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Hinsch Series F: Hunting with Hounds

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch; Designer: Ludwig Madlener
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Code Description
F 1aHorseman jumping over bush
F 1bHorseman jumping, hand on cap
F 2aHorseman galloping
F 2bHorsman jumping diagonally over bush
F 3aHorseman with top hat stretched out galloping
F 3bHorseman galloping
F 4aHorsewoman in long skirt galloping
F 4bHorsewoman in long skirt galloping
F 5aHorseman blowing horn
F 5bHorseman with slung hunting horn
F 6a/b/cHound hunting
F 7a/b/cHound hunting
F 8a/b/cHound taking up the scent
F 9aHound standing
F 9bHound going
F 9cHound baying
F 10aHorseman jumping
F 10bHorseman reining horse
F 11aDismounted horseman, holding horse by reins halted
F 11bHorseman standing
F 12aHorseman galloping, frontal
F 12bHorse rising
F 12cHorseman plunging off horse
F 13aHorseman trotting with top hat
F 13bHorseman trotting with cap
F 14Coach with two horses being pulled by coachman and servant


Hunting with Hounds

Hunting with Hounds
English Table by Douglas Johnson