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Fairy Tales

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Sleeping Beauty
1107aFairy TaleSleeping Beauty
1107bFairy TaleMother
1107cFairy TaleFather
1107dFairy TalePrince
1108aFairy TaleMounted servant of the Prince I
1108bFairy TaleMounted servant of the Prince II
1108cFairy TaleLady in the Castle
1108dFairy TaleWoman in Castle I
1108eFairy TaleWoman in Castle Il
1109aFairy TaleThe old woman with the spindle
1109bFairy TaleSleeping guard I
1109cFairy TaleSleeping guard II
1109dFairy TaleSleeping dog
1110aFairy TaleRiding horse I
1110bFairy TaleRiding horse II
M 2aFairy Talewicked queen as a witch handing over apple
M 2bFairy TalePrince standing, arms spread
M 2cFairy TalePrince standing
M 3aFairy TaleDwarf walking with pickaxe and miner's lamp
M 3bFairy TaleDwarf running with miner's lamp
M 3cFairy TaleDwarf running with shovel and miner's lamp
M 3dFairy TaleDwarf walking with ax and miner's lamp
M 4aFairy TaleDwarf carrying sack
M 4bFairy TaleDwarf carrying wood, walking with miner's lamp
M 4cFairy TaleDwarf standing with a shovel
M 5aFairy TaleGroup: 6 dwarfs carrying a glass coffin with Snow White
M 5bFairy TaleSnow White lying in the dwarf bed


Fairy Tales

Sleeping Beauty
Snow White