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Second Schleswig War, 1864

Engravers: S.M.-Sixtus Meier - SM, Dr Egon Krannich - EK
some rediscovered (SM) and new forms (EK)
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Code Type Description Engrav
Prussians SM
Mp 1a Prussia Infantry in firing line, officer kneeling
Mp 1b Prussia Infantry in line of fire, trumpeter stooping forward
Mp 1c Prussia Infantry in firing line, flag kneeling
Mp 2a Prussia Infantry standing firing
Mp 2b Prussia Infantry lying, loading
Mp 2c Prussia Infantry lying, firing
Mp 3a Prussia Infantry. drummer running
Mp 3b Prussia Infantry. with flag
Mp 3c Prussia Officer. running with pistol and saber
Mp 4a Prussia Infantry. attacking
Mp 4b Prussia Infantry. attacking
Mp 4c Prussia Infantry. attacking
Mp 5a Prussia Infantry. knieling wounded
Mp 5b Prussia Infantry. standing wounded
Mp 5c Prussia Infantry. lying wounded
Danes Infantry in coat (front and back side) EK
D 1 Danes Man standing in the fire
D 2 Danes Man loading
D 3 Danes Man kneeling in the fire
D 5 Danes Flag bearer
D 6 Danes Horn player
D 4 Danes Officer
D 7 Danes Man in defense with knapsack
D 8 Danes Man in defense without a knapsack
D 9 Danes Man wounded


Second Schleswig War, 1864

Prussians 1
Prussians 2
Danish Soldiers