OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Flat Tin Figures Kilia



Trees, Bushes & Accessories

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch
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Code Description
Y 1aWinter tree
Y 1bBullet-marked wheel
Y 1cShrub
Y 1dDeciduous tree (6 cm high)
Y 2aBullet-marked stone wall
Y 2bPalm
Y 2cCross
Y 2dExploding shell
Y 3aSmall tropical plant I
Y 3bSmall tropical plant II
Y 3cSmall tropical plant III
Y 3dSmall tropical plant IV
Y 3eCactus
Y 4aCactus I
Y 4bCactus II
Y 4cCactus III
Y 4dCactus IV
Y 7aFir tree (13 cm high)
Y 7bOak (13 cm high)
Y 8aCoconut palm (10 cm high)
Y 8bDate palm (10 cm high)
Y 9Primeval world group of trees (13 cm high)
Y 10Palm (7.5 cm high)
N 32Oak (8 cm high)
N 34Pine tree
N 35Bare fir tree (7.5 cm high)
N 38aWater pump
N 38bPlank fence
N 40aDog in front of doghouse
N 40bHen on dung heap
N 41aWheelbarrow with dung
N 41bWater trough
N 41cWater pump
N 12aDead horse
N 12bFallen horse lying on its back
N 12cStanding horse
N 13aCollapsing horse
N 13bHorse getting up
N 13cGalloping horse
N 16aHorse going
N 16bHorse eating
N 15aBull going
N 15bCow eating
N 15cCow going
Sn 5aSheep running I
Sn 5bSheep running II
Sn 5cSheep running III
Sn 5dSheep running IV
Sn 6aChicken fleeing I
Sn 6bChicken fleeing II
Sn 6cChicken fleeing III
Sn 7aGoose fleeing I
Sn 7bGoose fleeing II
Sn 7cGoose fleeing III
Y 5aCow lying
Y 5bCow eating
N 42aMan going I
N 42bMan going II
N 42cMan going III
N 42dMan going IV
N 42eBoy going
N 43aWoman going I
N 43bWoman going II
N 43cWoman going III
N 43dWoman going IV
N 43eGirl going
N 50aFir tree I (6 cm high)
N 50bFir tree II (6 cm high)
N 50cShrub
N 51Autumn tree with crows
N 52aFruit tree I
N 52bFruit tree II
N 52cFruit tree III
N 53aSmall fir tree group
N 53bSmall shrub group
N 54Apple tree blossoming
N 55aGrain sheaves
N 55bVine I
N 55cVine II
N 56aWild hedge
N 56bTrimmed hedge
N 57aWillow tree I
N 57bWillow tree II
N 58aHedgerow I
N 58bHedgerow II
N 58cHedgerow III
N 59aSmall vine I
N 59bSmall vine II
N 59cSmall vine III
N 59dSmall vine IV
N 59eSmall vine V
N 60Fence
N 60aWillow I
N 60bWillow II
N 60cFence
761aPlough-ox going I (Colonial Period)
761bPlough-ox going II (Colonial Period)
761cPlough-ox going III (Colonial Period)
Burning House
Small Inn
Bavarian or Swiss house
Series VMiscellaneous
V1Barbed wire fence
V2Field fence
V3bDraw Well
V5Potato plants
V6Grid, wood
V7Stone wall, boulder
Va8bBush, Winter
V 11aExploding shell I
V 11bExploding shell II
V 11cExploding shell III
V 12aExploding heavy shell I
V 12bExploding heavy shell II
V 13aExploding shell I
V 13bExploding shell II
V 13cExploding shell III
3596bRadio set