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Firebrigade c.1920

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Code Description
Td 10Fire Brigade fire engine, with Team
Td 11Fire Brigade hook and ladder engine, driving
Td 12Fire Brigade fire engine, driving
Td 13Fire Brigade hook and ladder engine, in action
Td 14aFireman running with hydrant
Td 14bFireman using hydrant
Td 14cFireman holding mouth of hose squirting water
Td 15aFireman running with ladder
Td 15bFireman running with axe
Td 15cFireman striking with axe
Td 16aFireman going with gasmask and oxygen apparatus
Td 16bFireman on ladder with axe
Td 16cFireman on ladder
Td 17aFireman running without equipment
Td 17bFireman going without equipment
Td 17cFireman standing without equipment
Td 18aFireman with arm outstretched
Td 18bFireman bending down seizing something
Td 18cFireman with hand-held fire extinguisher
Te 19aFireman waving
Td 19bFireman blowing whistle
Td 19cFireman standing
Td 19dFireman pointing
Td 54aFour-wheeled hand pump for fire brigade
Td 55aTwo-wheeled motor pump for fire brigade
Td 55bHose cart for fire brigade
Td 56Three different ladders for fire brigade