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Franco-German War, 1870-71

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Code Type Description
Op 1aPrussiainfantry in fire fight staff officer walking
Op 1bPrussiainfantry in fire fight mounted captain halted
Op 2aPrussiainfantry halted lieutenant
Op 2bPrussiainfantry halted flag
Op 2cPrussiainfantry halted bugler
Op 3aPrussiainfantry halted firing man loading
Op 3bPrussiainfantry halted man standing firing
Op 3cPrussiainfantry halted man kneeling firing
Op 6aPrussiaCuirassiers attacking officer
Op 6bPrussiaCuirassiers attacking trumpeter
Op 7aPrussiaCuirassiers attacking trooper
Op 7bPrussiaCuirassiers attacking lancer
Op 8aPrussialancers officer
Op 8bPrussialancers trumpeter
Op 15aPrussiaDragoon attacking officer
Op 15bPrussiaDragoon attacking trumpeter
Op 16aPrussiaDragoon attacking trooper
Op 16bPrussiaHussars attacking trooper
Op 17aPrussiaHussars attacking officer
Op 17bPrussiaHussars attacking trumpeter
Op 35aPrussiafield artillery firing officer looking through binoculars
Op 35bPrussiafield artillery firing trumpeter
Op 36aPrussiafield artillery firing gun commander standing
Op 36bPrussiafield artillery firing gunner halted frontal
Op 36cPrussiafield artillery firing gunner halted profile
Op 37aPrussiafield artillery firing gunner with sponge horizontal
Op 37bPrussiafield artillery firing gunner falling
Op 37cPrussiafield artillery firing gunner pulling (lanyard)
Op 38aPrussiafield artillery firing cannon
Op 38bPrussiafield artillery horse
Op 39aPrussiafield artillery cannon with aimer
Op 40Prussiafield artillery limber with trace horse in shaft
Op 41Prussiafield artillery double trace horses
Op 42aPrussiafield artillery gunner reaching for crowbar
Op 42bPrussiafield artillery gunner with sponge upright
Op 42cPrussiafield artillery gunner halted with shell
Op 43aPrussiaCuirassiers trooper falling
Op 43bPrussialancers fallen trooper
Op 44aPrussiainfantry, man falling forward
Op 44bPrussiainfantry, man lying wounded
Op 45aPrussiaCuirassiers trotting, trooper trotting, drawn sabre
Op 45bPrussiaDragoon trotting, trooper trotting, drawn sabre
Op 46aPrussiaCuirassiers trotting, Officer trotting
Op 46bPrussiaCuirassiers trotting, trumpeter
Op 47aPrussiaDragoon trotting, officer
Op 47bPrussiaDragoon trotting, trumpeter
Op 49aPrussiaHussars trotting, officer
Op 49bPrussiaHussars trotting, trumpeter
Op 50aPrussiaHussars trotting, trooper
Op 50bPrussialancers trotting, trooper
Op 51aPrussialancers trotting, officer
Op 51bPrussialancers trotting, trumpeter
Op 66aPrussia[sic: Bavarian], infantry charging, flag
Op 67aPrussiainfantry charging, mounted officer sabre outstretched
Op 67bPrussiainfantry charging, casualty
Op 68aPrussiainfantry charging, officer
Op 68bPrussiainfantry charging, sergeant
Op 68cPrussiainfantry charging, drummer
Op 69aPrussiainfantry charging, man with gun lowered
Op 69bPrussiainfantry charging, man with gun diagonal
Op 69cPrussiainfantry charging, man advancing, gun right
Op 70aPrussiainfantry firing, officer on foot kneeling
Op 70bPrussiainfantry firing, flag
Op 70cPrussiainfantry firing, trumpeter
Op 71aPrussiainfantry firing, man kneeling shooting
Op 71bPrussiainfantry firing, man loading
Op 71cPrussiainfantry firing, man standing shooting
Op 72aPrussiainfantry firing, man falling
Op 72bPrussiainfantry firing, man wounded in the arm
Op 72cPrussiainfantry firing, man lying dead
Op 75aPrussiaCuirassiers fighting trooper hacking with sabre
Op 75bPrussiaCuirassiers fighting trooper stabbing with sabre
Op 76aPrussiaLancers fighting, trooper stabbing downward with lance
Op 76bPrussiaLancers fighting, trooper lowered lance
Op 77aPrussiaLancers advancing, trooper with lance on thigh
Op 77bPrussiaCuirassiers advancing trooper with lowered sabre
Op 78aPrussia, StaffMajor von Schmettow, Commander 7th Cuirassier Regt.
Op 78bPrussia, StaffVan der Dollen, Commander, 16th Lancers Regt. at Mars-la-Tour
Op 79aPrussiaCuirassier standard, galloping
Op 79bPrussiaLancer standard, galloping
Op 80aPrussia, StaffCavalry General von Bredow at Mars-la-Tour
Op 80bPrussia, StaffGeneral von Bredow's Adjutant, galloping
Op 81aPrussiahorse artillery firing, gun commander
Op 81bPrussiahorse artillery firing, man with sponge
Op 81cPrussiahorse artillery firing, man halted
Op 82aPrussiahorse artillery firing, man carrying shell forward
Op 82bPrussiahorse artillery firing, man pulling (lanyard)
Op 82cPrussiahorse artillery firing, man aiming
Op 82dPrussiahorse artillery firing, man with crowbar
Op 83aPrussiahorse artillery marching, mounted officer
Op 83bPrussiahorse artillery marching, mounted trumpeter
Op 84aPrussiahorse artillery marching, mounted man
Op 84bPrussiahorse artillery marching, mounted man halted
Op 85Prussiahorse artillery marching, double trace horse
Op 86aPrussiahorse artillery marching, trace horse in shaft
Op 86bPrussiahorse artillery marching, open limber
Op 87Prussiahorse artillery marching, cannon with limber
Op 88Prussiaartillery going to its emplacement, cannon with limber and mounted personnel
Op 92aPrussiaartillery, horse holder with three horses
Op 92bPrussiahorse artillery halted, trace horses in shaft
Op102aPrussiainfantry in fire line, man lying firing
Op102bPrussiainfantry in fire line, man lying loading
Op102cPrussiainfantry in fire line, man bent double running forward
Op103aPrussiainfantry advancing, man I
Op103bPrussiainfantry advancing, man II
Op103cPrussiainfantry advancing, man III
Op104aPrussiainfantry in reserve, man kneeling
Op104bPrussiainfantry in reserve, man standing I
Op104cPrussiainfantry in reserve, man standing II
Op109aPrussiaHussar falling
Op114bPrussiaGeneral Staff Officer, halted
Op116aPrussiaDragoon, trooper falling
Op116bPrussiaLancers, trooper falling
Op120bPrussiaHussar standard, galloping
Op120aPrussia, StaffDragoon standard, galloping
Op125aPrussia, StaffChancellor Prince Bismarck, halted
Op125bPrussia, StaffChief of General Staff Count Moltke
Op126aPrussia, StaffCrown Prince Fredrick William, walking
Op126bPrussia, StaffGeneral Field Marshal Prince Fredrick Charles
608aPrussiainfantry charging, Lieutenant
608bPrussiainfantry charging, flag
608cPrussiainfantry charging, trumpeter
609aPrussiainfantry charging, man with gun lowered
609bPrussiainfantry charging, man with gun diagonal
609cPrussiainfantry charging, man with gun right
610aPrussiaRifleman in fire fight, officer on foot with binoculars
610bPrussiaRifleman in fire fight, trumpeter playing
610cPrussiaRifleman in fire fight, officer on foot advancing
611aPrussiaRifleman in fire fight, man kneeling firing
611bPrussiaRifleman in fire fight, man loading
611cPrussiaRifleman in fire fight, man standing firing
612aPrussiaGeneral Alvensleben II halted
612bPrussiaGeneral von Pape attacking
615aPrussiaDragoon attacking, officer
615bPrussiaDragoon attacking, trumpeter
616aPrussiaDragoon attacking, man jabbing forward
616bPrussiaDragoon attacking, trooper lowered sabre
617aPrussiaHussars attacking, officer
617bPrussiaHussars attacking, trumpeter
618aPrussiaHussars attacking, trooper with sabre forward
618bPrussiaHussars attacking, trooper lowered sabre
619aPrussiainfantry dead and wounded, man falling
619bPrussiainfantry dead and wounded, man dead
624aPrussiainfantry firing, mounted officer
624bPrussiainfantry charging, mounted officer
638aPrussiaHussars in fire fight, officer
638bPrussiaHussars in fire fight, trumpeter
639aPrussiaHussars in fire fight, trooper firing
639bPrussiaHussars in fire fight, trooper loading
640aPrussiaHussars skirmishing, trooper with jumping horse
640bPrussiaHussars skirmishing, trooper advancing forward
650aPrussiaRiflemen firing, mounted officer
650bPrussiaRiflemen charging, mounted officer
651aPrussiaRiflemen charging, officer on foot
651bPrussiaRiflemen charging, bugler
651cPrussiaRiflemen charging, flag
652aPrussiaRiflemen charging, man with gun lowered
652bPrussiaRiflemen charging, man running forward
652cPrussiaRiflemen charging, man advancing
653aPrussiainfantry firing, officer on foot
653bPrussiainfantry firing, bugler
653cPrussiainfantry firing, flag
654aPrussiainfantry firing, man kneeing firing
654bPrussiainfantry firing, man standing firing
654cPrussiainfantry firing, man standing loading
654dPrussiainfantry in reserve, man halted
657aPrussiacavalry General, walking
657bPrussiacavalry Adjutant, Hussar Officer, reporting
658aPrussiafield artillery driving at a gallop, trace horse in shaft
658bPrussiafield artillery driving at a gallop, limber
659bPrussiafield artillery driving at a gallop, mounted escort
669aPrussiaRiflemen firing, flag
669bPrussiaRiflemen firing, wounded man falling
669cPrussiaRiflemen firing, wounded man lying
672bPrussiaHussars fighting, trooper striking with sabre
678aPrussiaCuirassiers hacking, trooper hacking sideways
678bPrussiaCuirassiers hacking, trooper stabbing sideways
685aPrussiaHussars falling, rolling forward
685bPrussiaHussars falling, falling
686aPrussialancers in close combat, trooper pushing lance back to the left
686bPrussialancers in close combat, trooper pushing lance back to the right
687aPrussiainfantry in close combat, man shooting
687bPrussiainfantry in close combat, man stabbing
687cPrussiainfantry in close combat, on defence
688aPrussiainfantry fighting against cavalry, man on defence
688bPrussiainfantry fighting against cavalry, man defending with arm
688cPrussiainfantry fighting against cavalry, man fleeing
696aPrussiainfantry in village fight, man thrusting gun butt
696bPrussiainfantry in village fight, man thrusting bayonet
696cPrussiainfantry in village fight, man thrusting up with bayonet
697aPrussiaRifleman, man creeping up
697bPrussiaRifleman, man thrusting with gun butt
697cPrussiaRifleman, man thrusting up with bayonet
698aPrussiainfantry in village fight, man shooting down
698bPrussiainfantry in village fight, shooting up
698cPrussiainfantry in village fight, man going
1605aPrussiaCuirassiers fighting, man aiming right
1605bPrussiaCuirassiers fighting, man hacking right
1606aPrussiaCuirassiers fighting, stabbing right
1609aPrussiainfantry fighting, man firing
1609bPrussiainfantry in combat march, man gun over right shoulder
1609cPrussiainfantry in combat march, man gun over left shoulder
1616aPrussiainfantry wounded, man lying
1616bPrussiainfantry wounded, man lying supporting himself
1616cPrussiainfantry wounded, man going supported by a stick
1616dPrussiainfantry wounded, group, man carrying wounded
1621aPrussiaRifleman in defensive combat, man shooting to the rear I
1621bPrussiaRifleman in defensive combat, man shooting to the rear II
1621cPrussiaRifleman in defensive combat, man running back, looking around
1621dPrussiaRifleman in defensive combat, man dressing the leg of a wounded
1630aPrussiaEmperor William I
1630bPrussiaWar Minister Count von Roon
1633aPrussiainfantry in fighting retreat, man fighting with bayonet
1633bPrussiainfantry in close combat, man fighting backwards with bayonet
1633cPrussiainfantry in close combat, man charging
1656aPrussia, StaffGeneral Moltke before Paris
1656bPrussia, StaffKing William before Paris
1657aPrussiainfantry marching, foot officer with small knapsack
1657bPrussiainfantry marching, trumpeter
1657cPrussiainfantry marching, drummer
1658aPrussiainfantry marching, slope arms I
1658bPrussiainfantry marching, slope arms II
1658cPrussiainfantry marching, gun under arm, advancing
1659aPrussiaDragoon in field dress, halted, officer
1659bPrussiaDragoon in field dress, halted, trumpeter
1660aPrussiaDragoon in field dress, halted, trooper
1660bPrussiaHussars in field dress, halted, trooper
1661aPrussiaHussars in field dress, halted, trooper
1661bPrussiaHussars in field dress, halted, trumpeter
1662aPrussiaHussars in field dress, halted, standard
1662bPrussiaDragoon in field dress, halted, standard
1663aPrussialancers halted, officer
1663bPrussialancers halted, trumpeter
1664aPrussialancers halted, trooper
1664bPrussiaCuirassiers halted, trooper
1665aPrussiaCuirassiers halted, officer
1665bPrussiaCuirassiers halted, trumpeter
1666aPrussiaCuirassiers halted, standard
1666bPrussialancers halted, standard
1671bPrussiaDragoon on outpost duty, trooper
1678aPrussiaPioneer (1870-1914) with shovel, man standing
1678bPrussiaPioneer (1870-1914), man shovelling
1678cPrussiaPioneer (1870-1914), man with pickaxe
1679aPrussiaPioneer (1870-1914), man with pickaxe
1679bPrussiaPioneer (1870-1914), man with shovel I
1679cPrussiaPioneer (1870-1914), man with shovel II
1682aPrussiaStaff, Adjutant of infantry, on foot
1682bPrussiaStaff, Adjutant to General of Division, on foot
1682cPrussiaStaff, Officer of infantry, on foot
1689PrussiaHorse Artillery horse holder group
1690PrussiaDragoon horse holder group
1691PrussiaHussar horse holder group
1693aPrussiaHussars in overcoat halted, officer
1693bPrussiaHussars in overcoat halted, trumpeter
1694aPrussiaHussars in overcoat halted, trooper with sabre
1694bPrussiaHussars in overcoat halted, trooper
1695PrussiaHussar horse holder group
1696aPrussiaterritorial reserve infantry in overcoat firing, officer
1696bPrussiaterritorial reserve infantry in overcoat firing, trumpeter kneeling
1696cPrussiaterritorial reserve infantry in overcoat firing, man falling
1697aPrussiaterritorial reserve infantry in overcoat firing, man lying firing
1697bPrussiaterritorial reserve infantry in overcoat firing, man kneeling firing
1697cPrussiaterritorial reserve infantry in overcoat firing, man standing reaching for cartridge pouch
1698aPrussiainfantry in overcoat charging, officer
1698bPrussiainfantry in overcoat charging, bugler
1698cPrussiainfantry in overcoat charging, flag
1699aPrussiainfantry in overcoat charging, man with gun lowered
1699bPrussiainfantry in overcoat charging, man with gun diagonal
1699cPrussiainfantry in overcoat charging, man advancing gun right
2601aPrussiainfantry in overcoat charging, man running, gun lowered
2601bPrussiainfantry in overcoat charging, man running slope arms
2601cPrussiainfantry in overcoat charging, casualty
2602aPrussiainfantry in overcoat charging, wounded
2602bPrussiainfantry in overcoat charging, dead
2602cPrussiainfantry in overcoat charging, man running gun right
2605aPrussiainfantry in overcoat in fire fight, officer
2605bPrussiainfantry in overcoat in fire fight, sergeant directing fire
2605cPrussiainfantry in overcoat in fire fight, trumpeter lying
2606aPrussiainfantry in overcoat in fire fight, man lying shooting
2606bPrussiainfantry in overcoat in fire fight, man kneeling shooting
2606cPrussiainfantry in overcoat in fire fight, man lying loading
2609aPrussialancers in overcoat attacking, officer
2609bPrussialancers in overcoat attacking, trumpeter
2610aPrussialancers in overcoat attacking, trooper with lance horizontal
2610bPrussialancers in overcoat attacking, trooper with lance diagonal
2611aPrussiahorse artillery in overcoat, officer giving orders
2611bPrussiahorse artillery in overcoat, wounded running back
2611cPrussiahorse artillery in overcoat, dead
2612aPrussiahorse artillery in overcoat, gunner with brake rope
2612bPrussiahorse artillery in overcoat, gunner with sponge
2612cPrussiahorse artillery in overcoat, gunner with shell
2613aPrussiahorse artillery in overcoat, gunner with aiming rod
2613bPrussiahorse artillery in overcoat, gunner with pouch
2613cPrussiahorse artillery in overcoat, gunner halted
2614aPrussiaGeneral Weder in overcoat, giving orders
2614bPrussiaHussar Adjutant in overcoat, galloping
2615aPrussiaChief of General Staff in overcoat, halted
2615bPrussiaBrigade Commander, halted
2616aPrussiaLancer Officer in overcoat, halted
2616bPrussiaCuirassier Orderly in overcoat, halted
2617aPrussiainfantry Adjutant in overcoat, halted
2617bPrussiaArtillery Officer in overcoat, halted
2618aPrussiainfantry halted, sergeant
2618bPrussiainfantry halted, drummer
2619aPrussiaHussars walking, officer
2619bPrussiaHussars walking, trumpeter
2620aPrussiaHussars walking, trooper I
2620bPrussiaHussars walking, trooper II
2621aPrussiaCuirassiers walking, officer
2621bPrussiaCuirassiers walking, trumpeter
2622aPrussiaCuirassiers walking, trooper I
2622bPrussiaCuirassiers walking, trooper II
2623aPrussiaDragoon walking, officer
2623bPrussiaDragoon walking, trumpeter
2624aPrussiaDragoon walking, trooper I
2624bPrussiaDragoon walking, trooper I
2625aPrussialancers walking, officer
2625bPrussialancers walking, trumpeter
2626aPrussialancers walking, trooper I
2626bPrussialancers walking, trooper II
2632aPrussiainfantry in combat march, man slope arms I
2632bPrussiainfantry in combat march, man slope arms II
2632cPrussiainfantry in combat march, man support arms
2633aPrussiafield artillery driving at a gallop, trace horse I
2633bPrussiafield artillery driving at a gallop, trace horse II
2634aPrussiainfantry falling, officer
2634bPrussiainfantry falling, drummer
2634cPrussiainfantry falling, flag
2635aPrussiadismounted Hussars in overcoat in combat, officer
2635bPrussiadismounted Hussars in overcoat in combat, drummer
2635cPrussiadismounted Hussars in overcoat in combat, casualty
2636aPrussiadismounted Hussars in overcoat in combat, trooper standing firing
2636bPrussiadismounted Hussars in overcoat in combat, trooper kneeling
2636cPrussiadismounted Hussars in overcoat in combat, trooper kneeling loading
2636dPrussiadismounted Hussars in overcoat in combat, trooper advancing
Mp 3aPrussia1864 pioneer charging, officer
Mp 3bPrussia1864 pioneer charging, signaler
Mp 3cPrussia1864 pioneer charging, drummer
Mp 6aPrussia1864 pioneer charging, man with axe hacking
Mp 6bPrussia1864 pioneer charging, man with pickaxe hacking
Mp 6cPrussia1864 pioneer charging, man with plank running
Ob 52aBavariainfantry charging, foot officer
Ob 52bBavariainfantry charging, drummer
Ob 52cBavariainfantry charging, casualty
Ob 53aBavariainfantry charging, man with gun lowered
Ob 53bBavariainfantry charging, charging forward
Ob 53cBavariainfantry charging, man advancing gun right
Ob 54aBavariainfantry charging, mounted officer pointing forward
Ob 54bBavariainfantry charging, mounted officer halted
Ob 63aBavariaLight Horse trotting, officer
Ob 63bBavariaLight Horse trotting, trumpeter
Ob 64aBavariaLight Horse trotting, trooper
Op 66b Bavariainfantry charging, flag
Ob 73aBavariaRifleman firing, foot officer
Ob 73bBavariaRifleman firing, flag
Ob 73cBavariaRifleman firing, trumpeter
Ob 74aBavariaRifleman firing, lying firing
Ob 74bBavariaRifleman firing, kneeling firing
Ob 74cBavariaRifleman firing, standing firing
Ob 89aBavaria, StaffGeneral von der Tann, Chief of 1st Bavaria Corps
Ob 89bBavaria, StaffGeneral von Hartmann, Chief of 2nd Bavaria Corps
Ob 98aBavariaLight Horse attacking, officer
Ob 98bBavariaLight Horse attacking, trumpeter
Ob 99aBavariaLight Horse attacking, trooper hacking
Ob 99bBavariaLight Horse attacking, advancing
Ob100aBavariaCuirassiers attacking, officer
Ob100bBavariaCuirassiers attacking, trumpeter playing
Ob101aBavariaCuirassiers attacking, trooper hacking with sabre
Ob101bBavariaCuirassiers attacking, trooper stabbing with sabre
Ob109bBavariaLight Horse, falling
641aBavariafield artillery firing, foot officer with binoculars
641bBavariafield artillery firing, gunner with sponge
641cBavariafield artillery firing, gunner frontal
642aBavariafield artillery firing, gunner falling
642bBavariafield artillery firing, gunner halted with shell
642cBavariafield artillery firing, gunner advancing with pouch
643aBavariafield artillery aiming, gunner pulling (lanyard)
643bBavariafield artillery aiming, gunner aiming
643cBavariafield artillery aiming, gunner reaching for crowbar
644Bavariafield artillery firing, cannon
645aBavariafield artillery firing, trace horses in shaft
645bBavariafield artillery driving at a gallop, trace horses in shaft
646Bavariafield artillery firing, trace horses in shaft halted
647aBavariafield artillery driving, officer
647bBavariafield artillery driving, trumpeter
648aBavariafield artillery driving at a gallop, double trace horses
649Bavariafield artillery driving, cannon and limber
658bBavariafield artillery firing, limber
659aBavariafield artillery driving, gun commander
664aBavariainfantry fighting, mounted officer
664bBavariainfantry charging, mounted officer
665aBavariainfantry fighting, foot officer
665bBavariainfantry fighting, drummer
665cBavariainfantry fighting, man falling
666aBavariainfantry fighting, man stabbing with bayonet
666bBavariainfantry fighting, man striking with gun butt I
666cBavariainfantry fighting, man striking with gun butt II
667aBavariainfantry charging, foot officer
667bBavariainfantry charging, flag
667cBavariainfantry charging, drummer
668aBavariainfantry charging, man with gun lowered
668bBavariainfantry charging, man with gun diagonal
668cBavariainfantry charging, man with gun right
669dBavariainfantry charging, man falling
1601aBavariainfantry attacking, man running with gun lowered
1601bBavariainfantry attacking, man running with gun raised
1601cBavariainfantry attacking, man running with gun climbing up
1610bBavariainfantry wounded, group I
1610cBavariainfantry wounded, group II
1622aBavariainfantry in combat, mounted officer I
1622bBavariainfantry in combat, mounted officer II
1622cBavariainfantry in combat, foot officer with sabre hitting out
1629aBavariainfantry in combat, man kneeling loading
1629bBavariainfantry in combat, man raising himself up
1629cBavariainfantry in combat, man creeping by
1632aBavariainfantry in combat, foot officer
1632bBavariainfantry in combat, trumpeter playing, facing backwards
1632cBavariainfantry in combat, NCO lying, lifting arm
1640aBavariaBavaria Cuirassier standard, attacking
1645aBavariainfantry marching, man shoulder arms
1645bBavariainfantry marching, man slope arms
1645cBavariainfantry marching, gun diagonal
1646aBavariainfantry halted, man I
1646bBavariainfantry halted, man II
1646cBavariainfantry halted, man III
1680aBavariainfantry in overcoat halted, man at attention I
1680bBavariainfantry in overcoat halted, man at attention II
1680cBavariainfantry in overcoat halted, man at attention III
1680dBavariainfantry in overcoat halted, man at attention IV
1681aBavaria, StaffBavaria General von der Tann, halted
1681bBavaria, StaffBavaria Major general von Orff, halted
1683aBavariainfantry in overcoat halted, officer with cape
1683bBavariainfantry in overcoat halted, officer
1683cBavariainfantry in overcoat halted, trumpeter
1683dBavariainfantry in overcoat halted, drummer
1684aBavariainfantry in overcoat in fire fight, man standing shooting
1684bBavariainfantry in overcoat in fire fight, man loading
1684cBavariainfantry in overcoat in fire fight, man lying loading
1685aBavariainfantry in overcoat in fire fight, man kneeling shooting
1685bBavariainfantry in overcoat in fire fight, man kneeling loading
1685cBavariainfantry in overcoat in fire fight, man lying shooting
1686aBavariainfantry in overcoat advancing attack, foot officer
1686bBavariainfantry in overcoat advancing attack, drummer
1686cBavariainfantry in overcoat advancing attack, flag
1687aBavariainfantry in overcoat advancing attack, man with gun lowered
1687bBavariainfantry in overcoat advancing attack, man with gun diagonal
1687cBavariainfantry in overcoat advancing attack, man advancing gun right
1688aBavariainfantry in overcoat marching, man I
1688bBavariainfantry in overcoat marching, man II
1688cBavariainfantry in overcoat marching, man III
1692aBavariainfantry in overcoat marching, mounted officer halted
1692bBavariainfantry in overcoat marching, mounted officer charging
Os 65bSaxonycavalry trotting, trooper
Os 65aSaxonycavalry trotting, officer
Os 65bSaxonycavalry trotting, trumpeter
672aSaxonycavalry attacking, trooper
673aSaxonycavalry attacking, officer
673bSaxonycavalry attacking, trumpeter
680aSaxonyRifleman firing, mounted officer
680bSaxonyRifleman charging, mounted officer
681aSaxonyRifleman firing, foot officer
681bSaxonyRifleman firing, flag
681cSaxonyRifleman firing, bugler
681dSaxonyRifleman firing, wounded man lying
682aSaxonyRifleman firing, man lying shooting
682bSaxonyRifleman firing, man kneeling firing
682cSaxonyRifleman firing, man standing firing
683aSaxonyRifleman charging, foot officer
683bSaxonyRifleman charging, flag
683cSaxonyRifleman charging, bugler
683dSaxonyRifleman charging, man falling
684aSaxonyRifleman charging, man with gun lowered
684bSaxonyRifleman charging, man with gun right
684cSaxonyRifleman charging, man with slope arms
Wurtemberg Württemberg)
Ow122aWurtemberginfantry in fire fight, man kneeling shooting
Ow122bWurtemberginfantry in fire fight, man standing shooting
Ow122cWurtemberginfantry in fire fight, man standing loading
Ow122dWurtemberginfantry in fire fight, man with rifle butt drawn back
Ow123aWurtemberginfantry in fire fight, officer on foot pointing forward
Ow123bWurtemberginfantry in fire fight, flag
Ow123cWurtemberginfantry in fire fight, trumpeter
Ow124aWurtemberginfantry in fire fight, mounted officer halted
Ow124bWurtemberginfantry in fire fight, mounted officer walking
1635aBrunswickinfantry charging, mounted officer
1635bBrunswickinfantry firing, mounted officer
1636aBrunswickinfantry firing, foot officer
1636bBrunswickinfantry firing, flag
1636cBrunswickinfantry firing, drummer
1637aBrunswickinfantry firing, man with gun lowered
1637bBrunswickinfantry firing, man with raised gun
1637cBrunswickinfantry advancing, man with gun right
Hesse (Hessia)
1641aHesseartillery firing, officer with binoculars
1641bHesseartillery firing, officer pointing with sabre
1641cHesseartillery firing, trumpeter
1642aHesseartillery firing, man with shell
1642bHesseartillery firing, man with sponge
1642cHesseartillery firing, man standing
1643aHesseartillery firing, man raising arm
1643bHesseartillery firing, man with match
1643cHesseartillery firing, man with crowbar
Of 4aFrenchCuirassiers attacking officer sabre on thigh
Of 4bFrenchCuirassiers attacking trumpeter, swinging trumpet
Of 5aFrenchCuirassiers attacking trooper swinging sabre
Of 5bFrenchCuirassiers attacking trooper halted, sabre forward
Of 9aFrenchHussars attacking officer
Of 9bFrenchHussars attacking trumpeter
Of 10aFrenchHussars attacking, Hussar
Of 10bFrenchHussars attacking, Dragoon
Of 11aFrenchDragoon attacking, officer
Of 11bFrenchHussars attacking, trumpeter
Of 12aFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique attacking, officer
Of 12bFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique attacking, trumpeter
Of 13aFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique attacking, trooper
Of 13bFrenchLancers attacking, officer
Of 14aFrenchLancers attacking, officer
Of 14bFrenchLancers attacking, trumpeter
Of 19aFrenchinfantry mounted officer halted
Of 19bFrenchinfantry mounted officer walking, looking around
Of 20aFrenchinfantry charging, foot officer
Of 20bFrenchinfantry charging, flag
Of 20cFrenchinfantry charging, trumpeter
Of 21aFrenchinfantry charging, man running gun lowered
Of 21bFrenchinfantry firing, man
Of 21cFrenchinfantry advancing, man gun right
Of 22aFrenchZouaves charging, foot officer swinging sabre
Of 22bFrenchZouaves charging, trumpeter
Of 22cFrenchZouaves charging, casualty
Of 23aFrenchZouaves charging, man running gun lowered
Of 23bFrenchZouaves firing , man
Of 23cFrenchZouaves advancing, man gun right
Of 24aFrench, StaffMarshal Bazaine, halted
Of 24bFrenchStaff Officer, halted
Of 25aFrenchfield artillery, mounted gunner halted
Of 25bFrenchfield artillery, mounted gunner galloping
Of 26aFrenchfield artillery, trace horse halted
Of 26bFrenchfield artillery, trace horse in shaft halted
Of 27aFrenchfield artillery, limber
Of 27bFrenchfield artillery, gun halted
Of 28aFrenchfield artillery, horse halted
Of 28bFrenchfield artillery, gun commander aiming
Of 28cFrenchfield artillery, gunner halted
Of 29aFrenchfield artillery, gunner with crowbar
Of 29bFrenchfield artillery, gunner with sponge standing
Of 29cFrenchfield artillery advancing, gunner with shell
Of 30aFrenchfield artillery galloping, officer hand raised
Of 30bFrenchfield artillery galloping, trumpeter
Of 31aFrenchfield artillery galloping, trace horse
Of 31bFrenchfield artillery galloping, trace horse in shaft
Of 32Frenchfield artillery galloping, limber with mounted operator and cannon
Of 33Frenchfield artillery galloping, limber with cannon
Of 34aFrenchfield artillery firing, officer looking through binoculars
Of 34bFrenchfield artillery firing, trumpeter
Op 44cFrenchinfantry, man falling forward
Of 48aFrenchDragoon in reserve, trooper halted
Of 48bFrenchCuirassiers in reserve, trooper halted
Of 55aFrenchCuirassiers trotting, officer
Of 55bFrenchCuirassiers trotting, trumpeter
Of 56aFrenchCuirassiers trotting, trooper
Of 56bFrenchLancers trotting, trooper
Of 57aFrenchLancers trotting, officer
Of 57bFrenchLancers trotting, trumpeter
Of 58aFrenchDragoon trotting, officer
Of 58bFrenchDragoon trotting, trumpeter
Of 59aFrenchDragoon trotting, trooper
Of 59bFrenchHussars trotting, trooper
Of 60aFrenchHussars trotting, officer
Of 60bFrenchHussars trotting, trumpeter
Of 61aFrenchCuirassiers in reserve, officer
Of 61bFrenchCuirassiers in reserve, trumpeter
Of 62aFrenchDragoon in reserve, officer
Of 62bFrenchDragoon in reserve, trumpeter
Of 66aFrenchTurkos advancing, man
Of 66bFrenchChasseur firing, man firing
Of 66cFrenchChasseur firing, man loading
Of 67aFrenchTurkos advancing, flag
Of 67bFrenchTurkos advancing, officer
Of 67cFrenchTurkos advancing, trumpeter
Of 90aFrenchhorse artillery firing, officer
Of 90bFrenchhorse artillery firing, gun commander
Of 90cFrenchhorse artillery firing, man with pouch standing
Of 91aFrenchhorse artillery firing, man with sponge
Of 91bFrenchhorse artillery firing, gunner running forward with pouch
Of 91cFrenchhorse artillery firing, gunner setting off cannon
Of 93aFrenchSpahis attacking, mounted officer
Of 93bFrenchSpahis attacking, trumpeter
Of 94aFrenchSpahis attacking, trooper swinging sabre
Of 94bFrenchSpahis attacking, trooper raising gun
Of 95aFrenchinfantry, mounted officer
Of 95bFrenchinfantry, mounted officer raised sabre
Of 96aFrenchinfantry in fire fight, foot officer
Of 96bFrenchinfantry in fire fight, flag
Of 96cFrenchinfantry in fire fight, trumpeter
Of 97aFrenchinfantry in fire fight, man firing
Of 97bFrenchinfantry in fire fight, man reaching in cartridge pouch
Of 97cFrenchinfantry in fire fight, man advancing gun right
Of 105aFrenchChasseur in fire fight, man lying firing
Of 105bFrenchChasseur in fire fight, man kneeling firing
Of 105cFrenchChasseur in fire fight, man running forward
Of 106aFrenchinfantry charging, man gun lowered
Of 106bFrenchinfantry charging, man charging forward
Of 106cFrenchinfantry charging, man running forward
Of 107aFrenchinfantry in reserve, man kneeling
Of 107bFrenchinfantry in reserve, man standing with gun diagonally
Of 107cFrenchinfantry in reserve, man standing with gun upright
Of 108aFrenchinfantry falling, man collapsing
Of 108bFrenchinfantry falling, man falling forward
Of 108cFrenchinfantry falling, man lying on the ground
Of 110aFrenchCuirassier falling, horse plunging
Of 110bFrenchChasseur d'Afrique falling
Of 111aFrenchZouaves, officer standing firing
Of 111bFrenchZouaves, flag
Of 111cFrenchZouaves, trumpeter
Of 112aFrenchZouaves, man liegend
Of 112bFrenchZouaves, man kneeling shooting
Of 112cFrenchZouaves, man reaching in cartridge pouch
Of 113aFrenchartillery, man falling forward
Of 113bFrenchmounted Chasseur, trooper falling backward
Of 113cFrenchZouaves, man falling
Of 114aFranch, StaffMarshal MacMahon, walking
Of 115aFrenchcavalry General, galloping
Of 115bFrenchAdjutant, galloping
Of 117aFrenchCuirassier standard, galloping
Of 117bFrenchDragoon standard, galloping
Of 118bFrenchLancer standard, galloping
Of 118aFrenchChasseur Cheval standard, galloping
Of 121aFrenchinfantry, man lying shooting
Of 121bFrenchinfantry, man kneeling shooting
Of 121cFrenchinfantry, man loading
Of 127aFrenchGeneral on foot, looking through telescope
Of 127bFrenchStaff Officer on foot
Of 127cFrenchOrderly Officer, on foot
Of 127dFrenchFranctireur on foot, pointing
601aFrenchinfantry firing, mounted officer
601bFrenchinfantry charging, mounted officer
602aFrenchinfantry firing, foot officer
602bFrenchinfantry firing, flag
602cFrenchinfantry firing, trumpeter
603aFrenchinfantry charging, foot officer
603bFrenchinfantry charging, flag
603cFrenchinfantry charging, trumpeter
604aFrenchinfantry charging, man with gun lowered
604bFrenchinfantry charging, man charging forward
604cFrenchinfantry charging, man running forward
605aFrenchChasseur in fire fight, man kneeling loading
605bFrenchChasseur in fire fight, man standing shooting
605cFrenchChasseur in fire fight, man reaching in cartridge pouch
606aFrenchChasseur charging, man with gun lowered
606bFrenchChasseur charging, man with gun raised
606cFrenchChasseur charging, man with gun right
607aFrenchChasseur in fire fight, trumpeter
607bFrenchChasseur in fire fight, man falling
607cFrenchChasseur attaching charge, trumpeter
613aFrench, StaffGeneral Ducrot, leading attack
613bFrench, StaffGallifet, leading attack
614aFrenchinfantry in reserve, man kneeling
614bFrenchinfantry in reserve, man standing
614cFrenchChasseur in reserve, man standing
619cFrenchinfantry in reserve, man falling
620aFrenchSpahis in firing attack, officer firing revolver
620bFrenchSpahis attacking, officer galloping
621aFrenchSpahis firing, trooper firing
621bFrenchSpahis firing, trooper loading
622aFrenchSpahis skirmishing, trooper firing backwards
622bFrenchSpahis skirmishing, galloping
623aFrenchSpahis attacking, trooper galloping I
623bFrenchSpahis attacking, trooper galloping II
625aFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique, officer
625bFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique, trumpeter
626aFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique, standard
626bFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique, trooper falling
627aFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique, trooper pointing sabre forward
627bFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique, trooper sabre lowered
628aFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique in fire fight, officer
628bFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique in fire fight, trumpeter
629aFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique in fire fight, man firing
629bFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique in fire fight, trooper taking cartridge
630aFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique skirmishing, trooper firing backwards
630bFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique skirmishing, trooper trotting forward
631aFrenchCuirassiers attacking, officer
631bFrenchCuirassiers attacking, trumpeter
632aFrenchCuirassiers attacking, standard
632bFrenchCuirassiers attacking, trooper falling
633aFrenchCuirassiers attacking, trooper sabre extended forward
633bFrenchCuirassiers attacking, trooper with lowered sabre
634aFrenchDragoon attacking, officer
634bFrenchDragoon attacking, trumpeter
635aFrenchDragoon attacking, man with sabre extended up
635bFrenchDragoon attacking, trooper with sabre in front
636aFrenchHussars attacking, officer
636bFrenchHussars attacking, trumpeter
637aFrenchHussars attacking, man with sabre extended up
637bFrenchHussars attacking, trooper with sabre behind him
655aFrenchinfantry firing, man kneeling firing
655bFrenchinfantry firing, man standing firing
655cFrenchinfantry firing, man standing loading
670aFrench, StaffEmperor Napoleon III, halted
670bFrench, StaffEmperor Napoleon III, walking
671aFrenchCuirassier casualty
671bFrenchChasseurs d'Afrique fighting trooper hacking
674aFrenchinfantry kneeling, foot officer
674bFrenchinfantry kneeling, flag
674cFrenchinfantry kneeling, drummer
675aFrenchFranctireurs in combat, man running arm raised
675bFrenchFranctireurs in combat, man running sideways
675cFrenchFranctireurs in combat, man shooting backwards
676aFrenchFranctireurs in combat, man stabbing
676bFrenchFranctireurs in combat, man in kepi running forward
676cFrenchFranctireurs in combat, man in cap running forward
677aFrenchFranctireurs in combat, man plunging
677bFrenchFranctireurs in combat, man falling backward
677cFrenchFranctireurs in combat small group, man with wounded officer
679aFrenchTurcos wounded, man defending
679bFrenchTurcos wounded, man with wounded arm
679cFrenchTurkos small group, man leading wounded
689aFrenchinfantry fighting, man shooting
689bFrenchinfantry fighting, man defending
689cFrenchinfantry fighting, man advancing
689dFrenchinfantry fighting, raising gun
690aFrenchinfantry in fighting retreat, man shooting
690bFrenchinfantry in fighting retreat, man loading
690cFrenchinfantry in fighting retreat, man shooting to the rear
691aFrenchartillery fighting, man striking with sabre
691bFrenchartillery fighting, man parrying
691cFrenchartillery fighting, man standing with sabre
692aFrenchDragoon in hand-to-hand fight, mounted officer
692bFrenchinfantry fighting, mounted officer
693aFrenchCuirassiers in hand-to-hand fight, trooper parrying to the right
693bFrenchCuirassiers in hand-to-hand fight, trooper stabbing to the rear
694aFrenchCuirassiers in collision, trooper on rearing horse
694bFrenchCuirassiers in collision, trooper stabbing on rearing horse
695aFrenchCuirassiers in collision, trooper fighting over fallen horse
695bFrenchCuirassiers in collision, trooper on collapsing horse
699aFrenchinfantry in street fight, man shooting down
699bFrenchinfantry in street fight, man kneeling on defence
699cFrenchinfantry in street fight, man going
1602aFrenchHussar in kepi fighting, trooper parrying to the rear
1602bFrenchHussar in kepi fighting, trooper parrying
1603aFrenchHussar in kepi fighting, trooper hacking sideways
1603bFrenchHussar in kepi fighting, trooper ascending
1604aFrenchHussar in busby fighting, trooper hacking
1604bFrenchHussar in busby fighting, trooper parrying with sabre
1606bFrenchCuirassiers falling, trooper on rising horse
1607aFrenchartillery in combat, horse team rising
1607bFrenchartillery in combat, horse team
1608aFrenchartillery in combat, gun commander with horse
1608bFrenchartillery in combat, fallen trace horse
1610aFrenchinfantry wounded, man with left leg bandaged
1611aFrenchinfantry in street fight, man shooting upward
1611bFrenchinfantry in street fight, man stabbing upward
1611cFrenchinfantry in street fight, man running forward
1611dFrenchinfantry in street fight, man advancing
1612aFrenchinfantry wounded, man lying sideways
1612bFrenchinfantry wounded, man lying in half profile
1612cFrenchinfantry wounded, man sitting, right leg bandaged
1613aFrenchinfantry wounded, man supported by a cane
1613bFrenchinfantry wounded, man wounded in the back
1613cFrenchinfantry wounded, 2 man carrying a casualty
1614aFrenchinfantry wounded, man falling
1614bFrenchinfantry wounded, man grasping
1614cFrenchinfantry wounded, man falling, hands up
1614dFrenchinfantry wounded, wounded man going
1615aFrenchinfantry in battle, man raising himself up
1615bFrenchinfantry in battle, man putting himself down
1615cFrenchinfantry in battle, man on defence, frontal
1617aFrenchartillery in combat, man stopping horse team, looking around
1617bFrenchartillery in combat, horse team, horse falling
1618Frenchartillery in combat, gun unlimbering
1619Frenchartillery in combat, gun, personnel limbering up
1620aFrenchartillery in combat, officer
1620bFrenchartillery in combat, man taking off (limbering up)
1623aFrenchartillery in combat, officer parrying with sabre
1623bFrenchartillery in combat, wounded officer
1624aFrenchinfantry on defence, man with gun crosswise
1624bFrenchinfantry on defence, man kneeling, arm raised
1624cFrenchinfantry on defence, man kneeling I
1624dFrenchinfantry on defence, man kneeling II
1625aFrenchinfantry on defence, man kneeling arm raised
1625bFrenchinfantry on defence, man dropping
1625cFrenchinfantry on defence, wounded man kneeling
1625dFrenchinfantry on defence, wounded man lying
1626aFrenchinfantry on defence, foot officer fleeing
1626bFrenchinfantry on defence, wounded foot officer
1626cFrenchinfantry on defence, mann shouting orders
1627aFrenchCuirassiers in combat, trooper sliding off horse
1627bFrenchCuirassiers in combat, trooper without helmet stabbing
1628aFrenchCuirassiers in combat, trooper looking to the right
1628bFrenchCuirassiers in combat, trooper looking to the left
1631aFrenchCuirassiers in combat, man advancing I
1631bFrenchCuirassiers in combat, man advancing II
1634aFrenchinfantry in fighting retreat, man charging
1634bFrenchinfantry in fighting retreat, man with bayonet fighting to the rear
1634cFrenchinfantry in fighting retreat, man fighting with bayonet
1638aFrenchLancers fighting, trooper falling
1638bFrenchLancers fighting, casualty
1640aFrenchSpahis attacking, standard
1644aFrenchinfantry marching, man slope arms I
1644bFrenchinfantry marching, man slope arms II
1644cFrenchinfantry marching, man shoulder arms
1647aFrenchEngineer squad in action, man advancing I
1647bFrenchEngineer squad in action, man advancing II
1647cFrenchEngineer squad in action, man advancing III
1648aFrenchEngineer squad in action, man striking with pickaxe I
1648bFrenchEngineer squad in action, man striking with pickaxe II
1648cFrenchEngineer squad in action, man striking with pickaxe III
1649aFrenchEngineer squad in action, man marching
1649bFrenchEngineer squad in action, man standing
1649cFrenchEngineer squad in action, NCO
1650aFrenchEngineer squad in action, man shovelling
1650bFrenchEngineer squad in action, man striking with pickaxe
1650cFrenchEngineer squad in action, man shovelling
1651aFrenchEngineer squad in action, man drinking
1651bFrenchEngineer squad in action, man shovelling
1651cFrenchEngineer squad in action, railings with things hanging
1651dFrenchEngineer squad in action, man with 2 pickaxes together on a rack
1652aFrenchEngineer squad in action, tree with things
1652bFrenchEngineer squad in action, baggage lying
1652cFrenchEngineer squad in action, rifle pyramid
1667aFrenchmounted Chasseur halted, officer
1667bFrenchmounted Chasseur halted, trumpeter
1668aFrenchmounted Chasseur halted, trooper gun on thigh
1668bFrenchmounted Chasseur halted, trooper slung rifle
1669aFrenchHussars halted, officer
1669bFrenchHussars halted, trumpeter
1670aFrenchHussars halted, trooper
1670bFrenchChasseur d'Afrique halted, trooper
1671aFrenchDragoon on outpost duty, trooper
1673aFrenchGuard infantry, field uniform, res., officer looking through binoculars
1673bFrenchGuard infantry in field uniform in reserve, trumpeter
1673cFrenchGuard infantry in field uniform in reserve, trumpeter
1674aFrenchGuard infantry in field uniform in reserve, man I
1674bFrenchGuard infantry in field uniform in reserve, man II
1674cFrenchGuard infantry in field uniform in reserve, man kneeling
1675aFrenchTurco in field uniform marching, officer
1675bFrenchTurco in field uniform marching, small flag
1675cFrenchTurco in field uniform marching, drummer
1676aFrenchTurco in field uniform halted, slope arms
1676bFrenchTurco in field uniform halted, man at attention
1676cFrenchTurco in field uniform halted, man kneeling
1677aFrenchLancers advancing, trooper lowered lance
1677bFrenchLancers advancing, trooper with diagonal lance
2603aFrenchMarine Fusiliers charging, officer
2603bFrenchMarine Fusiliers charging, bugler
2603cFrenchMarine Fusiliers charging, casualty
2604aFrenchMarine Fusiliers charging, man gun lowered
2604bFrenchMarine Fusiliers charging, man gun raised
2604cFrenchMarine Fusiliers charging, man advancing
2607aFrenchMarine Fusiliers in fire fight, officer
2607bFrenchMarine Fusiliers in fire fight, trumpeter kneeling
2607cFrenchMarine Fusiliers in fire fight, dead
2608aFrenchMarine Fusiliers in fire fight, man standing firing
2608bFrenchMarine Fusiliers in fire fight, lying firing
2608cFrenchMarine Fusiliers in fire fight, man kneeling loading
2618cFrenchinfantry, sapper halted
2618dFrenchinfantry, trumpeter
2627aFrenchMobile Guard, infantry firing, mounted officer pointing with sabre
2627bFrenchMobile Guard, infantry charging, mounted officer with diagonal sabre
2628aFrenchMobile Guard, infantry firing, officer
2628bFrenchMobile Guard, infantry firing, trumpeter
2628cFrenchMobile Guard, infantry firing, wounded
2629aFrenchMobile Guard, infantry firing, man firing
2629bFrenchMobile Guard, infantry firing, man loading
2629cFrenchMobile Guard, infantry firing, man loading going
2630aFrenchMobile Guard, infantry charging, man extending gun forward
2630bFrenchMobile Guard, infantry charging, man with raised gun
2630cFrenchMobile Guard, infantry charging, man running
2631aFrenchMobile Guard, infantry charging, officer pointing with sabre
2631bFrenchMobile Guard, infantry charging, trumpeter playing
2631cFrenchMobile Guard, infantry charging, casualty
2637aFrenchGuard Cuirassiers trotting, officer
2637bFrenchGuard Cuirassiers trotting, trumpeter
2638aFrenchGuard Cuirassiers trotting, trooper I
2638bFrenchGuard Cuirassiers trotting, trooper II
1653aCiviliansman with peaked cap
1653bCiviliansyoung man
1653cCiviliansold man with overcoat
1653dCivilianssmall boy waving
1654aCivilianslabourer standing
1654bCivilianswoman with hat standing
1654cCivilianswoman with basket
1655aCiviliansyoung girl going
1655bCiviliansyoung girl standing
1655cCiviliansmother with child
1672aCiviliansfisherman dressed in the garb of Mönchgut standing
1672bCivilianswoman dressed in the garb of Mönchgut standing
1672cCiviliansman in dress in the garb of Weizach standing
1672dCivilianswoman in dress in the garb of Weizach standing


Franco-German War 1870-71

1870-71, Plate 1
1870-71, Plate 2
1870-71, Plate 3
1870-71, Plate 4