OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Flat Tin Figures Kilia



Hinsch Series 55: Civil Themes

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch
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Code Description

Crowd as Spectators

1aOld gentleman standing
1bGentleman standing
1cGentleman going
2aWoman with child going
2bWoman with child going
3aYourng woman standing
3bYoung woman standing
3cWoman with child in arm
4bYouth standing
4cYoung woman standing

Railway Station Crowd

5aStation master, waving
5bStation master, standing
5cConducter, standing
6aRailway worker going
6bRailway worker going
6cRailway guard going
7aNewspaper seller
7bSweet seller
7cPorter carrying luggage
8aWoman, frontatl, standing
8bMan, frontal, standing
8cFarmer, frontal, standing
9aGirl running
9bWoman with child, waving
9cMan, holding out arm in welcome
10aGirl going, pointing
10cMan and woman greeting each other
10dYoung woman going