OKI Kiel Cultural and Historical Flat Tin Figures Kilia



Christmas Figures

Size 1,18"
Code Description
Teams of Reindeers
N8 b Reindeer sleigh with gifts
N8 a Reindeer, team of
N7 a Reindeer, team of
N7 b Reindeer, team of
N6 a Reindeer, team of
N6 b Reindeer, team of
N5 a Reindeer, team of
N5 b Reindeer, team of
N2 a young reindeer
N2 b Reindeer, team of
N2 c Sack with gifts
N 1 NORTHPOLE - Snow House
Music Band
N3 a Snowman, Head of the music Band
N3 b Snowman with timpanie
N3 c Snowman with an accordion
N4 a Snowman with horn
N4 b Snowman with a violine
N4 c Snowman with banjo
N9 c Snowman singer with music sheet
N9 b Dwarf / gnome sitting, waving
N9 a Dwarf / gnome standing with hat waving
N10 a Dwarf / gnome standing, waving
N10 b Dwarf / gnome sitting, cheering
N10 c Dwarf / gnome hands on hips
N11 a Dwarf / gnome dancing
N11 b Dwarf / gnome standing, cheering
N11 c Dwarf / gnome standing, waving


Christmas Decorations

Music band
Dwarf / gnome