townsman
VK 33Patrician woman
VK 34Patrician young man
VK 35Patrician young woman
VK 36The Grand Master of the High Order of German Knights
VK 37Comthur of the Order of the Knights of St. George at Wiener-Neustadt
VK 38Dr. John Reuchlin, Councillor to the Count of Wurtemberg
VK 39Servant with mule and money bags
VK 40Servant tossing coronation coins
VK 41War servant with halbard
VK 42Man of the people saluting (24 combination options)
VK 43Servant tossing money
VK 44Man of the people, catching coin with cap
VK 45Man of the people picking up coin from the ground
VK 46Woman of the people with basket
VK 47Woman of the people with basket and jug
VK 48Young nobleman
VK 49Young noblewoman
VK 50Ox on spit with kitchen hand
VK 51Kitchen master
VK 52Hereditary marshal Sigmund von Pappenheim mounted
VK 53Duke Albert of Saxony
VK 54Count Oswald of Thierstein
VK 55Young man saluting
VK 56Townsman profile
VK 57Man of the people frontal
VK 58Noble young woman with lace bonnet (Hennin)
VK 59Nobel young woman with round bonnet
VK 60Nobel young woman with horn bonnet
VK 61Nobel young woman with turban bonnet
VK 62Master organ builder
VK 63Money changer
VK 64Pauper
VK 65Pauper waiting for meat I
VK 66Pauper waiting for meat II
VK 67Small townsperson with jug
VK 68Man with apron and jug
VK 69Wine drinker
VK 70Drunk
VK 71Youth standing
VK 72Youth running
VK 73Youth standing with stick
VK 74Cutpurse and rich townsman
VK 75Man of the people standing, running or saluting (combination)
VK 76Councilman standing
VK 77Young nobleman in short coat, standing
VK 78Burgundian nobleman with cane
VK 79Fountain of wine with the imperial eagle
VK 79aYoung man with pot
VK 79bYoung man with bucket
VK 80Pauper catching meat
VK 81Flagstaff with flag
VK 82Street ballader with hurdy-gurdy
VK 83Young man with young woman saluting
VK 84Couple I
VK 85Couple II
VK 86Young man with young woman on horse walking
VK 87Young man with boy on horse, halted
VK 88Councilman and crown guard from Nuremberg with container for the imperial crown
VK 89Young noble girl
VK 90Young nobelwoman


Coronation Procession

Maximilian (Douchkin)
Maximilian backside (Douchkin)
Maximilian 1
Maximilian 2
Maximilian 3
Maximilian 4
English Table by Douglas Johnson