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Napoleon: Great Britain & Hanover

Engravers: H.L.-Hans Lecke; L.F.-Ludwig Frank; S.M.-Sixtus Maier; W.S.-William Sambeth; o.S.-without Signature
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Code Type Description Engr
Bi 43aDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) attacking officer
Bi 43bDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) attacking bugler
Bi 44aDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) attacking sabre forward
Bi 44bDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) attacking striking
Je 16aInfantryLight infantry in square foot officerL.F.
Je 16bInfantryLine infantry halted mounted officerL.F.
Je 17aInfantry*Light infantry in square flagL.F.
Je 17bInfantry*Light infantry in square NCO with spontoonL.F.
Je 17cInfantry*Light infantry in square fallingL.F.
Je 18aHanoverHanoverian territorial reserve officerL.F.
Je 18bHanoverHanoverian territorial reserve drummerL.F.
Je 18cInfantryLight infantry in square trumpeterL.F.
Je 18dInfantryLight infantry in square officerL.F.
Je 19aInfantryLight infantry in square kneelingL.F.
Je 19bInfantryLight infantry in square standingL.F.
Je 19cInfantryLight infantry in square standing IIL.F.
Je 26aStaffDuke of Wellington
Je 26bStaffGeneral in full dress uniform, galloping
Je 33aCavalryLife Guard cavalry attacking sabre forwardL.F.
Je 33bCavalryLife Guard cavalry attacking raised sabreL.F.
Je 34aCavalryLife Guard cavalry attacking officerL.F.
Je 34bCavalryLife Guard cavalry attacking buglerL.F.
Je 35aDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) attacking officerL.F.
Je 35bDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) attacking buglerL.F.
Je 36aDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) attacking gallopingL.F.
Je 36bDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) attacking advancingL.F.
Je 74aScottishScottish Highlander attacking officerL.F.
Je 74bScottishScottish Highlander attacking bagpiperL.F.
Je 74cScottishScottish Highlander attacking flagL.F.
Je 75aScottishScottish Highlander attacking gun loweredL.F.
Je 75bScottishScottish Highlander attacking chargingL.F.
Je 75cScottishScottish Highlander attacking support armsL.F.
Jh 84aHusarsHanoverian Hussars attacking officerL.F.
Jh 84bHusarsHanoverian Hussars attacking trumpeterL.F.
Jh 85aHusarsHanoverian Hussars attacking NCOL.F.
Jh 85bHusarsHanoverian Hussars attacking fallingL.F.
Jh 86aHusarsHanoverian Hussars attacking sabre forwardL.F.
Jh 86bHusarsHanoverian Hussars attacking hackingL.F.
Je 87aInfantry*Line infantry firing shooting
Je 87bInfantry*Line infantry reaching for cartridge
Je 87cInfantry*Line infantry running forward
Je 88aInfantry*Line infantry charging gun lowered
Je 88bInfantry*Line infantry shooting
Je 88cInfantry*Line infantry loading
Je 89aArtillery*Horse Artillery firing mounted officerW.S.
Je 89bArtillery*Royal Artillery firing mounted officerW.S.
Je 90aArtilleryHorse Artillery firing officerW.S.
Je 90bArtilleryHorse Artillery firing bugler fallingW.S.
Je 90cArtillery*Horse Artillery firing corporal aimingW.S.
Je 91aArtillery*Horse Artillery firing with spongeW.S.
Je 91bArtillery*Horse Artillery firing running forwardW.S.
Je 91cArtillery*Horse Artillery firing with matchW.S.
Je 92aArtillery*Horse Artillery firing with pouchW.S.
Je 92bArtillery*Horse Artillery firing frontW.S.
Je 92cArtillery*Horse Artillery firing advancing with cannonballW.S.
Je 93aArtillery*Royal Artillery firing officerW.S.
Je 93bArtillery*Royal Artillery firing fallingW.S.
Je 93cArtillery*Royal Artillery firing trumpeterW.S.
Je 94aArtillery*Royal Artillery firing with spongeW.S.
Je 94bArtillery*Royal Artillery firing with pouchW.S.
Je 94cArtillery*Royal Artillery firing with matchW.S.
Je 95aArtillery*Royal Artillery firing with 2 cannonballsW.S.
Je 95bArtillery*Royal Artillery firing, firing cannonv
Je 95cArtillery*Royal Artillery firing with 1 cannonball
Je 98aInfantry*Light infantry attacking officer
Je 98bInfantry*Light infantry attacking flag
Je 98cInfantry*Light infantry attacking bugler
Je 99aLine infantryLine infantry firing officerW.S.
Je 99bLine infantryLine infantry flagW.S.
Je 99cLine infantryLine infantry drummerW.S.
Je 100aLine infantryLine infantry man kneeling on defenceW.S.
Je 100bLine infantryLine infantry man standing shootingW.S.
Je 100cLine infantryLine infantry man loading
Je 113aLine infantryLine infantry man at attention
Je 113bInfantryLight infantry in reserve man at attention
Je 113cInfantryLight infantry in reserve man support arms
Je 113dInfantryLight infantry in reserve man slope arms
1501aHussarsEnglish Hussars halted officerS.M.
1501bHussarsEnglish Hussars halted trumpeterS.M.
1502aHussarsEnglish Hussars halted sabre over shoulderS.M.
1502bHussarsEnglish Hussars halted on outpost dutyS.M.
1522aStaffDuke of Brunswick, (the Black Duke), halted    Braunschweig.jpg S.M.
1522bStaffEngland, General in overcoat with cape, haltedS.M.
1523aStaffEngland, General (field frock coat), prancing horseS.M.
1523bStaffEngland, Staff Officer, haltedS.M.
1524aStaffEngland, Adjutant, reportingS.M.
1524bStaffEngland, Adjutant, gallopingS.M.
1525aStaffEngland, General, in field uniform overcoat, walkingS.M.
1525bStaffEngland, Staff Dragoon, walkingS.M.
1526aLine infantryLine infantry attacking mounted officer
1526bScottishScottish Highlander attacking mounted officer
1527aLine infantryLine infantry attacking officer
1527bLine infantryLine infantry attacking flag
1527cLine infantryLine infantry attacking NCO with spontoon
1527dLine infantryLine infantry attacking drummer
1528aLine infantryLine infantry attacking gun lowered
1528bLine infantryLine infantry attacking gun diagonal
1528cLine infantryLine infantry attacking gun raised
1529aHussarsEnglish Hussars attacking officer
1529bHussarsEnglish Hussars attacking trumpeter
1530aHussarsEnglish Hussars attacking raised sabre
1530bHussarsEnglish Hussars attacking sabre forward
1531aCavalryLife Guard cavalry halted officerW.S.
1531bCavalryLife Guard cavalry halted buglerW.S.
1532aCavalryLife Guard cavalry halted trooperW.S.
1532bDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) in reserve trooperW.S.
1533aDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) in reserve officer
1533bDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) in reserve bugler
1534aLine infantryLine infantry fighting man shooting upward
1534bLine infantryLine infantry fighting man on defence
1534cLine infantryLine infantry fighting t man hrusting up
1535aScottishScottish Highlander in square officer
1535bScottishScottish Highlander in square drummer
1535cScottishScottish Highlander in square casualty
1535dScottishScottish Highlander in square flag
1536aScottishScottish Highlander in square man kneeling
1536bScottishScottish Highlander in square man shooting
1536cScottishScottish Highlander in square man on defence
1537aScottishScottish Highlander in reserve man kneeling
1537bLine infantryLine infantry in reserve man kneeling
1537cInfantryLight infantry in reserve man kneeling
1538aScottishScottish Highlander in reserve man lying
1538bLine infantryLine infantry in reserve man lying
1538cInfantryLight infantry in reserve man lying
1558aInfantryLight infantry attacking mounted officer I
1558bInfantryLight infantry attacking mounted officer II
1559aInfantryLight infantry attacking casualty
1559bInfantryLight infantry attacking man dead
1559cLine infantryLine infantry in reserve man falling
1560aDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) attacking man falling forward
1560bDragoonsHeavy Dragoon (Scots Greys) attacking man falling backward
1561aCavalryLife Guard cavalry attacking man falling forward
1561bCavalryLife Guard cavalry attacking man falling backward
2504aDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) halted officer
2504bDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) halted bugler
2505aDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) halted I
2505bDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) halted II
2506aDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) trotting officer
2506bDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) trotting bugler
2507aDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) trotting I
2507bDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) trotting II
2530aDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) in combat trooper galloping I
2530bDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) in combat trooper galloping II
2531aDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) in combat trooper swinging sabre I
2531bDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) in combat trooper swinging sabre II
2532aDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) in combat trooper swinging sabre III
2532bDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) in combat trooper swinging sabre IV
2533aDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) in combat trooper standing
2533bDragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Greys) in combat trooper fallen
2534DragoonsScottish Dragoon (Scots Grays) horse holder group
2538aStaffWellington, halted, pointing
2538bStaffWellington's Adjutant, halted
3506aHussarsHanoverian Hussars in reserve officer
3506bHussarsHanoverian Hussars in reserve bugler
3507aHussarsHanoverian Hussars in reserve Hussar
3507bDragoonsLight Dragoon in reserve trooper
3508aDragoonsLight Dragoon in reserve officer
3508bDragoonsLight Dragoon in reserve bugler
3535aStaffEnglish mounted Hussar Adjutant
3535bStaffEnglish General on foot
3535cStaffEnglish Chief of Staff on foot
3536aStaffEnglish General Staff on foot, Wellington
3536bStaffEnglish General Staff on foot, staff officer
3536cStaffEnglish General Staff Officer on foot with map case
3536dDragoonsEnglish Dragoon Officer on foot
3537DragoonsEnglish Light Dragoon horse holder group
3556aDragoonsEnglish Light Dragoon standard, halted
3556bDragoonsEnglish Light Dragoon standard, attacking
4570aCavalryEnglish Life Guard trotting, trooper I
4570bCavalryEnglish Life Guard trotting, bugler
4571aCavalryEnglish Life Guard trotting, officer
4571bCavalryEnglish Life Guard trotting, trooper II
4572aCavalryEnglish Light Dragoon trooting, trooper I
4572bDragoonsEnglish Light Dragoon trooting, trooper II
4573aDragoonsEnglish Light Dragoon trooting, officer
4573bDragoonsEnglish Light Dragoon trooting, bugler
4574aHussarsHanover Hussar trotting, trooper I
4574bHussarsHanover Hussar trotting, bugler
4575aHussarsHanover Hussar trotting, officer
4575bHussarsHanover Hussar trotting, trooper II


Napoleon: Great Britain

English Generals
Scottish Highlander
(G. Bistulfi)
Scottish Highlander
(G. Bistulfi)
English Infantry
(G. Bistulfi)
Scottish Dragoons
(G. Bistulfi)
English Cavalry
(G. Bistulfi)
English Hussars
(Christian Terana)
Scottish Dragoons
(Painter unknown)
Scottish Dragoons
(Painter unknown)
Infantry, Cavalry