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Napoleon: Other States and Civilians

(Mauke and Schweiss Figures)

Engravers: H.L.-Hans Lecke; L.F.-Ludwig Frank; S.M.-Sixtus Maier; W.S.-William Sambeth; G.S. - Gerhard Söllner; o.S.-without Signature
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Code Type Description Engr
2521aBadenGrenadier Life Guard in square mounted officer
2521bBadenGrenadier Life Guard attacking mounted officer
2522aBadenGrenadier Life Guard in square officer
2522bBadenGrenadier Life Guard in square flag
2522cBadenGrenadier Life Guard in square drummer
2523aBadenGrenadier Life Guard in square man kneeling shooting
2523bBadenGrenadier Life Guard in square man standing shooting
2523cBadenGrenadier Life Guard in square man loading
2524aBadenGrenadier Life Guard halted man at attention
2524bBadenGrenadier Life Guard halted man support arms
2524cBadenGrenadier Life Guard halted casualty
2525aBadenGrenadier Life Guard attacking officer
2525bBadenGrenadier Life Guard attacking flag
2525cBadenGrenadier Life Guard attacking drummer
2526aBadenGrenadier Life Guard marching man in combat march
2526bBadenGrenadier Life Guard marching man with baggage
2526cBadenGrenadier Life Guard marching man combat stage
2527aBadenGrenadier Life Guard attacking first rank
2527bBadenGrenadier Life Guard attacking second rank
2527cBadenGrenadier Life Guard attacking man running
Hb 10aBavariaLight cavalry attacking officer
Hb 10bBavariaLight cavalry attacking trumpeter
Hb 11aBavariaLight cavalry attacking trooper
Hb 11bBavariaLight cavalry attacking trooper advancing
586aBavariaLight Horse standard, trooper attackingW.S.
586bBavariaLight Horse standard, trooper trottingW.S.
1506aBavariaArtillery firing mounted officer
1506bBavariaArtillery firing trumpeter
1507aBavariaArtillery firing trace horse
1507bBavariaArtillery firing trace horse with limber
1562aBavariaLine infantry fighting officer
1562bBavariaLine infantry fighting drummer
1562cBavariaLine infantry fighting casualty
1563aBavariaLine infantry fighting man standing shooting
1563bBavariaLine infantry fighting man gun raised shooting
1563cBavariaLine infantry fighting man stabbing with gun butt
1564aBavariaLine infantry fighting man charging I
1564bBavariaLine infantry fighting man charging II
1564cBavariaLine infantry fighting man charging stabbing with gun butt
3578aBavariaLine infantry firing officer
3578bBavariaLine infantry firing drummer
3578cBavariaLine infantry firing flag
3579aBavariaLine infantry firing man firing
3579bBavariaLine infantry firing man biting cartridge
3579cBavariaLine infantry firing man halted
3588aBavariaLine infantry man on defence I
3588bBavariaLine infantry man on defence filling gun
3588cBavariaLine infantry man on defence kneeling
3589aBavariaLine infantry casualty
3589bBavariaLine infantry wounded
3589cBavariaLine infantry dead
3590aBavariaLine infantry advancing man support arms I
3590bBavariaLine infantry advancing man support arms II
3590cBavariaLine infantry advancing man gun right
3591aBavariaLine infantry halted mounted officer
3591bBavariaLine infantry halted mounted officer walking
4557aBavariaLight cavalry on parade officer
4557bBavariaLight cavalry on parade trumpeter
4558aBavariaLight cavalry on parade trooper I
4558bBavariaLight cavalry on parade trooper II
Hs 12aSaxonyZastrov Cuirassier attacking officerL.F.
Hs 12bSaxonyZastrov Cuirassier attacking trumpeterL.F.
Hs 13aSaxonyZastrov Cuirassier attacking trooperL.F.
Hs 13bSaxonyZastrov Cuirassier attacking advancingL.F.
JM 41SaxonyHussars attacking officer
JM 42SaxonyHussars attacking trumpeter
JM 43SaxonyHussars attacking trooper I
JM 44SaxonyHussars attacking trooper II
2535aSaxonyLight cavalry attacking officer
2535bSaxonyLight cavalry attacking trumpeter
2536aSaxonyLight cavalry attacking hacking
2536bSaxonyLight cavalry attacking stabbing
2537aSaxonyLight cavalry attacking lowered lance
2537bSaxonyLight cavalry attacking advancing with sabre
4544aSaxonyLight cavalry on parade officer
4544bSaxonyLight cavalry on parade trumpeter
4545aSaxonyLight cavalry on parade trooper with lance
4545bSaxonyLight cavalry on parade man with sabre
1553aSpainDragoon attacking officer
1553bSpainDragoon attacking trumpeter
1554aSpainDragoon attacking trooper I
1554bSpainDragoon attacking trooper II
4555aSpainInfantry firing officer on foot
4555bSpainInfantry firing flag
4555cSpainInfantry firing drummer
4556aSpainInfantry firing man standing firing
4556bSpainInfantry firing man standing loading
4556cSpainInfantry halted man at attention
6Argentina & Chile
1555aArgentina & ChileMilitia in combat mounted officer
1555bArgentina & ChileMilitia in combat mounted officer advancing
1556aArgentina & ChileMilitia in combat officer
1556bArgentina & ChileMilitia in combat flag
1556cArgentina & ChileMilitia in combat drummer
1557aArgentina & ChileMilitia in combat shooting
1557bArgentina & ChileMilitia in combat defence
1557cArgentina & ChileMilitia in combat loading
3539aNetherlandsInfantry charging officer
3539bNetherlandsInfantry charging flag
3539cNetherlandsInfantry charging trumpeter
3540aNetherlandsInfantry charging man running gun lowered
3540bNetherlandsInfantry charging man advancing gun right
3540cNetherlandsInfantry charging man slung musket
4541aNassauGrenadiers in combat officer on foot
4541bNassauGrenadiers in combat flag
4541cNassauGrenadiers in combat drummer
4542aNassauGrenadiers in combat man shooting
4542bNassauGrenadiers in combat man loading
4542cNassauGrenadiers in combat man stabbing
4543aNassauGrenadiers in combat man gun diagonal
4543bNassauGrenadiers in combat man gun raised I
4543cNassauGrenadiers in combat man gun raised II
Naples & Italy
JM 19MaukeNaples Guard light cavalry mounted charging officer
JM 20MaukeNaples Guard light cavalry mounted charging trumpeter
JM 21MaukeNaples light cavalry charging trooper with lance
JM 22MaukeNaples Guard light cavalry mounted charging trooper with sabre
JM 23MaukeItalian horse artillery firing officer
JM 24MaukeItalian horse artillery firing bugler
JM 25MaukeItalian horse artillery firing sergeant
JM 26MaukeItalian horse artillery firing gunner I
JM 27MaukeItalian horse artillery firing gunner II
JM 28MaukeItalian horse artillery firing gunner III
JM 29MaukeItalian horse artillery firing gunner IV
GCivilians & Others
2508aCiviliansTownsman in overcoat standing
2508bCiviliansTownsman in overcoat standing with cane
2508cCiviliansYoung man
2509aCiviliansTownsman pointing
2509bCiviliansYoung girl
2509cCiviliansWoman with umbrella
2510aCiviliansTownswoman pointing with small boy
2510bCiviliansSmall girl
2510cCiviliansWoman going
2564aCiviliansPeasant man with baggage
2564cCiviliansOld peasant with cane
2565aCiviliansPeasant man fleeing with sack
2565bCiviliansMan with basket
2565cCiviliansMan running away
3555CiviliansTrace horse without rider with unmarked limber
3596aCiviliansShip's gun
SH,SF. Schweiss
SH 1SchweissPrussia, infantry advancing (1813) support arms frontal
SH 2SchweissPrussia, infantry (1813) advancing man with gun diagonal half-frontal
SH 3SchweissPrussia, infantry (1813) advancing man with gun left half-frontal
SH 4SchweissPrussia, infantry (1813) advancing drummer half-frontal
SH 5SchweissPrussia, infantry (1813) advancing foot officer raised sabre
SH 6SchweissPrussia, infantry (1813) advancing flag
SH 7SchweissPrussia, infantry (1813) advancing mounted officer raised sabre
S 1SchweissFrench Fusilier in overcoat (1813) advancing support arms
S 2SchweissFrench Fusilier without overcoat (1813) advancing support arms
S 3SchweissFrench Grenadier-Voltigeur in overcoat (1813) advancing support arms
S 4SchweissFrench Grenadier-Voltigeur without overcoat (1813) advancing support arms
MCCazanaveFigures of Maurice CazanaveG.S.
MC 1CazanaveFrench Line Chasseurs, Trompeter
MC 2-4CazanaveFrench Line Chasseurs
MC 5-8CazanaveFrench Elite Chasseurs
(MC 6CazanaveFrench Elite Chasseurs, Trompeter)
MC 9-10CazanaveFrench Line Chasseurs, Trompeter
MC 11-12CazanaveFrench Elite Chasseurs
(MC 11CazanaveFrench Elite Chasseurs, Trompeter)


Napoleon: Other States

Italien Infantry
(G. Bistulfi)
Cazanave: French Elite Chasseurs
Mauke 3
Mauke 4