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Hinsch Series 1 and 2: Early and Late Stone Age

Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch
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Code Description
Serie 30Travelling Party at Rest c.1600
Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch. Designer: Franz Karl Mohr
1Travelling sedan chair
2aWoman standing
2bWoman standing
2cWoman sitting
2dWoman sitting
3aMan serving cup
3bMan standing
3cMan standing
4aMan getting straw
4cMen taking boots off
5aMan at the cooking fire
5bMan serving cup
5cMan sitting with dog
5dMan pointing at hare
6aLoaded mule
6bLoaded mule with man
6cTree stump with hat
7aMan watering horse
7bMan unharnessing horse
8aMan taking off horse's saddle
8bMan unharnessing horse
9bMan getting water and straw
9cMan leading horse by the reins
10aHorse eating
10bMan watering horse
11aHorse eating
11bHorse standing
11cMule standing
13a/b/c/dFarm hand/Farm hand/Farm hand/Farm hand
15Provision wagon
16Travelling wagon
17Travelling coach
Serie 30Winter Delights, c.1600
Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch. Designer: Ludwig Madlener
18Two man sledge, horse galloping
19aMann pushing woman in sled
19bMan kneeling, woman putting on ice skate
20aMan sitting in sledge
20bIce skater side view
20cIce skater frontal
21aMan tying shoe
21bChild falling
21cChild running
Serie 30K30 Years War 1618-1648
Series Editor and Engraver: Bruno Hinsch
1aFlag advancing
1bFlag standing
2aLieutenant standing with partisan
2bCaptain aiming
2cFifer boy dropping
2dDrummer standing
3aColonel in combat
3bColonel aiming
4aMusketeer striking while running
4bMusketeer running, drawing back to strike
4cMusketeer, running gun left
5aMusketeer on defence
5bMusketeer firing, shooting
5cMusketeer firing, loading
6aWounded officer
6bWounded musketeer
6cMusketeer dropping
7aPikeman standing
7bPikeman advancing
7cPikeman stabbing


Early and Late Stone Age

Cave Bear Hunt
Wild Horse Hunt
Zeichnung: F. K. Mohr
Constructing a Barrow