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Armistice at Vignale, 23 March 1849

Series Editor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Vollrath, Designer: Mano Winter, Engraver: H.G. Lecke & Dr. G. Söllner
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1Field Marshal Joseph Count Radetzky
2King Victor Emanual II of Sardinia-Piemont
3Eugene Adam, Munich painter
4Lieutenant Hermann von Mylius, Commander of the Sereschan Life Guard
5Lt.-Field Marshal Heinrich Prince of Hess, Chief of the Quartermaster staff
6Kingdom of Sardinia Major General Alessandro Ferrero La Marmora, Chief of the General Staff
7Major Moriz Count Forgách of Ghymes and Gács, Commander of the Dragoon Division Staff
8First Lieutenant Anton Haizinger, Ordinance Officer, detailed from the Royal Liechtenstein 5th Light Cavalry Regiment
9Officer of the Kingdom of Sardinia infantry (a)
10Officer of the Kingdom of Sardinia cavalry
11Officer of the Kingdom of Sardinia infantry (b)
12Cavalry Captain Heinrich Count Cappy, Adjutant of Archduke Charles' 3rd Lancer Regiment
13Regimental Surgeon Dr. Joseph Wurzian, personal surgeon to Field Marshal Radetzky
14Sereschan (with long knife) from Radetzky's Sereschan Life Guard
15Sereschan (with gun) from Radetzky's Sereschan Life Guard
16Colonel Carl Baron Schlitter of Niedernberg, Radetzkys' Second Adjutant General
17Lt.-colonel Anatol Baron von Leykam, Radetzky's First Wing Adjutant
18Otto Eberhard, Major in the Imperial Rifle Regiment and General Command Adjutant of Lombardy-Venetia, General Commanding Verona
19Carl Ferschel, valet to Field Marshal Radetzky, with his horse and the horse of Lt.-Field Marshal von Hess
20Royal Sardinian Carabinier, dismounted, checking his horse's bridle
21Royal Sardinian mounted Carabinier halted, holding the horse of King Victor Emanuel II and the horse of Major General Alessandro Ferrero La Marmora
22Sardinian cavalryman
23Sardinian mounted Carabinier halted
24Sergeant-Major of the royal messenger Rifle Corps
25Lieutenant Count Schönfeld, Ordinance officer for Prince Reuss's 7th Hussars
26Fredrick William Hackländer, writer and correspondent for the Augsburg General Times



Armistice at Vignale
Armistice at Vignale
English Table by Douglas Johnson